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Ultra Mega Hyper Hot Hatch – VW Golf R Mk6

Prior to the advent of the sizzling Golf R back in 2009, the raciest VW hatch already had the fabled ‘R’ moniker in its namesake albeit in an alphanumeric combo of R32. It started with the 2003 Mk4 version harnessing some 240 ponies and almost 240 foot-pounds of torque from the 3.2 liter narrow angle inline-6 relayed on to the tarmac via VW’s 4Motion 4WD; naught to sixty was a respectable 6.6 seconds.

2005 saw a reworked Mk5 R32 with nearly 250 hp and DSG drivetrain – good for 6.2 seconds century sprint, impressing even the hard to impress British motoring critique.

A respected UK motoring editor commented, “So the R32 is fast, but it is also a very accomplished high-speed cruiser. Many cars of this ilk provide rapid acceleration through a combination of short gearing and an engine that’s constantly made to work at high revs, which makes them a real chore over longer distances. Not so the R32, which never feels unduly stressed at motorway speeds thanks to a long sixth gear.”

For their next offering VW decided on an entirely new slate – enter the Mk6 Golf R unveiled on September 15 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The naturally aspirated 3.2 liter six was consigned to the archive and in its place a diminutive 2 liter with cutting edge forced induction – a hint of what’s to consume the entire automobile industry.

The EA113 2.0-liter mill wasn’t just a tweaked version of the GTI’s mill though; it featured a reinforced block, a larger turbo and intercooler, upgraded injectors, beefier camshafts, stronger pistons, meatier piston rings, and more robust connecting rods. The result was 271ps and 260 lb-ft of torque, making it hitherto the most powerful production Golf back then. With its 6-speed manual gearbox zero to 60 mph came in 5.7 seconds – quite a bit quicker than its R32 predecessor; what’s more all that performance came alongside a comfortable and refined interior Golf GTI owners are familiar with.

Indeed the 2009 Golf R was a genuine step up from the GTI, a much more polished performer. While it doesn’t set your heart racing in the same way over fast B-road, it still excites and is infinitely preferable for the other 90% of the time.

Now without involving any form of remedial math here and now, the extensively modded example we have adorning our latest cover have pretty much got it covered, like all of it covered and wholesomely done with. Known around the local scene affectionately as Tiger Mike, he already had his Go-to guy as per his Mk6 Golf R project right here – Everco Motorsports, a long standing authority in the local tuning arena, with extensive milestones and achievements in both the local automotive industry and also the regional motor racing circle.

From the potential of the Mk6 Golf R and the designated modifier it was apparent that major league numbers are targeted. Even as Everco’s crew set about strengthening the EA113 innerworkings with JE forged pistons and IE (Integrated Engineering) forged conrods, these household aftermarket components hints at what wondrous tuning magic to come.

Stock turbo was yanked out and in came the BorgWarner EFR7163 turbo along with CTS Turbo intercooler, plus a slew of custom turbo inlet & outlet pipes from Everco and CTS Turbo. Coming in handy are the CTS BOV and a Turbosmart IWG Waste Gate Actuator. More efficient intakes come courtesy of CTS Turbo system sucking gobs of air into the HPA intake manifold. Excess fuel gets delivered via an APR high-pressure fuel pump aided by a pair of CTS Turbo components – a drop-in fuel pump plus a dual pump upgrade.

Everco does its tuning magic via its VTE (Veloce Tuning Engineering) software reprogramming – its VTE ‘Frankenstein’ ECU Tune and VTE DSG Tune working in tandem with the HPA Competition Controller for the Golf R’s Haldex 4WD. Everco also supplied Tiger Mike’s Mk6 Golf R its oil cooling kit, its custom turbo manifold and its highly acclaimed exhaust system. A couple of more aftermarket items still left, namely that funky looking Integrated Eng billet cover, TM Works coil pack and an AEM methanol injection kit, the latter adding quite a few ‘bonus’ ponies to the equation.

An increasingly ‘compulsory’ upgrade nowadays, an LSD embossed with the famous Quaife insignia was installed, complimenting the aforementioned VTE DSG reprogrammed software plus the cutting edge Gen.4 Competition Controller tailor made for the Haldex 4WD system, a trick ‘adaptable’ drivetrain setup that retained the rear driveline engagement under braking (crucial in racing, indispensible to racers).

On the handling side only the most highly recommended Premium brands were considered; and amongst the premium car aftermarket brand pecking order, none are as acclaimed and as renowned as KW Suspension and Brembo – a fully custom Competition Suspension system from the former and a jumbo sized Big Brakes Kit from the latter. And finally the rolling stocks, striking blue finish 18 inch Rota multi-spoke wheels wrapped with 255/35-18 Yokohama Advan AD08R all around.

Moving on next to the visual styling of this unquestionably potent VW Golf R, every inch of the finish and exterior detailing attests to Everco’s vastly experienced craftsmanship. Assimilating its show based on in its massively enhanced go, this Mk6 Golf R gets the distinctively chiseled bespoke designer suit in the custom Everco wide body kit, plus a bespoke carbon fiber hood and also Exotic carbon sports spoiler, with the finished bodywork given a fresh coat of paint (I mean repaint) of the Volkswagen Black finish by GB Auto.

Before signing off a hearty shout-out to Kingston @Everco Motorsports, Everco Motorsports Sunway PJ and Hock Tyre Services & Batteries S/B.

Car: Volkswagen Golf R Mk6

Engine: EA113 2.0-litre Turbo

Engine Mods: Everco VTE “Frankenstein” ECU Tuned, Everco oil cooling system, Everco custom Turbo Inlet Pipe, Everco Custom Turbo Manifold and Everco Exhaust System; APR high-pressure fuel pump, TM Coil packs, IE billet valve cover, IE forged rods, JE forged pistons, Haldex competition controller, BorgWarner EFR7163 turbocharger, CTS Turbo Intercooler, CTS Turbo Air Intake System, CTS Turbo turbo Outlet Pipe, HPA Intake Manifold, AEM Methanol Injection, CTS Turbo Drop-in Fuel Pump, CTS Turbo Dual Pump Upgrade, CTS Turbo Blow Off Valve, Turbosmart boost gauge, Turbosmart IWG Waste Gate Actuator

Transmission: 6-speed manual, 4WD

Transmission mods: Everco VTE DSG tuned, Quaife LSD, Haldex Competition Controller

Wheels & Tyres: 9X18″ Rota wheels with 255/35 Yokohama AD08R tyres

Suspension/Brakes/handling: KW Custom Competition Suspension. Brembo BBK

Exterior: EVERCO Custom Wide Body, Custom carbon fibre hood, GB Auto VW Black repaint, Exotics carbon sports spoiler.

Interior: Stock VW audio system. Terminal R custom seat and renewed roof lining

Shoutout: Kingston @Everco Motorsports, Everco Motorsports Sunway PJ, Hock Tyre Services & Batteries Sdn Bhd

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