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The Exotic Marque

Most people take cars as man’s gift to civilization, an automotive mode of transportation to get them from A to B. Some, mostly males, look at cars passionately and have this dying urge to want more. While some settle for less, there are a few who always want the best money could buy.

I’ll be dead frank; a Porsche is NOT a cheap car. Modifying one is not any cheaper either! But where your passion takes you, one must follow.

Pumping out 450 horses in its stock form, the Porsche 996 Turbo features a four wheel drive layout, powered by a 3.6 liter flat six, twin turbocharged intercooled engine. While the words P-o-r-s-c-h-e may be enough for some, the original specification on this car was not to the owner’s liking. It needed an extra something.

Thanks to Exotic Mods, the car received a total makeover, beginning with the footwork followed by the bodywork. The end result…they speak for themselves!

Starting of the upgrade with some minor tweaking on the boxer power plant, a pair of ExoticMods DT stainless steel headers is coupled together with a pair of DT titanium mufflers to aid a more efficient exhaust gas flow. Thanks to the higher flowing exhaust system, the significant supercar growl is now more eminent as it exits the ExoticMods FS Quad stainless steel tailpipes. As with most modern automotive ECUs, any modifications to the engine, no matter how small it is, will affect its performance. To counter this and not end up losing a huge amount of power, ExoticMods Re-programmed the Porsche’s ECU. An easy gain of 100+hp was no surprise.

The car’s original suspension was swapped over with fully adjustable coilovers from Gemballa, a well known German Porsche tuner. The aftermarket suspension promises the best in road holding capabilities without any compromise for safety. To further stiffen the chassis of this beast, a pair of anti-roll bars and strut bars for both the front and rear from Gemballa was fitted on.

Custom 20” DPE ST-5, 3-piece wheels are fitted on all axles. The huge wheels are a massive 20 x 9jj in the front while the rears are 20 x 11jj wide. Falken FK-452 tires measuring 245/30ZR20 in front and 305/25ZR20 at the rear was the tire of choice.

On the inside the original upholstery, including the dash, pillars and door panels is replaced with custom black & white Nappa leather. The seats are ala Porsche 997 semi-buckets wrapped in the same color themed Napa leather. The steering was re-wrapped as it features an airbag and occupant’s safety is always paramount. The steering is covered in custom white Nappa leather and features carbon fiber inserts.

Adding to the list of carbon fiber articles in the car, the dashboard vents, dash trimmings, door handles, consoles, air-cond vents, the door sill, the radio console, the entire center console, the gear knob, handbrake lever, switches console, ignition control and gauge cluster panel is wrapped with carbon fiber. Custom black carpets are re-wrapped for the floor pan and door panels to match the overall theme.

On the outside is what really makes this Porsche different from any other. The stock side mirrors are fitted with ExoticMods carbon fiber side mirror covers for an appealing look. A GT2 look carbon fiber rear spoiler sits in place of the original. Reducing weight but at the same time enhancing the aerodynamics is plus for any car. But it doesn’t stop there. The engine hatch is also ala GT2 and is made out of carbon fiber.

The front and rear bumpers are swapped out for ExoticMods Techart styled items that provide the car with a more delicate body line but a very much meaner stance. The newly fitted items are then covered in PPG Lamborghini white. Very pure colors for continental beasts don’t you think? Nice!

Protecting the paint and interior of the car is left to VPS’s vehicle protection system. This helps by minimizing the tendency to stain and lose that immaculate showroom shine.

I’ve always liked Porches since I was very young. The boxy growl has this really nice note to it that’ll make any motoring enthusiast’s day. When I grew older though, my passion for cars changed drastically with my age. Why buy a fast car when you can build fast cars, make one of your own. Japanese cars were my new obsession.

However, since seeing this Porsche on various occasions, I think my love for European Marques has been rekindled. Only now I don’t just want any European, I want an exotically modded piece!


– Porsche 996 Turbo, four wheel drive, 3.6 liter flat six, twin turbocharged and intercooled

Engine & Exhaust
– ExoticMods DT Titanium Mufflers
– ExoticMods DT Stainless Steel Headers
– ExoticMods FS Quad Stainless Steel Tailpipes
– ExoticMods Re-programmed ECU (+100bhp)

Suspension & Chassis
– Gemballa Fully Adjustable Coilovers
– Gemballa Front & Rear Strut Bars
– Gemballa Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars

– DPE 3pc Custom 20″ ST-5 Wheels (9” Front, 11” Rear)
– Falken FK-452 Tires all around (245/30ZR20 Front, 305/25ZR20 Rear)

– ExoticMods Custom Nappa Black & White Leather Wrapped Dashboard
– ExoticMods Custom Nappa Black & White Leather Wrapped Pillars
– ExoticMods Custom Nappa Black & White Leather Wrapped 997 Style Seats
– ExoticMods Custom Nappa Black & White Leather Wrapped Door Panels
– ExoticMods Custom Nappa White Leather Steering with Carbon Fiber Inserts
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Dashboard Vents
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Dashboard Trimmings
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Door Handles & Consoles
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Air-Con Vents
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Door Sills
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Radio Console
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Complete Center Console
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Gear Knob
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Handbrake Lever
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Side Mirror Switch Consoles
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Hazard Light Switch Console
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Ignition Key Console
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Wrapped Gauge Cluster Panel
– ExoticMods Custom Black Carpet Re-Wrap for floor plan & door panels

– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Covers
– ExoticMods Carbon Fiber GT2 Style Rear Spoiler
– ExoticMods GT2 Style Rear Engine Hatch
– ExoticMods Techart Style Front Bumper
– Exoticmods Techart Style Rear Bumper
– VPS Vehicle Protection System’s Stain-Proof Paint Protection
– VPS Vehicle Protection System’s Stain-Proof Interior Protection
– PPG Lamborghini White paintjob

All modifications by:
– Exotic Mods – +6012-669 6666

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