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Sweet Lady Liberty

This one of those ‘could never get enough’ instances yeah? I mean you could put like a hundred modded R35 and it’d still would not be left wanting for attention. Even an R35 without so much as a tiny little ‘Nismo’ decal could still grab your attention by the ‘short and curlies’ couldn’t it? They’re simply too massive a presence to ignore. And there’ve been many a budding boy racer with their own soupped-up rides who’d fancied going wheelarch to wheelarch with the mighty Nissan supercar and ended up while not exactly in tears but still maybe teary eyed. In other words, an R35 is one awesome and fearsome mother of a ride.

And going along with the awesomeness of the R35 or GT-R, it also answers to the following moniker just as well – Godzilla, which I’m sure you’d agree is tailor made to its imposing road presence, monstrous tarmac-paving performance, and quite simply its innate ability to overwhelm its wannabe detractors. Plus maybe the fact that its proportions are unconventionally huge for a car that goes that fast. Now it’d be something like defying the laws of physics sort of really, when you make a direct comparison to its highly fancied European and American competitors – Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8, the Corvette and the Dodge Viper. The Nissan is considerably heavier and longer than all the four above, and yet, well and yet it still beats em as per the benchmark sprints. And we haven’t even gone down the path towards tuning excess as of yet, where a multitude of ultra and hyper and mega GT-Rs roams and breaths fire in environmentally unfriendly manner; where 1000-plus ponies GT-R have become the norm.

Okay for this GT-R installment we mightn’t have a four-figure horsepowered example but it is in no way less of a big deal. I mean one glance at this Liberty Walk special and you’d start getting beside yourself on account of its flamboyance, its incredibly wide and bludgeoning sides, and its exceedingly fine and detailed finish. Those keen web surfers among you ought to be pretty darn familiar with Liberty Walk, though you wouldn’t be the only one who’d figure it to be a human rights campaign of sorts at first, I was one such culprit. But awkwardly phrased brand names aside, the Japanese tuning fraternity does have a perpetually active scene with a perpetual supply of fresh new aftermarket tuning brands with top-notched products. Liberty Walk is famed for its slammed down and blisteringly wide creations as per Japanese, European and American cars.

This superbly crafted R35 wide-body specimen originated after the guys at Liberty Walk Japan and Aylezo Garage Malaysia got together at the latter’s behest. Liberty Walk’s Kato-san and Toshi-san collaborated with Cheah on the first ever Liberty Walk body-kitted R35 via get this WhatsApp! Throughout the entire build under the expert guidance of Toshi-san the Aylezo crew painstakingly did the LB kit, going about their business with few hitches here and there. For reference sake the Liberty Walk kit for this 2008 GTR consists of a full LB Works aero kit, LB Works Version 1 GT wing and LB Works Version 2 ducktail. Combined with those eye-catching Sky Forged 20 inch wheels this Aylezo R35 sure does ‘walk the wide-body talk’.

For this Aylezo R35 build there was one crucial detail which must be address – its purpose-built as a track ready car. And so they’d done away with the air suspension option and went instead with a Bilstein coilovers with some adjustments made to accommodate the LB setup. The mods to the VR38DETT V6 are kept somewhat ‘conservative’ as preferred by Aylezo yielding ‘only’ 600 bhp from its ECUTEK tuning, Delete cat exhaust and custom Y-pipe. Seeing as the power perks aren’t that big, the transmission remained stock, and the same goes for the brakes saved for a set of Endless brake pads.

You could now see the principle behind this fabulous Liberty Walk wide-body beast. Though the ride is for all intents and purposes a first ever platform for Liberty Walk kits here in Malaysia, it is still build up as a worthy track car. That goes to show the substance that lies within its outrageous and smack-bang in your face looks.

It is yet another page from the seemingly infinite tuning possibility for the cult-status R35.


Car: Nissan R35

Engine Mods: 3.8L VR38DETT V6, Delete cat exhaust, Custom Y-pipe, ECUTEK 600 bhp tune

Transmission: 6 speed automatic, Dual clutch.

Brakes: OEM rotors & calipers, Endless brake pads.

Chassis: Modded Bilstein coilovers (custom spec)

Wheels & Tyres: Sky Forged S204 20 x 11 Offset -5 Front, 20 x 12 Offset -62 Rear; Toyo Proxes R888 285/35/20 Front, 315/30/20 Rear

Exterior: Full LB Works Liberty Walk aero kit, LB Works Version 1 GT wing, LB Works Version 2 ducktail
Aylezo badge

Interior: Stock

Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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