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The Evo Swansong Track Weapon

Three years back, Mitsubishi announced something truly heart breaking. The end of the 10 generation strong Lancer Evolution was faced with intense backlash from die hard Evo fans and I really can see why. It has been a true champion ever since its birth in the early 90s. The best thing about the Evo is that it can perform on the road, track and especially on a rally stage. Unlike other rally race cars of the era, the Evo succeeded in translating it’s rally bred characteristics into its road going siblings as well and that meant it was an absolute riot to drive.

Us Malaysia’s are very familiar with the Evo 3 as it is the role model of our Proton Wira/Satria. Over the years we’ve done our best to replicate the Tri-Diamond brand twin in terms of looks, drive train and performance. The Evo has adamantly stuck to 2.0L Turbocharged engines, due to rally regulations, but it has not stopped the Mitsubishi engineers from extracting extraordinary outputs. The Evo X, last of the Evos, had a record output of 440hp for the FQ-440 MR variant. Can you imagine extracting that from just a factory 2.0L engine?!

Given their strong motorsport history, Evo owners do enjoy pushing their cars to the ragged edge. Some do it on the touge while others enter trackdays. Then there are those who go balls out and race the damn thing on serious time attacks and championship events such as our now famous, Malaysia Speed Festival Series. Enter, Kevin Kumar and his track ready Evo X.

Taking part in the highly competitive MSF series is no easy task for both the driver and the car. The car will need to meet the regulations and perform with reliability. To help that task, this car is running a Blitz intake, Blitz radiator, MAP intercooler and Setrab oil cooler. While things get heated on track, it’s vital that the car does NOT.

Along with those hardware upgrades, a Microtech Race ecu and a Profec B GRedy boost controller keep an eye and govern everything that goes on under the hood. The Microtech Race ecu is widely tuneable and adapts under conditions to produce optimum outputs. Taking care of expelling exhaust gasses is a complete HKS exhaust system.

Most people tend to forget that no matter how much you tune up your engine, putting that power down is another question altogether. This EvoX is a classic example of proper drive train setup. The engine may not be pushing crazy figures but the power is sent to all four wheels through a Exedy twin plate clutch in 5 speed manual gearbox equipped with an Evo10 RS differential. This means that there’s very little power loss from engine to real world performance.

As part of the track preparations, a Dash Racing roll cage was installed for safety and chassis rigidity accompanied with Ohlins DFV coilovers so that the car behaves when Kevin glides corner to corner inches from other cars. Sticking all four wheels to the ground are a set of race TE37, finished in bronze, wrapped in Hankook Ventus RS4 rubber at 265/35/r18. On the road, this tyre setup sounds ridiculous but the RS4 really bites into the tarmac once it gets up to temperature and the 265 keeps the car firmly planted on the long swooping turns in our Sepang International Circuit.

The braking department has been significantly upgraded too. Now running AP Racing Pro5000 Radical brakes (6 pot fronts, 4 pot rears), Kevin is able to brake later into corners and run for longer without the worry of brake fade from overheating. Heat issues aren’t always just engine related are they.

The interior is kept to a minimum so Kevin can focus on the driving. All he has to look at is a Micotech 5″ Pro dash logger feeding him vitals, a Sparco R345 steering and claustrophobic Sparco Pro Adv seats. The ideal racing drivers office in my opinion. Looking at this Evo X living out its motorsport legacy is exciting yet fill me with sorrow that we will not be getting another generation of it. Someday the Evo will be a classis thanks to this and as appealing as it sounds, i’d rather have them continue making epic AWD road warriors. Please Mitsubishi.

Engine: Blitz intake, radiator cap, HKS exhaust system, Setrab oil cooler, Blitz radiator, MAP intercooler

Transmission: exedy twin plate clutch, Evo10 RS differential 5 speed manual

Brakes: ap rcing pro5000 radical 6 pot front 4 pot rear

Handling: dash racing roll cage, OHLINS DFV coilovers

ECU: Tuning Microtech Race ecu, Boost cont profect b greedy

Interior: Sparco r345 steering, Sparco pro adv seats, Microtech 5″ pro dash logger

Wheels and Tyres: race te37 wrapped in Ventus RS4 265/35/r18

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