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The Most Dangerous Car Ever Made – Toyota MR2 SW20

You know fellas come to think of it, the 1990s wasn’t all that bad. For one thing, the Seattle alternative sound exploded a couple of years thereafter, prompting the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden to pretty much redefine coolness in all its misnomers. Be that as it may there was that fateful 1994 tragedy which took the saintly soul of charismatic Brazilian Ayrton Senna da Silva, careening into the concrete walls of Imola’s flat-out Tamburello curve.

Now taking all that into this very context can you just imagine the automotive trend permeating the market at the time? There weren’t any such accommodation on packages, as in giving you both performance and comfort, or offering you solid fuel economy with gut-wrenching performance or anything of the sort.

You get a sports car when you’re in the market for a sports car, you get a big and luxurious German saloon if you’re rich, well you get the idea. Cars were uncomplicated, full of character, the sum of their parts conforms the readily instilled image pre-engineered by their manufacturer. In the early 90s Toyota Motors was already a major player in the world car market, they had just about every marketable car segments covered in their product dossier, from big luxury cars and SUVs, pickups, to small compacts and pretty much every other segments therein.

Sure enough, their second generation MR2 – the SW20 MR2 exemplified their take on a no-fuss, small dimension, mid-ship engine layout, two-seater, rear-wheel-drive sports car, within a visually eye-pleasing sporty styling of course (which rendered the SW20 a huge cult following the world over).

Now during its heyday, the SW20 garnered generally favourable reviews during its production life, with various sources complementing the styling, power, and responsive handling. On the flipside, however, the car is infamous for its “snap-oversteer”, this notoriety comes from numerous instances where individuals crash their SW20 either on or off the race track due to inexperience with a mid-ship platform, as MR (mid-engine rear wheel drive) layouts handle very differently in comparison to the common FF(front engine FWD)or even FR (front engine rear wheel drive) layouts.

Even in its revised state the SW20 still has a large enough following that labels it to be a very challenging car to push to its limits, with some even labeling it as “the most dangerous car that you can buy”, such a label may be true since MR2s are relatively cheaper than most mid-engine RWD rides out there most of which belongs to the fabled upper tier premium hierarchy.

So then, what power perks were therein nicked into the tight 3S-GTE midship engine bay? Well, plenty all things considered relative to the OEM potency. First up the man at the helm opted for a handy capacity increment – made thus with HKS 2.2 liter stroker kit; after which in cam came 87mm oversized forged piston, with Toda cam pulley taking over duties from the stock ones.

Up next came some juicy upgrades on the turbo – out went the stock and in came the critically acclaimed GReddy T518Z turbocharger, with the requisite wastegate installed thereafter of the famed Tial brand. It is a given that his perkier turbocharged powerhouse demands a considerably higher rate of fuel supply which the modifier in charge remedied with Sard 540cc fuel injector. Finally, a custom design exhaust manifold was installed.

Caution was kept in check concerning the stock gearbox where the OEM clutch was ditched in favour of twin-plate OS Giken clutch. With all of the above go-faster hardware neatly in place it was only copacetic that the electronic brain governing the higher state of tune be upgraded: for this consideration they’d gone with the exceedingly clever Link G4 Atom standalone ECU. Therein some chassis tweaks were done replacing the stock setup with KYB Gymkhana suspension, which can be partially seen through the Works Meister S1 wheels.

We round things up with the visual drama that envelops every inch of this bulbous and fat and exceedingly wide MR2 the net result of some expert customization work combining the epic TRD GT2000 widebody kit with Rocket Bunny aero components; including also custom GT Wing aluminium stand

MR2 modifications
Engine mods:
3SGTE GEN3 245ps, HKS 2.2l stroker kit, 87mm oversize forged piston, GReddy T518 turbo, Tial wastegate, custom exhaust manifold, Sard 540cc fuel injector, Toda cam pulley

Link G4+ Atom ECU

Transmission mods:
OS Giken twin plate clutch

Chassis/handling mods:
KYB Gymkhana Absorber

Wheels & tyres:
Work Meister S1

fully custom widebody kit, TRD GT2000 + Rocket Bunny, Ferrari F355 side mirror, 10mm aluminium custom GT wing stand

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