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Turbocharged Japanese Greyhound

I can’t help feeling a pang of sadness deep down in my heart every time I look at an Evo X. Knowing that another generation would never exist, albeit in the form that I’m familiar with, it kills me man. But there is no point wallowing in sadness because the very fact that the Evo is dead means that owners are doing some pretty insane things to whichever Evo they can get their hands on. Way to keep the legend alive.

Unlike the 4G63T engine that powered the Evo’s from the 1st to the 9th generation, the 10th generation model got a completely new one, the 4B11T. Still in 2.0L form, the all-aluminium 4B11T was created due to the nannying environmental laws that continue to choke the automotive industry. Mitsubishi thought didn’t simply bend over in so they built a regulation meeting engine which managed to outperform its predecessor and retain its reliability to tuning.

This Evo X is pushing 330whp in spite of stock internals and a stock turbo. Extracting such an output by simply tuning the stock ECU was no easy task for NHR Engineering. Luckily the owner has ‘a couple’ of aftermarket parts to get things going. Increasing intake and exhaust flow is a KnN filter, MAP manifold, custom downpipe with 3-inch piping and an Apexi muffler. The intercooler is from ETS and accompanied with HKS piping while a Tial QRJ blow off manages boost load.

In my opinion, the owner has been wise to not over tune and blow the engine. He’s kept things simple, making it possible to actually put down the power without straining the tuned SST gearbox. Braking power is from none other than Brembo, with 6 pot callipers at the front and 4 pots for the rear. They complement the Hankook R-S3 wrapped Rota SS10 wheels in both aesthetics and performance. The semi slick tyres give the car it’s motorsport image a boost as I’m sure the grip does.

Power isn’t always everything, and with cars, it certainly does not play as big of a role as handling. Many people often neglect this and 9/10 end up wrapped around a tree somewhere. So in this case, I’m glad that this car has been equipped with Tein Type Flex along with the EDFC system allowing the user to change the damping on the go. Very useful if you’re in the mood for a spot of spontaneous sporty driving and couldn’t be bothered to set the car up at the workshop.

So far it all seems pretty neat but once you look inside, you start to see how serious of a performance car this is made out to be. First thing you can’t miss is the custom 4 point roll cage anchoring the chassis in place. The paddle shifters have extenders attached for easier access and there’s an array of Defi dials and readouts to keep an eye on what’s actually going on under the hood.

The best thing I enjoy about this Evo X is the fact that the exterior isn’t as mad as most of the cars you see in the Hypertune magazines. There are no massive wings and crazy aero kits here. But rather tastefully functional modifications from the Varis and Chargespeed catalogue. Some splashes of carbon complete the JDM image and jobs a good in.


Mitsubishi Evolution X CZ4A

4B11T stock internal , stock turbo , MAP manifold , HKS intercooler piping , KnN filter, Works fuel regulator, custom big mouth downpipe, custom 3inch exhaust pipe with Apexi muffler, Tial QRJ blow off, ETS intercooler,

Stock SST with tuning and bigger Cooler

Stock ECU tuning by NHR engineering (330whp)

Brembo 18z 6pot with 370mm rotor and (front), Brembo 4pot (rear)

Tein type flex with EDFC

Wheel & tyres:
Rota SS10 18×9.5jj ET20 , Hankook R-S3 z222 265/35/18

Defi Stepmaster 4pcs (boost, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure), Defi ZD (Transmission temp), AEM air fuel ratio, custom 4 point roll cage, Shiftkoncepts paddle extended, custom Aluminium gear knob with X logo

Varis design front bumper with extended lip and canards, varis design side skirt, chargespeed design front wide fenders, chargespeed design rear wide fenders, front carbon bonnet, ducktail rear bonnet, carbon Generator, carbon window Vents, aftermarket front and rear lamp

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