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The Little Known Brother

Forget the rear biased 4WD driveline, the 2.8 liter twin turbo straight six and aggressive looking body for just a moment and start thinking 3.5 liter V6 with a rear wheel drive transmission.

The 11th generation Skyline or also know as the V35 was introduces in 2001 and based on the same FM platform as the 350Z. To achieve a 52:48 weight distribution, the MR platform featured a VQ35DE engine coupled to a rear wheel driveline.

This was a major turning point for Skylines as they were known. There was no straight 6, no turbos, and most importantly no ‘GT-R’. Although the V35 was given a more powerful VQ35DE compared to the one in the 350Z, the car was ignored by many Japanese tuners as they continued to develop all the other GT-Rs.

The reason behind their decision still lies in the dark. But after a recent trip to Sepang, I really wish they had reconsidered. If Garage R of Singapore could do such a good job, imagine what the top-tuners from Japan could possibly achieve.

An APS Tall Boy intake plenum is bolted onto a GTM 4.3L low-compression engine and now features a twin-turbo layout. Neat and tidy installation work makes all the additional parts seem at home in the engine bay. Excess boost charge from the turbos is vented out through a HKS Racing Type-II blow off valve to prevent compressor surge. A Billion thermal wrapped full Trust Racing exhaust system rids the engine of the unwanted exhaust gasses.

The engine now runs hotter and is cooled more efficiently with the use of an ARC aluminum radiator with Billion PG+ coolant and Billion Racing Water. The use of a Nismo thermostat further helps by regulating the circulation of engine coolant.

A HKS oil cooler kit essentially cools the hot lubricants as it is needed to lubricate not only the engine but the turbos as well. An ARC oil catch tank collects combustion by-products and keeps the intake system free from an oily residue. The connecting hoses are steel braided lines and fittings for a more durable approach to normal rubber hoses.

Making sure the engine is not starved of fuel, HKS 1000cc High Flow injectors are coupled with the HKS-GR anti-fuel surge system. This type of setup is normally seen on high tuned performance cars and even track cars. The anti-surge system features a Bosch 044 motorsports fuel pump connected with Aeroquip Teflon steel braided fuel lines and Aeroquip aluminum adaptors and fitting, pumping vast amounts of fuel into a Carbing fuel surge tank before it is later fed to the fuel rail up front.

Engine management duties have been taken over by a HKS F-Con V Pro, version 3.24E. The unit comes with a harness special for the VQ-DET use so there is no need for any additional wires. Along with this, an insane HKS 3bar map sensor replaces the original. The intake air temp sensor was also changed to a HKS 140º unit to not only withstand the hotter intake charge but to allow for precise ECU calculations. HKS Pro Start launch control and traction control is fitted to minimize pesky tire burning action.

Yes the car is a manual! A very rare sight here in Malaysia. However, the original 6-speed manual transmission needed some beefing up to keep itself from burning the clutch or losing drive power. To ensure the additional power is not wasted in a pungent burning of clutch pads, an Exeddy Carbon twin-plate clutch unit gets installed in place of the original. A Carbonetics LSD is also bolted on for better power distribution between the rear wheels.

Tein Monoflex Dampers with custom spring rates replace the stock suspension and gives the car a lower and more aggressive stance. Not forgetting to mention the increase in stability and reduce in body-roll. The Tein units are adjustable to the driver’s stiffness preference, between front and rear, with the use of the EDFC system.

As good suspensions can only help so much, the Skyline was fitted with a set of ultra high performance semi-slicks from Yokohama. The Advan A048 fitted on the car varies in size between front and rear as with any other rear wheel drive applications. On the front, the tires measure 245/35 while the rear tires are 305/30 in size. The wheels of choice for the car are none other than Volk Racing’s TE37.

Discreetly hidden behind the six-spoke wheels are a set of mammoth-sized brakes. Jokes a side, the brake are one of the few largest I have seen. The HKS 6-pot caliper kit in the front fills up the entire inside of the rim. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was hardly any clearance left. At the rear end, a HKS 4-pot caliper kit matches the brake units up front to ensure even braking force.

The Skyline has a very low drag coefficient by nature of its design. The under panels are made as flat as possible for smooth airflow ensuring high-speed stability. However to further enhance stability and handling, a Top Secret rear diffuser and a Top Secret Voltex kit is bolted onto the rear. At the helm of the car, a Top Secret bumper replaces the stock item. This bumper not only enhances looks and aids cooling, but it also directs airflow for better aerodynamics.

From time to time, we would have certainly seen some Impul versions of this car on our road. Honestly, I wonder why people pay so much more when you can just take the extra money and invest it wisely like this here V35. How it will fare to a stock GT-R is yet to be know, but my money is definately on the V35!

Engine: GTM 4.3L Low Comp. engine, HKS Racing Type II Blow-off Valve, HKS Racing Spark Plugs
Intake: APS Tall Boy intake Plenum, HKS Racing Suction Reloaded
Exhaust: Trust Racing Full Muffler System, Billion Exhaust Thermal Wrap
Electronics: HKS F-CON V Pro Engine management System; (HKS F-CON V Pro Version 3.24E, HKS F-CON Harness (VQ-DET Use ), HKS 3 BAR Map Sensor, HKS 140º Intake Air Temp Sensor, HKS Pro Start Launch Control / Traction Control, Defi VSD with [Fuel Press, Oil Press, Oil Temp, Water Temp], Defi Boost Meter, HKS EVC V Boost Controller with Full Options, HKS A/F Knock Amp Kit, EGT Sensor Set, HKS Turbo Timer Type-0
Fuelling: HKS 1000cc High Flow Injectors, HKS – GR Anti-Fuel Surge System; (Bosch 044 Motorsports Pump, Aeroquip Teflon Steel Braided Fuel Lines, Aeroquip Aluminum Fittings and Adapters, Carbing Fuel Surge Tank)
Cooling: ARC Full Aluminium Radiator, Nismo Low Temp Thermostat, HKS Oil Cooler Kit, Billion Racing PG+ Coolant with Billion Racing Water, ARC Oil Catch Tank, Steel Braided Lines and Fittings
Transmission: Exeddy Carbon Twin Plate Clutch, Carbonetics LSD
Suspension: Tein Monoflex Damper Kit ( Custom Spring Rates ), Tein EDFC System
Brakes: HKS 6 Pot Front Caliper Kit, HKS 4 Pot Rear Caliper Kit
Wheels: Volk Racing TE37 Wheels, Advan A048 245 / 35 / 19″ (Front), Advan A048 305 / 30 / 19″ (Rear)
Aero-Dynamics: Top Secret Front Bumper, Top Secret Rear Diffuser, Top Secret Rear Voltex kit
Tuner: Garage-R Singapore

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