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The Black Widow & Her Lethal Bite – Evolution X

I have this verbal fetish for being philosophical when the subject at hand carries a legendary and widely acknowledged presence in the mystical pantheon of automobile icons. Indeed the now defunct Lancer Evolution was the most incredible real world example of pure unadulterated 4 wheel performance that perpetually shines in the toughest most competitive arenas be it fully sanctioned professional motor racing or the world’s major JDM hubs and modded car subculture. Of course its adversaries would unequivocally beg to differ.

Then again as a counterpunch to the whole differ begging nuances you’ve got the seemingly extended remix list of high and mighty Time Attack Evos that remained nonchalant, their stellar record runs being their solemn testimonies, while their double extra large wings and diffusers and fighter jet inspired aero works delivers not only tonnage of downforce but doubles up as reinforced composite makeshift Samurai swords capable of something lethal. Lethal makeshift weapons and contraptions, perforated air vents that ought to have a ‘keep away from small children’ placard, smooth and sinewy carbon fiber components; what else would these external elements remind you off but the mighty horde of magnificent World Time Attack Evos that became the ride of choice for renowned Time Attack outfits not only from its motherland but from the US, the OZs and the likes.

The well known prowess of the Evo as per its dynamics as a pure drivers car has not only been well documented with countless articles, testimonies, written oaths beginning with “I swear to you.. and so on” as well as something just as revealing but a little on the naughty and cocky side – something along the lines of the atypical “I’m the man, who the man, you the man” banter, with the might of the Evo being the main protagonist as per the ‘I’m the man’ jibe, not the dude’s manhood, not in any way whatsoever.

Anyway I think it’d be best to refrain from going deeper into the subject of manhood because of a number of things; for one thing the subject is massive (read into that what you will) which necessitates some lengthy narrative an article of this length could not, by any stretch of the imagination do justice. We’d need a book really on the subject, with the anatomy illustration, explanation of the male reproductive organ, and by and by the nature of said organ’s primary function. Instead of doing so let us not lest some form of arousal creeps in rendering even the most fabulous mega Evo as the ‘next subject’. So let us celebrate instead the magnificent final production Evo right here in all its forced inducted, downforce majeure splendour shall we?

You know come to think of it, we ought to have like a special ceremony whence Mitsubishi rolled out the last in line of its illustrious superlative Lancer Evolution genealogy – the Evolution X. Then again maybe there were ceremonies with the reverence of the Evo in mind, the three diamond emblem car maker’s jewel in the crown adored and coveted by millions of car lovers the world over; maybe the ceremony were done in secret – hauntingly clandestine cloak & dagger style, with Tommi Makkinen as the high priest, the current JWRC protagonists clad in deep set black overalls forming a circle around a captivating ‘crystal jade’ sculpture of the Evo X, chanting some ancient mantra of resurrection.

Such settings aren’t exactly enshrouded in secrecy since such settings are all fictitious at least to my knowledge. But the astounding capability of this particular Evo X is anything but. It carries like an A4 page and a half long list of go-faster show-better components that covers every key aspects of the mega sports saloon. Like for instance the show bits both outside and inside; its GTechniq EXO Glass Coating bodywork features carbon fiber in a multitude of premium brands – Varis (front canards, bumper cover, fender vents), C-West (hood scoop, side mirror cover, Do-Luck style trunk spoiler), Password JDM (gurney flap), Colt Speed micro antenna and carbon fiber hydro-dipped SSR Type F wheels wrapped in RE040 Bridgestone the classy icing on the Evo X cake.

Inside the complete list is substantial, but a quick rundown ought to be sufficient to get you Evo fans in the mood: the sumptuous Technocraft T2 dry carbon bucket with Bride seat railing, Okuyama Carbing carbon meter hood, Safety21 roll cage, Fujitsu-ten ICE, a slew of Defi gauges plus a myriad of ‘stuffs’.

‘Stuffs’ doesn’t quite describe the go aspect on this exceptional Evo, more like goodies sort of; its MIVEC 4B11T gets a host of aftermarket upgrades such as Apexi air filter (in carbon fiber airbox), HKS SSQV, YR Advance aluminium turbo duct & stainless steek manifold heatshield, Samco silicone hoses, GME Racing widemouth downpipe with 76mm cat delete, Kakimoto Racing exhaust, custom bits such as stainless steel intake, intercooler spray kit, and as ever the choices carbon fiber garnishes such as engine valve cover, radiator cooling panel et al. COBB Electronics plus HKS VAC Type CM provides the digital trickery. The Getrag developed SST gearbox gets Setrab oil cooler with SPAL fan.

Chassis enhancements are considerable: TEIN Monoflex with EDFC, Fawster custom front pillowball mount, Colt Speed cross member support chassis brace, Cusco strut bars, Eibach anti-roll bars, SuperPro roll control & roll centre kit, Hawk pads equipped Brembo 4-pot front stopper with 350mm floating rotors, Brembo 2-pot rear with APP Type SA pads, APP steel braided brake hoses, and Rexspeed carbon fiber front brake cooling air guides.

Car: Mitsubishi Evolution X MR (CZ4A)

Engine: 2 liter MIVEC 4B11T

Engine Mods: NGK R2556B Racing Spark Plugs, Apexi air filter housed in CF airbox, Custom Stainless Steel Intake pipe, HKS SSQV blow-off valve, custom intercooler spray kit, CF Engine Valve cover & Radiator Cooling Panel, CF fuse box cover, YR Advance Aluminum Turbo Duct & Stainless Steel Manifold Heatshield, Samco silicone hoses, GME Racing Stainless Steel Widemouth Downpipe with 76mm Cat Delete pipe, Kakimoto Racing Full Mega N1 + Rev exhaust.

Electronics: Cobb, HKS VAC Type CM

Transmission: SST (twin clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission), Setrab SST oil cooler w/ SPAL fan.

Suspension/Chassis: TEIN Monoflex with EDFC, Fawster custom front pillowball mount, Colt Speed front & rear cross member support chassis brace, Cusco front strut bar Type OS w/ BCS Kit, Cusco rear strut bar, Eibach 27mm front & rear anti roll bars, SuperPro Roll Control & Roll Centre Kit (Ball Joint).

Brakes: Brembo 4-piston caliper, floating 350mm rotors with Hawk HP Plus pads (front), Brembo 2-piston caliper with APP Type SA pads (rear). APP Steel Braided Brake hoses. Rexspeed carbon fiber front brake cooling air guides.

Wheels & Tyres: SSR Type F w/ CF Hydro-dipped, Bridgestone RE040.

Interior: Cobb Accessport V3, Defi Advance CR boost gauge + oil temperature + water temperature gauge hosted in Okuyama Carbing CF meter hood, PLX Devices touch screen EGT & AFR with CF dual gauge pods, CF dash & A/C panel, CF A-pillar, Safety21 4-point bolt on roll cage, Technocraft T2 Dry Carbon bucket seat w/ Bride Type RH railing (Driver)

Exterior: GTechniq EXO Glass Coating, 3M Crystalline window tint, Varis CF front canards, CF front bumper cover, CF fender vents, C-West CF hood scoop, CF side mirror cover, CF Do-Luck style trunk spoiler, Password JDM Dry Carbon gurney flap, Colt Speed Micro Antenna

ICE: Fujitsu-ten DVD player head unit, Focal speakers, woofer, tweeters & power amplifier.

Photos: Kenny Yeoh & Dennis Lhy

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