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Street Prowler – Rocket Bunny Kitted Honda City

One of the many accompanying spin-off from the heedlessly progressing information age is the so-called borderless world, which in turn start off the miniaturization of our habitat; a relentless implosion of virtual space, which divides opinion over its pluses and minuses inasmuch. Sure, we’re social creatures are we not? So it is only natural for us to communicate and be merry.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not blind to our innate tendency to be social as such; only thing, considering the radical perfunctory nature of human psyche – one of the many fallouts from perpetual progress and development, statistics shows a marked rise in ‘psychologically challenged’ people.

Interpret that articulated terminology any which way you like, the summation, the conclusion ultimately would be that the rapidly shrinking world we live in is filling up with crazy people just as rapidly. Of course ‘crazy’ is a common ‘misnomer’ these days, with misrepresentations of one form or another.

Indeed it is after all a matter of opinion since you can adopt some manner of craziness and come out looking cool or at the very least cooler than before. Sensible people, for the life of them could never understand what entails such supposition unless they themselves get funky with it.

In any case we all have some kind of experience where the expression “he’s crazy!” implies he’s exceptionally good, or excellent, or brilliant waaay beyond what any layman English can describe. Like this one time we were being taxied around a very wet SIC in a 911 by a professional driving instructor from Germany, Stefan was his name. And as you may have already guessed, he is CRAZY! He romped ahead max attack as though it was bone dry, having to apply corrective steering input even in a straight line! And yes, that had me nearly choking on my two colonels with me general well nigh shrunken to Minime-ish proportions.

Now all of the above prologue was just that, a prologue. But it does have some bearing in this ‘situation’ right here as we’re in the ‘northern’ neck of the woods, if you catch my drift. Should you go up the upper nether reaches of the peninsular you’d be in the locality of arguably the most car crazy people not only in Asia but quite possibly the entire world. Just sift through our recent issues and you’d get some inkling of what I’m referring to. Yup, those Chapter One dudes with some of the most over-the-top rides this side of the furiously fast. Then also we have the numerous examples of the boisterous Technicolor type rides scattered about their high profile car shows, with further ‘incentives’ from the sizzling show queens.

Okay let’s not go detouring about here yes? As per the essence of the matter right here and now we have the funky Honda compact in the most beautiful shade of anodized blue hailing yes you got it from Thailand. Looking every bit the stancing hipster that has been all the rage this days this particular Honda City wears its unleaded heart on its wide and muscular sleeves, and there is none wider and more muscular than the Rocket Bunny armory this City have on. With the requisite wheel fender extensions front dead center, the frontal revisualization with the more aggressive look, that humongous rear wing, and boldly placed custom decals, and wide wheelarch-filling S1P 17 wheels shod with Dunlop rubbers, this City nicknamed StreetWeapon Rockey Bunny (from the decal) City time attack special is something else.

Innerworkings encompassing its go-faster enhancements et al includes some reworkings of the engine – upgraded pistons as such, aftermarket intakes, and titanium exhaust kit, while chassis upgrades consists of Runstop brakes kit, titanium rear K-bar among others. On the inside there’s the Bride seats, plus alcantara interior and a stack of Defi gauges.

Car: Honda City

Engine: 1.5 SOHC i-VTEC 16 valve 4 Cylinder

Engine Mods: aftermarket pistons, Over intake, titanium exhaust full system

Transmission: stock

Chassis: Rear K-bar titanium

Brakes: Runstop brakes

Wheels & Tires: S1P 17×10 et-10, Dunlop 245/40/17

Exterior: Rocket Bunny aero parts, GT wing, Body color anodize blue KPMF finish

Interior: DEFI gauge 6 units & 2 DEFI ZD, Seat Bride Japan rear tomcat spec, Alcantara interior

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