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Tangerine Sizzler – Nissan R35

Swathed in an eye-catching metallic orange slash tangerine paintjob, this Nismo kitted R35 takes on an entirely new level of inspiration.

As intelligent thinking sentient beings we thrive on inspiration. We even apply a wait and see approach so as to see what the ‘other’ guys do before we set about on our own, adapting bits and pieces from those ‘other guys’ on the subject at hand. It isn’t a direct plagiarism per se, as you merely see how you can apply whatever wicked ideas you may have to know for sure that said ideas do work.

Nowhere is this practice abundantly clear than in the aftermarket wheel industry. You see some of the most recognizably ‘universal’ concepts and styles being introduced day in day out which are categorically identical in terms of aesthetics, as in its appearance and style. What I’m getting at is that inspiration is perpetually ‘swapped’ among these aftermarket wheel manufacturers; no sooner than a fresh new wheel design is being introduced, an ‘alternative’ design comes along spotting all the subtle visual nuances and hints brought on by said fresh new wheel design.

Now on the other hand in the dog-eat-dog environment of automobile manufacturing, the inspiration bit takes on a more ‘muffled’ vibe, more ‘under the radar’ nuances so as to avoid any sort of inclination towards one dog devouring, feasting on the other dog, if you catch my drift. Unless you happened to reside in China where copyright infringements are anything from unobserved to entirely non-existent, manufacturers would go about adopting certain aesthetical concepts which car maker A just recently introduced in an altogether different approach but still more or less discernable to a trained eye.

As for the R35, you’d be hard pressed to bill it as an aesthetical inspiration per se, since the might of Godzilla dictates that ‘whosoever mimicked my successor shall be destroyed’ no one would dare to even come close, except maybe the Chinese. Maybe it’s their Kung Fu at play over there who knows? In any case what I meant by inspiration regarding the Nissan GT-R slash R35 is the sort that prompted bold young men to reach for the stars to enable them to have one in their garage.

I mean who could ever doubt the GT-R’s worthiness as a certified icon? To flick through its predecessors with each being anointed their rightful placard in performance automobile default hall of fame is merely the starters for ten; the GT-R’s own mind-blowing specs, its massive dimensions and its larger than life presence, its appeal more than a decade to the day it debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show is bigger than ever, the same dude who’d experience a wet dream or two with the R35 back then now can bestow their wallpapers and die cast models to their first born most of whom fell head over heels in love at first sight at the muscular Manga robotic stance even if they had no idea of how fast it really is.

Okay now that we’ve established how big a deal the R35 still is and how messed up the kids of today are let us examine the picture perfect ATS prepped example we have right here, resplendent in a metallic orange slash tangerine paint job. It sports the Full 2014 NISMO conversion bodykit that virtually all budding GT-R owners are lusting for. That is the ones without that extra dosh at their disposal, unlike our big man right here who seems to have quite a bottomless pit of liquid cash at his disposal.

I’d only assume to call the owner a dude, and I am not being gender biased here by any stretch of the imagination. It seems well nigh a certainty judging from those masculine bulges protruding from the sides, the sum of all its muscular body parts, I mean seeing as that ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ had already labeled a car a she in the first place, and the more horsepower and sportiness it has the sexier it becomes and the hornier the name. So to have a babe driving a kitted up R35 while isn’t exactly unheard of, is quite a rare occurrence here in our blessed motherland.

Anyways before I inadvertently bring myself into a debate about gender inequalities and all I’d better get back into character and finish this bloody piece yeah? Bloody not in any way having negative connotations mind you, rather bloody as in an extremely positive vibe more like. This R35’s swaggering extremities gets ‘advertised’ so to speak inasmuch through its Nismo 2014 full conversion bodykit ‘mega makeover’, arguably the default bodykit in the R35 subculture. I mean nobody does R35 bodykit better than the official Motorsport arm of Nissan, period. And with the highly motivated ATS crew behind it all, you’d best bet that the craftsmanship and finishing are second to none.

Augmenting the Nismo personification is a delectable set of TSW Portier 5-split spokes alloys wrapped with low profile Dunlop tyres, which doubles as a ‘gilded cage’ for the megabucks Alcon stoppers. Now fellas, just sit back and run your blaring eyes over the finish product in its entirety taking into account the renowned GT-R mastery attributed to ATS. They have been around for quite some time so much so that you can even dub them as the Go-to guys for all things GT-R, with all due respect and admiration to all the other GT-R builders/preparers in the local scene.
Climb inside and the familiar classy settings of a custom interior exclusively prepped by ATS greets you in a harmonious synergy between sporty and luxury, in other words the amalgamation of both these qualities dialed up a couple of notches. Going further i.e. deeper into this superlative Nismo kitted ATS prepped R35 and you come face to block with the VR38DETT motor, the one and only 3.8 liter twin turbo with the gorgeous red top cover.

With nary a pause or hesitation ATS set about doing their thing as per the owner’s discretion: Cobb Tuning rules the roost here with its air intake replacing the standard induction system while the benchmark Access Port V3 Pro tuned runs the whole power upping song and dance. With the flurry of excess horsepower at play surplus fuel gets delivered via 1000cc ID1000 Injector Dynamics. A couple of other aftermarket upgrades within the engine bay includes the Aluminum intercooler pipe and HKS blow-off valve. And oh of course the stock exhaust was dumped in favor of a premium aftermarket exhaust kit from HKS.

Car: Nissan R35

Engine: VR38DETT 3.8 liter 24 valve V6 twin turbo

Engine mods: 1000cc injector dynamics, Cobb Tuning air intake, Aluminum intercooler pipe, HKS blow off valve, Cobb tuning access port v3 pro tuned, HKS exhaust system

Brakes: Alcon disc brakes

Interior: ATS custom interior design

Exterior: Full 2014 NISMO conversion bodykit

Wheels & Tyres: TSW Portier 5-split spoke wheels & Dunlop tyres

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