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To Infiniti and Beyond – INFINITI Q50

Since its 2013 North American unveiling the multi talented Infiniti Q50 has become a mainstay in the increasingly competitive North American compact sedan segment. The Q50’s eventual international popularity which skyrocketed following its tremendous success in both the US and Canadian markets, had given the Q50 and of course the Infiniti North America was indelibly attributed to exactly that, its continued success in North America – notorious for being critically demanding, a common trait among the majority of American car owners (not so the Canadians apparently).

Replacing the G Series entry-level luxury sport sedan the Q50 had retained most of its predecessor’s benchmark characteristics and added the requisite refinements therein; the final product? a compact well equipped premium 4-door automobile offering a solid combination of luxury, performance and value.

The smart and well tailored appearance the Q50 indelibly possess underscores its premium characteristics, a design concept that seamlessly combines the Infiniti brand’s boldness and exclusivity, with grace and elegance, all of which accomplished within a modestly proportioned sedan – an elegant personification in that quintessential Infiniti hallmark.

Like most performance-inclined sport saloon ‘there’s more to it than meets the eye’ and yes indeed, in the case of the Q50, that befits its inherent potential in every finite nuances and casual jibes as it were. For our local market Infiniti Malaysia offers three Q50 variants namely the Q50 GT the exact same guise as this example right here, the Q50 GT Premium – the middle of the range, while sitting at the top is the Q50 S Hybrid, a 360hp 3.5 V6 carrying a near 400K sticker price.

Be that as it may fellas we suggest you devote your attention unto this particular Q50 shimmering and glistening under the midday sun. With its radiant red finish this Q50 sports saloon sure as hell epitomize the ‘looking fast standing still’ metaphor. Sure enough being the pure-blooded enthusiast the likes of whom leaves and breathes speed day and night the owner couldn’t leave it well enough alone, and as his first telltale mod involved replacing the stock coil springs with an aftermarket lowering spring set by RS-R, bringing the ride height down from minus 20mm to 25mm up front and 15mm to 20mm at the back. The spring rates are 7.07kg/mm at the front and 3.47kg/mm at the rear. These changes brought wonders to the Q50’s handling apart from getting the intended hunkered down looks.

With regards to his aftermarket wheel taste and preference, the owner opted for the 19 inch Advanti DST Svelto wheels by Advanti Racing. DST or Dynamic Spinning Tech is Advanti Racing’s latest propriety tech which utilizes the flow forming technology – a benchmark tech that most if not all upper tier aftermarket wheel brand uses. Flow forming tech applies pressure on the inner wheel after casting and through DST the material is stretched and formed resulting in greater tensile strength similar to forged wheels. With reduced unsprung weight, improved shock resistance and greater strength compared to conventional cast wheels, the Advanti DST Svelto wheels inevitably delivers better performance – another reason why the owner chose Advanti Racing, the other being its eye-pleasing aesthetics.

The Advanti alloys are shod with yet another gem in the handling scene – the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003. The Adrenalin name seems fitting for the Potenza RE003; with a two-prong dry and wet weather handling advantage Bridgestone has come up with a top notched performance tire that delivers an incredible driving experience for sports car drivers and enthusiasts. The Potenza Adrenalin RE003 gives precision handling and cornering performance, increased handling stability, better groove drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance and enhanced wet braking capabilities and reduced irregular wear.

Indeed the two goes hand in hand as far as aftermarket wheels and tires combo goes. And another added bonus is that it looks awesome.

Car: Infiniti Q50

Engine: 2 liter turbocharged inline 4

Max power: 211hp at 5500rpm

Max torque: 350Nm at 1250rpm – 3500rpm

Transmission: 7-speed automatic with Adaptive Shift Control

Handling modifications: RS-R aftermarket springs; spring rates: 7.07kg/mm front 3.47kg/mm rear

Lowering: -20mm to 125mm (-0.8 inch to -1.0 inch) front, -15mm to -20mm (-0.6 inch to -0.8 inch) rear

Wheels: Advanti DST Svelto 19 × 8.5

Tires: Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 245/40R 19

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