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This car deserve your attention as this isn’t your regular Volvo.

When someone tells you that they have a Volvo, the first thing that strikes your mind is a regular looking sedan which has all the safety features in the world or to summaries that, you’ll simply call it a tank cause more often than not, it is a moving tank on the streets. Let’s face it, you’ll rarely see a youngster driving a Volvo except for the current-gen model which is futuristic and goes well with the advanced world.

What we have here is a Volvo S60 T5 and this particular car might change your mind about Volvo. First, it has a 2.4 engine which is good enough for daily usage but to keep up with the newer and faster car, it needs some extra juice and that is where the Shark Performance Stage 2 tune comes to play. With the Stage 2 tune, this car is faster than a regular S60 T5.

To make the Stage 2 tune work efficiently, the S60 T5 had some supporting mods installed. An Elevate cold air intake is installed to reduce the air temperature and increases airflow to give the engine uninterrupted airflow. With the Stage 2 tune, the boost pressure is increased and the stock intercooler couldn’t keep up with it so a DO88 intercooler kit with a larger intake pipe is installed.

With the engine breathing colder air easier and getting a whole lot more power, the stock exhaust system is still restricting the car’s full potential and honestly, stock exhaust is simply too quiet. To fix that, a 3.5-inch Elevate downpipe with race catalytic paired with a Heico cat back with dual outlet exhaust is installed. The car instantly sounds better and with a smoother flow exhaust, the Volvo S60 T5 is running at its best.

Now that the engine mods are done, it’s time to upgrade the handling department. The stock suspension is great but it doesn’t give the owner the advantage of setting it to the owner preference so it is replaced with the Hot Bits custom made Hi-Low Soft Hard coilovers. With these bad boys installed, the Volvo S60 T5 can now attack the corners at speeds way higher than before. A set of Ultra Racing front strut bar, rear strut bar, front under brace bar and rear under brace bar was installed to make the Volvo S60 T5 more nimble through the corners.

Power checked, Handling checked. Now, all that’s left are the tires and brakes. To make the car stop at a shorter distance than before, the front brakes are replaced with Heico Big Brake Kit with 343x32mm disc paired with ATE high-performance brake pad while the rear is upgraded with the S60R brake kit with 330x30mm paired with the stock brake pad. The difference between these brake kits against the stock is astonishing. A set of Heico Volution X measuring 18×8 rims paired with 235/40/18 tires gives the car a better stance.

The car exterior and interior are left stock to keep a low profile or some might say a sleeper car with an exception of a Silver Grey Metallic wrap done by Motorsport Playground. This Volvo S60 T5 may look stock but it doesn’t lack behind in terms of power and handling, pair them with the world-class safety features, this is certainly one wholesome package of a car.

Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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