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The Saga Continues Some More – Proton Saga 4G15

As we inch ever closer to the 2019 MSF Championship season opener on March 16, the folks in the middle of the MSF Racing hubbub – the driver and crew are still at it, pretty much. For the former they’d be right in the midst of the usual ‘shuffle and swap’ routine, filling in the key blanks as per ‘who gets what and who goes where’ queries.

For the latter they’d be festooned in all manner of dirt and grease and grime, just about neck-deep in all manner of thick, skin-corroding oil, in varying viscosity therein, dedicating their horsepower-incited life force into their race cars – the manifestation of their life’s commitment. Doesn’t matter which sub category within the MSF, or which end of the paddock you chance upon, each and every competing race teams collectively share such endearing dedication to their calling.

Although we’re featuring our good friend Joshua and his exceedingly familiar Saga in this very special pre MSF feature, this is in effect an impromptu tribute to the ‘ever more healthy’ local racing fraternity as a whole. Alright then, here we go.

The MSF Saga Cup regs provide for, among others concerning its 4 cylinder engine: all 1.3L & 1.5L carburetor engines are only allowed to modify their cylinder head with no additional modification which will reflect on the engines capacity. Pistons are not allowed to be 76mm or more in diameter. Meanwhile, transmissions must remain original by using the classic cable system and carburetors must be 100 original with no fancy carburetors been used.

Thus conforming to the strictly regulated MSF ruling, the MMA 4G15 features port & polished heads with 288 mil cams, while the standard 4G15 piston was ditched for a bespoke 75.5mm ones. Sure enough with the constraints imposed by the set in stone MSF regulation the wiggle room wasn’t much to play with, at least on the engine modification department. In any case, other aftermarket bits thrown in includes a set of King bearing, ARC aluminum radiator and Samco hoses. One final aftermarket item for the Millennium Motorsports Saga is the custom exhaust system.

As per its strictly scrutinized drivetrain, this Saga’s gearbox features OEM Proton Saga gearbox with the permissible original clutch engagement; while its gearing has some modified gear ratios albeit sans LSD. The OEM clutch was replaced by a Trinity clutch kit.

On the chassis regulation, the allowable chassis mods were as follows: OEM brake caliper & disc rotors must be retained; vented front disc & rear brake disc systems are not allowed; adjustable suspension top mountings are not allowed; suspension hard points must remain standard; suspension bushings may be replaced with harder material however rose-jointed / spherical bearings not permitted.

Ever a stickler for rules Millennium Motorsports tech team set about in strict conformity as per the provisions of the MSF Saga Cup regs; the handling tweaks of this MMA Saga comes in the form of a custom adjustable suspension, while some manner of enhanced stopping power was achieved via an Endless CCR brake pads. Rolling stocks features a set of Mugen alloys with MSF control tyres namely Hankook V12 EVO 2 tires.

It goes without saying that the absolute minimum of mods as per the given MSF ruling for the Saga Cup ultimately emphasis on one thing and one thing only: the driving skills of the individual behind the wheel, period.

The engine & chassis modifications listed below conforms to the MSF Saga Cup Technical Regulations

Proton Saga 4G15


Engine Mods:
port & polish, 288 mil camshafts, 75.5mm piston

5 speed Manual gearbox, Trinity clutch set

custom adjustable suspension

Endless CCR brake pads

Wheels & Tires:
Mugen wheels, Hankook V12 EVO2 tires

Custom roll-cage

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