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The Stellar Clio RS ExoticMods Style

For some years now, Renault’s dynamic RS duo, the indomitable Megane and the ‘miniaturized’ Clio have, pretty much right of the mark from whence it was introduced, reached the very summit of performance hatches. The RS moniker, a whole lot more than just a racy namesake, have imbued both Renaults with stellar handling ability and performance the world motoring fraternity unanimously acknowledged and invariably cherished. Few if any cars in recent memory have ever managed such universal recognition.

And said recognition went on unimpeded to this day, with the numerous awards and accolades that both the Megane and the Clio RS have won throughout their limited (for the sake of exclusivity) production run. Now should the matter at hand be about the Megane, or Renault Sport, or the fact the French auto giant does speed and performance interwoven with panache and the invariable French swagger and attitude, then there’d be the perfunctory reference to the make’s highly successful, time-honored motorsport involvement. Then there ought to be at least a segment focusing on its strong racing DNA inasmuch. Alas, this is not the case.

Because this exclusive segment is the super duper primo feature on the superlative, the attractive, the distinctive and all manner of complimentary terms ending with ‘tive’, Clio RS Special – a fresh new build that germinated deep in the ExoticMods design vault. In case you happen to be a late arrival into the perpetually hyperactive local tuning scene, or you’ve been lost in the woods for right about ten to fifteen years, or you’re an amnesiac, ExoticMods is a bigtime player, among the permanent member of the local executive committee of ‘major modifier’ council.

With such massive rep, the stellar cast of ExoticMods specials that have graced the fabled Hypertune archive are undoubtedly special in their own right. Now for the most part ExoticMods’ signature eye catching stylized theme have always featured on a select few makes – preeminently premium luxury types with a strong tilt towards upper tier European makes. Now we have right here beholden for your curious and inquisitive eyes an ExoticMods Uber hatch Clio RS – draped in the trademark ExoticMods ‘stand out, bold and sporty’ style.

The accomplished nature of the way ExoticMods go about their tradecraft demonstrates their class all the way. The ExoticMods brand of products consisting of styling (exterior & interior) components, and also performance parts oozes quality in every aspect. A quick flick through of our past issues demonstrates this key point to its convincing conclusion. Of course for this Clio RS all of its Exotic Mods add-ons – front lip, side skirts and rear spoiler were tailor made to fit the Clio’s body in the manner intended for it. And sure enough the intended manner radiates top notched premium way that matches even Euro’s mighty tuning powerhouses.

The Clio’s bold yellow paintjob matches the ExoticMods styling prep inasmuch, and with the TSW forged wheels the finished treatment radiates the sportiest of aesthetical endowment that perhaps Renault Sport might just decide upon a re-inspiration reworking of the coming soon Clio RS facelift. Now this is purely speculation but should it ever materialize for real then you’d want to remember where you see it first yeah?

Now moving right along this ExoticMods Clio is not just a poster boy for ‘beauty without brawn’, although brawny is not quite the word suited to a modified Clio, even more so the Clio RS. Instead it is more about substance, in that the already superb handling hatch in stock form is further improved as per its chassis – enter Ultra Racing full compliments of chassis strengthening package. Another bit is the Claws suspension kit and stainless steel brake hose of ExoticxMods own for good measure.

The mojo-enhancing treatment namely the perked up job for the Clio RS’ turbocharged motor is derived therein from a Stage 2 tune via RaceChip Ultimate, ExoticMods custom intercooler system, water methanol injection kit (Devil’s Own) and a combo cat-less downpipe and exhaust system from Scorpion Exhaust – a big name in Renault performance upgrades as such.

In its finished state this ExoticMods Renault Clio RS is bound to stand out as a true class act that pulls the ExoticMods look brilliantly. Soon as the Yokohama Advan starts turning, the turbo screams into life, and the car reaches the kinds of speeds and roads that is its ‘foster home’ as such, then it shall pull ahead and way ahead and further still until only the fumes linger and its wannabe ‘race buddy’ is left reeling in its stellar wake.


Renault Clio RS by ExoticMods

1.6 Turbo Renaultsport EDC, Scorpion Cat-less Stainless Steel Downpipe,
Scorpion Stainless Steel Exhaust System, ExoticMods Custom Intercooler System, Devil’s Own Water Methanol Injection System, RaceChip Ultimate Piggyback ECU, Stage 2 Tuning

Claws Adjustable Dampening Coilovers Suspension, Ultra Racing Front Anti-Roll Bar,
Ultra Racing Rear Anti-Roll Bar, Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar, Ultra Racing Front Chassis Bar,
Ultra Racing Rear Anti-Roll Bar, Exotic Mods Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

TSW Bathurst Flow Forged Wheels 17 x 8
Yokohama Advan AD08R 225/45/17

Exotic Mods Add-On Front Lip, Exotic Mods Add-On Side Skirts, Exotic Mods Add-On Rear Spoiler, 3M Security Tints,

ExoticMods Sunway

Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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