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Super NOVA – Volkswagen Golf R Mk VI

For a huge chunk of petrol heads living, breathing and reeking havoc all over this borderless world, they have come to embrace, nay, more like adopt the F&F culture with nary a hint of being pretentious, and yeah that most dreaded of labels – posers. These are the genuine articles ladies and gents, who’ve discarded such restrains and prudence and all that utterly boring and totally unhip and un-happening life principles in the first place. Indeed despite the absence of ‘wiggle room’ ordained by the ‘higher ups’, our local tuning scene – enliven by these hardy characters, is still robustly alive and aggressively kicking.

Well then, how you may ask, might such an astute observation be made of our hip and happening local scene? There’s really no more definitive reasoning than this utterly wicked Golf R and the understanding that such spectacular built aren’t exactly hard to come by. Or to put it another way, even if such sightings of diabolically bonkers, ultra radical wide-body creations are few and pretty freakin far between, that does not ever, ever mean that they does not exist.

It is the exact same argumentative reasoning on that most compelling of subject; the subject that intrigues pretty much everyone – ghosts and the likes. The onus on the matter is that until you actually seen one, accepting their existence requires quite a leap of faith. Yeah well, lest you find half a disfigured girl smiling at you from underneath your comforter, that’s that for cynicism isn’t it?

Not that I am shying away from addressing such vaguely defined concepts really, only thing we do have the little matter of this evil incarnate VW to wax lyrical on. Such hardcore mods with smack-bang in your face ultra-mega styling tend to grab your collective attention by the dual virtues of stylized aggression and whopping ‘wide’ presence . Without any question the most dramatic exterior elements are those blisteringly wide wheel fenders for front and the rear. Applying the same aesthetical concept to the nose and the rear bumper, a bespoke After12 Motorsport bumper/spoiler section is put in place, Now there’s quite a fair bit of bespoke tailoring right here, as we were told the owner had some of his own input into the entire design.

And as a cool topping out gesture the owner had christened this soupped-up Mark VI Golf R the Nova GR. Once you’ve seen exactly what tremendous hardware resides within its ultra mega wide bodywork, you’d certainly agree with the ‘Nova’ designation. As defined by Wikipedia a ‘Nova’ is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion on a white dwarf star which instantly brightens the star. No doubt with the fireworks that this Nova GR carry, cataclysmic explosion albeit a wee bit less than on a cosmic scale is its stock in trade.

The 271 ps 2 liter FSI turbo powerplant; a pretty mighty thumper in stock trim was overhauled and given major new hardware inside. It is pretty apparent that this fella is gunning for some major peak figures at the dyno. Pretty much most of its internals were beefed-up – JE forged pistons (with double heat protection coating), IE Tuscan components consists of forged conrods, adjustable cam gear, Calico main and conrod bearings, Fluidampr crankshaft pulley, and a 034 drop compression metal head gasket. The valvetrain is all Ferrea.

With the internals all properly beefed-up the much anticipated ATP GTX2867R turbo kit comes in the increasingly tight engine bay, along with a Tial external wastegate in tow. With the bigger blower come the compulsory upgrades to the cooling system – Mishimoto radiator, Eurojet intercooler, and the subsequent ancillaries like the piping etc. The exhaust system’s a pretty straight forward single bullet with 3 inch Mishimoto heat wrapped custom downpipe.

Of course the fuel system require the necessary beefing up as well, and therein includes an APR high pressure fuel pump, RS4 injectors plus fuel pressure valve. As a matter of fact a vast majority of the engine were upgraded: intake manifold, the intake itself, water pump, hoses, the plugs, electric al, you name it this Nova GR pretty much have it (the entire list, and a pretty long list it truly is, is printed right at the end). All in all the modifications on the 2 liter FSI Turbo had enabled the numbers to swell to something upwards of 400 horses; well to be exact the dyno registered 414 hp at the wheel and 520 Nm.

The DSG transmission was upgraded with a bunch of extra goodies among which were an SSP Stage 3 track kit (transmission rebuild), Wavetrac LSD, plus Haldex All Time race mode. It is pretty darn clear what the owner has in mind for his Nova GR. Should you have any doubts as per his intent one look at the handling mods in this here Nova GR would put all that doubts to rest.

A starter for ten there’s the KW Clubsport coilover, Neuspeed N Spulen end link, Superpro Supaloy arms and adjustable joints, arm bushes and 034 rear bearing bush, Hotchkis front and rear anti roll bars, Unibrace for the rear boot. The brakes are Alcon 4 pots with 365mm rotors front and standard size Alcon rotor at the rear with OEM calipers; with Pagid 29 brake pads and stainless steel hose all around. The rolling stocks are forged 18 inch CE28 with Hankook RS3 tyres.

Inside the fearsome Nova GR there’s a bunch of relatively small custom goodies but ultimately the owner’s agenda is all out seriousness and all out assault on the racetrack. Of course there’d be ‘sightings’ of this Nova GR around the roads of KL but nevertheless you’ve seen it first right here and now on the hallowed pages of the one the only Hypertune magazine.


Engine Mods:
JE double heat protection coating Forged Piston, IE Tuscan Forged conrods, Calico main bearing and conrods bearing, Full ARP studs from cam tower, FERREA valvetrain and valves kit, HEP intake manifold stage 1, APR High pressure fuel pump, RS4 injectors and Rs4 fuel pressure valve, USP low pressure fuel pump with USP upgraded low pressure fuel pump module, NGK iridium spark plug.

TM coil with full set boosters & stabilizer kit, IE stainless steel valve cover, Forge full set silicone hoses for coolant, IE adjustable Cam gear, Fluidampr crankshaft pulley, 034 drop compression metal head gasket, IE girdle kit with forged main caps and chain oil pump, upgraded water pump, Mishimoto radiator, external oil filter relocation, Eurojet intercooler, full port polish and port match throttle body, cylinder head, intake and exhaust manifold, custom open pod filter with stainless steel cold air intake with Mishimoto heat wrap, custom stainless steel intercooler piping with Mishimoto heat wrap and Tial blow of valve, ATP GTX2867R turbo kit with Tial external wastegate, 3 inch custom downpipe with mishimoto heat wrap and straight pipe exhaust with single bullet, Torque solution engine mounting and dog bone engine mount kit, 23 rows oil cooler. Custom oil catch tank with two custom breather pipes,
Braille racing battery, Snow performance stage 2 with non return valves methanol kit, ProArt Motorsport ECU mapping.

Haldex all time race mode, Wavetrac LSD, SSP stage three track kit but with 600hp clutch kit, USP DSG cold air billet housing with stainless steel filter.

Superpro supaloy arms and adjustable ball joints, Full Superpro arm bushes and rear 034 bearing bush, Neuspeed N Spulen end link, KW Clubsport coilover, Hotchkis front and rear anti roll bars.
Rear boot strengthen with Unibrace.

Alcon 4 pot with 365mm rotors front, standard size Alcon rotor rear with OEM caliper, front & rear with Pagid 29 brake pads and stainless steel hoses.

ProArt Motorsport ECU map

Tyres & Rims:
265 X 18 offset 15 CE28 forged rim with Hankook RS3 tyres.

ProArt widebody kit, After12 front & rear bumper

Defi gauges

414 hp (at the wheel) 520 Nm

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