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Team Hybrid Challenger SRT8 – An Unstoppable Force

It takes little reasoning for car lovers (especially those who’re not American) to like a good old American muscle car, regardless of makes, regardless of models. They conform to a visual concept that extrapolates plus size dimensions therein accommodating the requisite brute force slash brawn slash toned muscle all of which gets infused onto the exterior bodywork with excessively exaggerated proportions.

And what’s more, they’re all exclusively reliant upon pure unadulterated brute V8 power, the rumbling engine note hinting at the mammoth reserves of tarmac-searing power, the deafening noise accompanying the forward thrust in that cool American way! And speaking of being cool and American we bring you this fabulous Dodge Challenger SRT8 belonging to one Anthony Morfin, a full-fledged member of Team Hybrid. We figured since Anthony had provided us with his own take on his erstwhile Challenger SRT8 project, who are we to get in the dude’s way.

With that in mind, we’ll just provide you with some ‘backstory’ to the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 and just finish off with Anthony’s own heartfelt words cool? Now, where else should we begin this journey than this SRT8’s fearsome V8 powerplant rated at an already impressive 470hp and 637Nm. These performance figures equate to a scant 4.6 secs naught to 100km/h, 13 flat quarter-mile splits maxing out at 180mph & 173mph (manual & automatic) respectively. Whichever way you look from these are undoubtedly solid and impressive figures, even more so considering this American car tips the weighing scale at just under 2 tons!

Yeah well alrighty then, without dilly delaying this impromptu procession right here, we bring you the poignant words of Anthony Morfin – the dude behind this stunning Challenger SRT8:

“Hi! My name is Anthony Morfin, Yes like the mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Everybody knows me as. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico till the age of 18 then I moved to Las Vegas and where all the rest is It all started back when I was a young boy I always loved cars since I was little and I really got into it when I saw the 1st fast and furious movie, With all the imports with their crazy designs and their Crazy Horsepower.

Anyways my 1st car was a 2006 Dodge Charger it was not fast as it wasn’t tuned. It was just a plain V6 black charger, then back in 2010, I started my first job in Vegas. I had to save a lot just to buy my first mod which was my first set off wheels and pretty much it, I didn’t get paid a lot so I couldn’t spend a lot, but that’s how my car modifications started. My dream car was a Mazda RX8 back in the day when Need for Speed came out on the Xbox it was my favorite car too.  I always said that’s going be a goal but as the years passed I grew and so my physical appearance grew as well. By the time I was ready to buy my dream car, I couldn’t fit in it, It was too small, the seats were too small, the car wasn’t big enough for a big guy so I started shopping that’s how the charger came along.

After joining a Vegas muscle car club right here where most of the members had fire breathing V8s, that’s when it hit me, big cars need big motors. So I started looking for big cars with big motors and only 3 caught my eye. The new reinvented Chevy Camaro SS, the popular Mustang 5.0 or the Challenger SRT. I tested all of them and the only one out of the bunch was the biggest of them The Challenger. BIG car, BIG motor, BIG guy, the perfect triple Bs and now here we are, 2 years in the build, a lot of stress and money spent but after all well worth it especially changing my life in a positive way and opening many incredible opportunities along with impossible doors in the automotive industry after joining the legendary, Team Hybrid.

My most prized accolades have all been a dream come true after learning and executing the Hybrid Formula to build Hybrid Quality vehicles.  Quality is timeless.  As my mother says ” I rather want you spending your time and money on your car than be spending it on drugs” and I always tell her you’re right. I’m glad to be considered a car enthusiast because you are NOT the only one out there with the same addiction you can always find someone to help and guide you in any way possible so to all readers, give it your best and never ever give up.  “May our team’s legendary tradition continue making import history…”

Anthony extends his heartfelt thanks for: first and foremost our Founder/President James Lin; thank you to: Oxnard Chapter Director, Sergio Guevara, Nevada Chapter Director, Archie Concon and future leadership, Charleston Penesa for considering the build and I for this once in a lifetime opportunity in Hypertune Magazine. Hybrid luv to the rest esp. Scott Dean, the Hybrid Family, and Hybridz worldwide let’s continue making import and Hybrid history. Lastly, plenty of Hybrid Luv to our team title sponsors: BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, K&N Filters, AEM Intakes, AMSOIL, Whiteline, Password:JDM, NRG Innovations, Mishimoto and Optima Batteries.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go with a legendary team” – The Credo of Team Hybrid



MOTOR: 6.4L HEMI V8 392

Engine Mods: JBA long tube headers, BORLA ATAK cat-back exhaust, K&N cold air intake, Diablo Sport Trinity T1000 Tuner

ENGINE BAY: Custom Hydro Dip engine covers, fuse box, module cover, radiator covers, Billet Strut Bar

Max Power: 617.4 hp (at the crank 516.7 hp(to the wheels)

HANDLING: Airlift Suspension with V2 Management

EXTERIOR: Liberty Walk wide body kit, Hellcat OEM Hood, custom rear diffuser, custom side skirts, custom front splitter, custom wicker bill, custom one of a kind design wrap(in the works), front halo rings, SRT front light up badge

WHEELS & TYRES: CCW SP16 3 PC Wheels, Pirelli P-Zero tyres – 305/30/20 Front315/35/20 Rear

INTERIOR: CIPHER AUTO racing seats, harnesses and harness bar; custom fabric lay interior panels, custom air trunk setup (bar themed), Stainless Steel AIR hardlines, cut to fit marble flooring, Viair 380 Compressors

SPONSORS: Skepple Design, Cipher Auto, HermaGraphix, Amsoil,CCW, Vegas ValliTaqueria, K&N Filters, Meguiars, Mishimoto, Titan Hydrographics

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