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Super-duper Top Gunner – Nissan GT-R R35

You tend to wonder for the longest time as to when Nissan will unveil the R35 replacement do you not? Like all impending mega motorcar successor they carry the weight of expectation of more than merely the manufacturer themselves. For one it always seemed as if they stake their reputation pretty much entirely upon the so-named successor, but for another spin on the equation, what could well matter way up and uppity on the above compared to anything else, is the expectations of the community which fashioned its entire existence upon the ‘mega motorcar’ in question.

Indeed that particular ‘mega motorcar’ in question is none other than the mighty GT-R R35, the Godzilla on a rampage, reeking its epic ‘Hollywood eat your heart out’ havoc upon Greater Tokyo. There are numerous unofficial reports and insider snippets regarding the supposed unveiling of the supposed successor, only to be quashed eventually by the one authoritative source that is, at the very least, most reliable. And that would be in this case Nissan itself. While I’d stop short of using the term ‘party pooper’ in this regard, the ‘incoming, or maybe not coming at all’ query thereafter as to the R36 et al came about from Nissan itself. Sure, they can indeed make all the processes as per introducing a production ready example and all, but somehow they’d opted not to.

Of course the ‘objectify’ purposely intended marketing ploy of an elusive well nigh mythical nature of such eagerly anticipated speed machines were already at play not that long ago by none other than Nissan’s own adversary, the Big H, which took a double extended ‘remix’ of ‘preemption’ whence they’d set about doing the song and dance with the high tech NSX. While it was their own doing therein, the seemingly unsettled demeanor of the whole current generation Honda hypercar launch had proven to be to their benefit. Well, sort of.

Coming back to the matter at hand right here we have a ‘shout out extremely loud’ for your attention example of an already ‘extremely loud with nary a whimper much less a shout’ R35 bedecked with top shelf go faster aftermarket products created by the expert hands of Top Racing Garage S/B – one of the household modified car purveyors that blossomed right smack in the middle of Klang Valley’s tuning central, the world renowned Bandar Sunway.

A quick rundown of their no-nonsense FB page tells you exactly what they’re all about, the barrages of stellar and soulful mega rides splattered, nay arranged neatly in their photos section indicating their pseudo-exclusive preferences for premium, upper tier type rides.

Apart from their signature offering of R35s and the likes, they also displayed a number of subliminal Italian and German exotics all of which carried some measure of performance and style (or either one or the other kind of) tweaks, with might I add something altogether intangible – that non-empirical measure of panache and substance. Make no mistake here fellas, Top Racing Garage maintains a strict adherence to its namesake to the point of emphasizing both excerpts of ‘top’ and ‘racing’ to exacting degrees.

In other words this very example of the R35 with its top dollar Boost Logic package (injectors, intake, exhaust), the fully custom engine and gearbox builds, its pricey chassis mods (Ohlins suspension, Endless stoppers) and of course those splendid Varis aerodynamics et al, they’re all the precise embodiment of the Top Racing Garage nomenclature.

Simply put, top notch!


Car: Nissan GT-R R35

Engine: VR38DETT V6, custom built by Top Racing Garage

Engine Mods: 12 Injector by Boost Logic, Boost Logic intake, Boost Logic exhaust

Transmission‎: ‎6-speed dual clutch transmission; custom built by Top Racing Garage

Chassis: Ohlins adjustable suspension

Brakes: Endless brakes kit

Exterior: Varis Kamikaze bodykit

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