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The Pink Shocker

Kazama Autoworks of Johor Bahru are known for churning out beautifully styled beasts with big horsepower under the hood. Although most of their clientele drive big and expensive Japanese supercars like Silvias, Evos and 350Zs, Kazama also cater for the average man who drives the average car.

Take the Perodua Kelisa. The Kelisa is about as average as a car can get. It’s cheap, affordable and it’s actually quite a fun little car to drive. This little car has loads of potential and if done right, can be quite a giant slayer. This Kelisa is quite far off from slaying bigger and more powerful cars, but Kazama have done quite a decent job of pimping out this affordable little runabout.

The puny but willing 1-litre engine has actually had quite a bit of work done to it. The cylinder head was ported and polished and the bottom end was balanced. The engine breathes better now thanks to a Kazama custom made air intake and a Top Speed exhaust system and a limited edition Marco muffler. The exhaust system also features an Arospeed exhaust bypass valve, which allows the driver to divert the flow of exhaust gas through a straight pipe or the muffler.

Other parts fitted include HKS Super Fire Racing spark plugs, an Arospeed fuel pressure regulator, an Arospeed XCS voltage stabilizer, a Power Enterprise Mag Power II oil filter and a D-Max magnetic oil drain plug. Making the most of all these parts is a Dastek Unichip piggyback ECU.

Handling improvements for this Kelisa come in the form of GAB Pro dampers and springs, and Ultra Racing strut bars, fender bars, lower arm bars and anti-roll bars. If you thought a stock Kelisa was fun to drive before, think again.

No car build is complete without a matching set of wheels, so Kazama sourced a set of 15 inch Japan VIPRoad wheels, wrapped in Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 tyres which measure 175/50R15 in size.

Inside the Kelisa’s compact interior, the owner’s gone wild with the VIP craze. Hanging from the rear view mirror is a D.A.D crystal mink chain, and five (count ‘em) D.A.D diamond chains are wrapped around the steering wheel boss. The interior’s been repainted white and there’s fur almost everywhere. Other VIP touches include the white Italvolanti steering wheel, Kazama custom gearknob and Kazama VIP style pedals. A set of Omori gauges are also fitted into the dash, but even they have not escaped the VIP touch, as they have been encrusted with faux diamonds.

The sound system in this Kelisa’s pretty impressive too. The head unit of choice is an Alpine 7894, which has its signals amplified by a monoblock VSL amplifier and a Soundstream Rubicon Lil’ Wonder 4 channel amplifier. A set of Nakamichi speakers brings the noise while a Crunch CEO31 octave equalizer allows for fine tuning of the sound.

Kazama’s known for producing high quality bodykits made of PUF. PUF is a resilient material which doesn’t crack, unlike fiberglass. This Kelisa’s been fitted with a full Kazama Autoworks Mini-style body kit. Other body parts fitted include the VIP-style spoiler and custom headlamp covers. With all the body parts fitted, the Kelisa was given a special coat of pink paint and custom decals, all provided by Kazama Autoworks.

So if you drive an average car, don’t be afraid to head over to Kazama Autoworks. They’ll hook you right up.

Car: Perodua Kelisa
Engine: EJ-DE 1-litre, 3-cylinder, DOHC
Engine modifications: Kazama custom made air intake, Top Speed exhaust system, limited edition Marco muffler, ported and polished cylinder head, full engine balancing Arospeed exhaust bypass valve, Arospeed fuel pressure regulator, Arospeed XCS voltage stabilizer, Power Enterprise Mag Power II oil filter, D-Max magnetic oil drain plug, Dastek Unichip piggyback ECU
Transmission: Stock 5-speed manual
Suspension/Chassis: GAB Pro dampers and springs, Ultra Racing strut bars, fender bars, lower arm bars and anti-roll bars
Brakes: Stock
Wheels & Tyres: 15 inch Japan VIPRoad wheels, 175/50R15 Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 tyres
Electronics: Omori gauges, Dastek Unichip
Interior: D.A.D crystal mink chain, D.A.D diamond chains, Italvolanti steering wheel, Kazama custom gearknob, Kazama VIP style pedals
Exterior: Kazama Autoworks Mini-style body kit, VIP-style spoiler, custom headlamp covers
ICE: Alpine 7984 head unit, VSL monoblock amplifier, Soundstream Rubicon Lil’ Wonder 4 channel amplifier, Nakamichi speakers, Crunch CEO31 octave equalizer
Tuner: Kazama Autoworks – 07-388 6073

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