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Suave & Stylish

The Mansory range of unbelievably expensive premium car tuning is what you might call excess. Virtually everything with the Mansory insignia represents excess in terms of cost and application. Of course when you’re rich, things are somewhat different and it’d goes without saying that the perception as per one of Mansory’s fascinating creations would differ markedly between a properly flushed guy with the means to part with an obscene amount of cash for a ride, and a regular mean-less fella – pretty much the majority of people of out there, kinda like you and me.

But then, the likes of you and me can always appreciate something which lingers right at the edge of your notion of possibility, as in what you might look upon as attainable, alas with prudent savings and a level of commitment bordering on delirium; for the likes of the owner here such matters are trivial, even academic as they’d be more concerned with what finishes are available, or “does that carbon fiber side blades go with my glossy black rims?” Of course it does. My oh my, to have all that dosh at hand, there’d be an endlessly long list of ‘what’s next’ – might it be a massive twin turbo engine rebuild or ditch that and go for a brand-spanking new automobile while I’m at it.


Yup, I am venting a bit albeit in an orderly uninhibited manner. Moving right along we’d come upon a more righteous notion as per the fabulous spidery form of this bedecked R8. As they say, (wonder who it was but he was absolutely right) ‘money can’t buy taste’. I could not agree more and even more so in this case. The exceedingly well off owner has a truly classy idea as per what he could do with his riches, with doing up his V10 R8 Spyder a solid first on the agenda. And in a rather exceptional way, he went about doing up his ride in a truly tasteful manner.

Deemed just a ‘weekend car’ the owner decided upon a specially ordered Mansory Dry Carbon parts for the R8 Spyder, which sort of explained the rather low mileage on the odometer. The specially ordered Mansory package is tailor-made according to the owner’s preferences, and indeed it isn’t in any way a ‘typical flagrantly restyled Mansory outtake’ which for the lack of a more politically correct description is an acquired taste. The Mansory dry carbon exterior (plus some interior) styling package (the full list is in the Hyperfact) has been affixed to the R8 Spyder to merely enhance the already gorgeous looks of the ultra desirable Audi supercar.


But the dry carbon parts sculpted to perfection by Mansory does make for a more eye-catching persona which the R8 Spyder is in no way lacking. Looking intimidating and altogether menacing in matte dark grey finish, the added dry carbon pieces goes quite some way to add a healthy dose of sportiness and aggression. And nothing speaks sportiness and aggression like dry carbon finish. And going further along the matter of sportiness and aggression, this R8 variant, with the Spyder configuration and all, possess both these elements in abundance really, as nestled longitudinally mid-ship is the V10 5.2 liter FSI motor. This rev-happy engine has quite a punch in standard trim already with 525hp at 8000rpm with close to 400 lb. ft at 6500rpm. In this baby however, those numbers are somewhat ‘different’.

We weren’t given the full details on the performance mods but a single acronym is enough of a hint as to what extra juice resides within – APR, that mighty tuner from the USA that specializes in German makes. For this R8 there were indeed some tinkering (meaning tuning) with the V10 and the end result, with another ultra expensive goodie added; the Tubi Style Exhaust system was given as 610 hp and some 600 Nm – super supercar numbers whichever way you look at it. Considering the standard R8 reaches 100km/h in less than 4 seconds and a top speed of 194 mph, with the extra oomph in the mix, these numbers needs to be well and truly re-adjusted.

Really, the essence of the R8 Spyder is not merely down to its Hollywood-esque good looks, and its massive on-the-road presence; it also has to do with its legendary Quattro drivetrain, its state-of-the-art powertrain, and its exquisite form following function style. Of this the R8 has no equal.


With the Mansory treatment, the APR-tuned motor, that Tubi Style exhaust, it equates to something on a higher plane altogether.

Car: Audi R8 Spyder V10 5.2 FSI Quattro

Engine Modifications: APR-tuned V10 5.2 FSI Quattro, Tubi Racing Exhaust, rev limit 8700rpm, 320km/h top speed, 610hp 600NM

Transmission: 6-speed R-tronic automatic transmission

Suspension: standard

Brakes: standard

Wheels & Tyres: Michelin Pilot Super Sports

Interior: MANSORY Sport Pedals, MANSORY Foot Rest, MANSORY Dry Carbon Floor Mats

Exterior: MANSORY Dry Carbon Front grill mask, MANSORY Dry Carbon Front air intake, MANSORY Dry Carbon Side panel SPYDER, MANSORY Dry Carbon with designed air intake, MANSORY Dry Carbon Side skirt cover, MANSORY Dry Carbon Door-router trim, MANSORY Dry Carbon Mirror housing, MANSORY Dry Carbon Mirror foot, MANSORY Dry Carbon Fuel Cover, MANSORY Dry Carbon Window frame cover SPYDER, MANSORY Dry Carbon Rear Air Outtakes SPYDER, MANSORY Dry Carbon Front bonnet

ICE: Bang & Olufsen sound system