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Takumi Got New Tricks!

This piece is going to be a challenge to myself. I am going to do my best to get through the entire article without referencing a certain anime tv show involving a tofu delivery boy. For once, let’s have the focus be on Toyota’s poor man sports car that morphed into a drift chassis. The standard machine of the 80’s was meant to be ‘just’ a Corolla, a family man beater that will last till the end of time and return decent gas mileage. Somehow Toyota, intentionally or not, injected a certain unique DNA into the AE86. That DNA did not go unnoticed by those who pushed the 86 performance wise. It became apparent that the family man Corolla, was potent in the corners and not near as distant on the straights. Once that word spread, it literally spread like wild fire. Before you knew it, drifters were stripping it and converting it into drift missiles. Drifters loved it for its reliability, chassis balance, RWD layout, and the cheap to replace parts.

Seeing this trend, Toyota released a couple of special editions like this one, the AE86 Levin Kouki, imported to our nasi lemak and benefitting, due to its age, from the classis ap license. The Levin Kouki chassis is rare and therefore lovely to look at. Most people won’t even recognize it but that’s beside the point anyways. The mod list on this one is extensive. The 1.6L 4AGE is far from sufficient for modern standard so it needed some beefing up. The block is from a 20v 4AGE and runs 82mm pistons, toda racing cam pulleys and cams. The TVIS technology is retained but from the 16 valve engine along with a rechiped 16 valve ECU and a TRD metal gasket. Intake wise, a 60mm throttle body sucks in air, Ultra Power plug cables provide the spark and Toda Racing 4-1 headers with 5Zigen muffler maximise the exit flow. Supporting mods to ensure optimum performance are in place, like a Works fuel regulator, lightened crank pulley, oil cooler and an ARC aluminium air box among others.

Now another thing that made the original 86 fun, was the close ration gears on the transmission that allowed it to be pretty plucky and hold on to the power band well even at low revs. In this Kouki, the transmission is a J160 6 speed close ratio box paired with Trinity 6 puck clutch, TRD racing clutch cover and a TRD Racing 8.5″ flywheel. This means each and every gear will extract the entire amount of power available with brute force. Ain’t for the faint of heart. And of course the rear end is not stock. The drifting capabilities are boosted with a TRD Racing 2 way LSD and, to help it along, a TRD racing 7.778 final drive ratio, allowing the LSD to hook up earlier and lower in the rev range.

You can tell can’t you that this is a car setup by a racer. Either by the list of mods or by the obvious Cusco roll cage, it’s not subtle. Like the roll cage, the tower bar and roll centre adapter are from Cusco as well. Underpinnings wise, the front and rear anti-roll bars are from TRD while JDM old timer GReddy supply the Type-S suspension kit and pillow ball mounts. The active rear end uses a Silvia S15 brake kit, custom fitted, while the fronts are still from the 86 but squeezed with Endless brake pads. The only things I’m surprised with are the tyres. Hankook RS4’s all round with a size of 195/50/R15. They’re relatively small when considering the engine output and how easily it can break traction.

The interior is no shocker once you know the mod list, it’s very driver focused with the necessary gauges for feedback, Momo steering wheel and a figure hugging Recaro SPG full bucket seat. Clearly this car isn’t for the masses. The exterior mods would make one shiver at the thought of driving it on the public road. It’s a carbon and kevlar gold mine. From the hood to the side skirts, most of the panels and parts are carbon kevlar. Looking at this car now, it’s tough to imagine it move in a straight line. It has become a force of habit to always relate the 86 to hooligan-style antics and carving a mountain pass from one corner to another, inches away from the next JDM hero. With this car, you don’t only get its performance, you also get a whole lot of heart.

Toyota Corolla Ae86 Levin Kouki
Manufacture Year 1986
Import Ap Classic
Engine: 4age 16v Tvis System, 4age 16v Rechip Ecu, Trd Metal Gasket, 4age 20v Block 82mm Piston, Toda Racing In/Ex Cam Pulley, Toda Racing In/Ex Mild Cam, Toda Racing 4-1 Header, 5 Zigen Stainless Steel Muffler, Aftermarket 60mm Throttle Body, Ultra Power Plug Cable, Works Fuel Regulator, Works Lighten Crank Pulley, Oil Cooler, Arc Aluminium Air Box
Transmission: Trd Racing 8.5″ Flywheel, Trd Racing Clutch Cover, Trinity 6 Puck Clutch Plate, J160 6 Speed Close Ratio Gearbox, J160 Gear Shifter Relocation Kit, Trd Racing 2way Lsd Big Shaft, Trd Racing 4.778 Final Drive
Handling: Greddy Pillow Mounting, Greddy Type-S Suspension Kit, Cusco 7 Point Rollcage, Cusco Roll Center Adapter, Cusco Tower Bar, Rsr Rear Panhard Rod, Trd Front & Rear Anti Roll Bar, Front Ae86 Disc Endless Brake Pad, Rear Silvia S15 Brake Kit
Wheels & Tyres: Volk Racing Te37v 15″ 8j Et0, Hankook Rs4 195/50/15
Interior: Defi Sport Nv Meter, Greddy Black Face Oil Press, Greddy Black Face Oil Temp, Greddy Black Face Water Temp, 2din Dvd Player, Momo Steering, Works Quick Release Adaptor, Recaro Spg Full Bucket Seat
Exterior: Carbon Kevlar Aero Cooling Bonnet, Carbon Kevlar Front Canards, Carbon Kevlar Front Aero Lip, Carbon Kevlar Side Skirt Lips, Carbon Kevlar Side Skirt Winglets, Fiber Rear Gt Wing Spoiler

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