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Stoned Washed-up with the Top Down – Liberty Walk BMW Z4 E85

From the moment you lay your eyes on this wholesomely garnished Bimmer convertible you can readily tell the far-reaching extent of the rebuild right here. Far-reaching as in such fancy paintwork alone deserves a coverage all its own. Far-reaching as per its rarity in the desirability stakes have placed this exceedingly unique Z4 among the upper tier premium rides in the sports car slash convertible segment.

This BMW Z4’s rare, far-reaching virtues inasmuch it’s eye-popping yet at the same instant, fresh & unique ‘Fast & Furious eat your heart out’ personification, give its appearance right here a palpable and tingling ‘sense of occasion’ altogether. And we haven’t even begun to wax, with hip-hop & rap fusion something or other, lyrical with all the record scratching sound effects and what have you about that fantastic, mind-bending, eye scratching, CGI-esque concept made flesh, yet.

Suffice to say right here that we have to get a few nitty-gritty stuffs sorted out first before we check out the fashionably suave Z4 E85 bodywork, specifically the mechanical innards chugging away at the soulful center of this renowned, propeller-badged Teutonic Roadster. The first Z4 E85 generation’ offerings were offered in a variety of unblown engines from 2 liter 4 cylinder to the range-topping 340 plus ponies S54 twin cam straight 6 powering the rather hastily named but exceedingly quick Z4 M Roadster. Indeed such was the industry norm back then (circa 2008-ish) that forced induction was pretty much taboo.

Taboos notwithstanding open-top motoring has and always been a distinctively ‘American’ thing and sure enough the Z4 were preceded by an illustrious BMW roadster lineage from the beautiful 507 (originally intended firmly for the US market) of the 1960s, the bold and unique Z1, and of course the brawnier and sensationally quick 400 bhp V8 Z8, a little too quick in fact that rendered the entire ‘world not being big enough’ to contain it (my impromptu jibe at being a 007 cynic).

With all correct ingredients for a genuine driver’s roadster tucked away within BMW’s makeshift Pandora box, the Z3 followed after the Z8 and the M version of the Z3 called dubiously enough Z3 M has been dubbed a modern classic which ‘out-Miata the Miata’ which says a lot, I mean a heck of a whole lot! We all know how big a deal the Miata when it came out, during its peak production runs midway through its illustrious mechanical life, and right down to its latest newest guise. For the Z3 M to have outshined the original purveyor of the modern compact sports car segment ought to put a definitive full stop on the issue, and in one swift masterstroke re-anointed the timeless Z3 roadster as the ultimate driving machine albeit being the ultimate ‘open top’ driving machine.

And so even with such huge ‘luxuriously appointed leather loafer of an Arabic regent’ type of shoe to fill for the Z4, BMW bespectacled engine proponents had only to incorporate the Z3 many pluses into the Z4 E85 chassis and had Anders Warming’s handsomely-penned roadster bodywork placed onto it. The numerous design awards that followed suit had acknowledged both the Z4’s cleverness as per its inner workings as well its trendsetting aesthetics from the outside in.

As representative as those design awards accorded to the Z4 truly were, their crucial importance have been resigned to the ‘unheralded’ Z4 archives in this Infinite Motorsports Liberty Walk Z4 2.5i E85 Dog Fight (note the absence of anything remotely Bavarian in nomenclature). Indeed the N52 2.5 liter normally aspirated DOHC inline-6 engine remained pretty much as it were (which rated at 200hp and 250Nm of epic rev-happy atmospheric engine, is just as well).

No folks, this Infinite Motorsport Dog Fight does the show bit better that anything else, I mean just look at that Liberty Walk Z4 E85 bodykit and its eye-popping stone-washed denim finish! The hunkered down look treatment gets the ‘double deuce’ personification with a ‘double, triple entendre’ W-Work 19 inch alloys (8.5J front & 11J rear) with amazingly beautiful AP Racing Radical stoppers all around, and topped off with AirREX air suspension system – for that perpetual slammin look.

Just as show-stopping on the inside, there’s Infinite Motorsport Head rest with gorgeous Tecnocraft seats, a couple of M Performance interior parts (steering wheel & gear knob), with expertly trimmed carbon fiber trimmings all around the open top interior. And to round things up nice and proper the final piece of this stone washed jigsaw is the owner of this fantabulous ride or more appropriately the club he’s affiliated to: none other than ChapterOne, yup those car crazy Thailand dudes! Here’s a formal Hyper salutation from us for them – you guys make Fast & Furious seemed Slow and Feckless.

Car: BMW Z4 E85

Engine: N52 2.5 Liter DOHC 24 valve Inline-6

Suspension/Chassis: Airrex Performance Controller Airlift 3H

Brakes: AP Racing Radical 6 Pot front, AP Racing Radical 4 Pot rear 380 back plate

Wheels & Tyres: W-Work CR Kai 2P 19×8.5J front wheel, 19×11J rear wheel

Exterior: Liberty Walk Z4 E85 bodykit

Interior: Carbon Kevlar + Alcantara Console Door Panel, M Performance Steering Wheel & Gear knob, Tecnocraft Cushion/Seats

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