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Superlative Scooby

Few names in the car industry as a whole, and the tuning arena in particular, evokes as much intrigue and curiosity as the Subaru Impreza. We have gotten so well and truly consumed with its genesis as a cult status automobile, its epic exploits in motor racing – chief among them it has to be said concerns the late and truly great Scotsman Colin McRae who had, pretty much anointed the Impreza into a world beater as the 1995 World Rally Champion.

Subsequent successes followed thereafter, and also, the worldwide recognition of the Impreza as an awesome performance car, and Subaru as a performance car manufacturer par excellence was indelibly acknowledged. Considering the first ever Impreza was launched merely a couple of years prior to Colin’s WRC title, the Impreza’s commercial successes was truly remarkable, and just like that, it became a seemingly an overnight success. As for its Japanese counterparts, the writing’s pretty much on the wall for some days to come.

Well, there’s always room for rebuttal that, even more so when you consider the huge multi-cultural followers of those JDM rides which counts themselves as the Impreza’s nemeses. Be that as it may guys and gals, the Scooby still resides at a special place in most enthusiasts heart and many a die-hard speed junkie have ‘turned’ against their ‘own kind’ on account of being pretty much smitten by the Super duper Scooby do’s and don’ts (Hilarious yeah I know). Okay let us leave the turbocharged matter for a bit, engage the NOS and rocket the heck away to the heart of this particular matter – the utterly special, limited edition S204.

The S204 was released at the end of 2005, based on the WRX STi it is pretty much similar to its predecessor the S203. It does away with the roof spoiler and has a different grille from the rest of the Impreza line. The S204 has a two-liter H4 Twin Scroll Ball-Bearing FHI Turbo equipped motor, unleashing out 320 horses at 6400 rpm and 432 Nm at 400 rpm, with a six-speed manual gearbox. An indication of exactly how quick the S204 is: when in ‘cruise’ mode the S204 achieves 100 km/h at 3000 rpm in top gear and can reach 220 km/h at approximately 6600 rpm.

Okay then, now that we’ve established how pretty darn quick the S204 is already, let us then wrap our speed infused thoughts around this superlative S204 with that stand-out-ish screaming red rims – SSR Type F 18 inch wrapped with Toyo R888. Exterior revisions thence encompassed the indispensible carbon fiber itsy bitsy pieces all over. Yeah well not itsy at all but well, you get the idea. The fenders, the bonnet, the bumper – all these are custom molded in sumptuous carbon; and of the same material as well as the diffuser only thing the latter is ordered from and sent by HKS Kansai.

In fact HKS has a significant presence in this stellar Scooby especially as per the performance criterion. For starters the stock turbo kit was ditched in favor of the GT2835 blower and intercooler kit both bearing the HKS decal. Conjoining the bespoke turbo system are two more aftermarket items – a 40mm wastegate by Turbosmart and blow-off valve from Sheepdog. Then there’s a list of HKS goodies – air filter, manifold, oil cooler, 650c injectors, and boost controller.

Additional goodies in the engine bay includes aftermarket cam pulley, Cusco oil catch tank, Sard fuel regulator, Walbro fuel pump, Performance alloy 2-layer radiator, Okada Plasma coils, Kakimoto exhaust system. The whole soupped up motor is governed by the N1 Racing tuned Ecutek ProECU factory engine control unit, and real time information as per the water, exhaust temperatures and the turbo boost is provided by Defi gauges. A recent run at the owner’s neighborhood dyno kiosk had this S204 at 378 hp with 1.4 bar boost. Pretty handy ennit?

Okay let me see what else is there? Yeah, there’s the BC Racing suspension and a kick-ass 12-pot Tarox brakes system all around (the stock’s Brembo in case you’re wondering). The rest of the already capable, already special Impreza S204 remained pretty much as it were. Really, the factory-prepped S204 in standard form is quite a thumping AWD performer already, and we’d figure the owner’s tuning direction for his super special Scooby goes along something like ‘moderate reworking’ as per the upper reaches of its performance, sprinkled with some personalization mostly here and a little bit over there.

Pretty much our kind of guy.

Car: Subaru Impreza S204

Engine Mods: HKS GT2835 Turbo kit, HKS Intercooler kit, HKS air filter, HKS 650cc injectors, HKS manifold, HKS oil cooler, HKS Ignition volt, Cusco oil catch tank, Okada plasma coils, Sheepdog BOV, Performance pulley, Turbosmart 40mm wastegate, Sard fuel regulator, Performance Alloy 2-layer radiator, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, Kakimoto GT1.0Z exhaust system

Electronics: HKS boost controller, Defi meters (water, exhaust, boost), ECUTEK tune by N1 Racing

Max Power: 378HP @ 1.4bar

Handling: BC Racing suspension, Cusco bars (4 units)

Brakes: Tarox 12 piston brakes kits front & rear

Wheels & Tyres: SSR Type F 18×8.5JJ, Toyo R888 tyres

Exterior: Carbon fiber fenders, Carbon fiber bonnet, Carbon fiber bumper, HKS kansai carbon fiber diffuser

Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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