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Sting Of The Hornet

Bees only sting once and are good for nature whilst hornets are the real rascals, stinging multiple times and scaring the living crap out of us… so it makes sense this Golf R is Hornet Yellow because it stings good

You could say Volkswagen’s Golf R was the fuse that lit the weapon’s grade bomb that we’ve now come to willingly accept as the hyper hatch segment. You know, the hatches that usurped the hot hatches with more power, more driven wheels and generally more of everything for supercar levels of performance.

This particular Golf R Mk7 is a car you’ve probably seen, considering that you’re flipping through the pages of this magazine. No, we don’t mean “a” Golf R Mk7 in general but this exact car spread across the cover and these pages. You’re going, “Nope, this car isn’t ringing any bells… silly writer.”

On the contrary, you’ve definitely seen this car if your eyes have glanced upon a poster of or seen the locally-made movie KL Wangan. That’s right, this is the very same red Golf R from the movie that’s now the daily driver of the film’s director Pekin Ibrahim.

You might’ve noticed by now from the shots of the doors open that the sills are still the original Tornado Red of the car in the movie. Since being immortalised on the silver screen, this Golf R has been blessed with a full exterior vinyl rewrap in Hornet Yellow to give it an all new identity.

If you think about it, Hornet Yellow is pretty fitting for a hyper hatch such as this. Much like just the buzz of a hornet’s wings scaring us, the burble of the car is enough to make us give way on the street. Furthermore, seeing something yellow fly up on you is enough to hastily move out of the way. Same goes for this hatch; seeing this yellow monster swallow up your rear-view mirror is all the encouragement you need to dive out of the fast lane.

Apart from the colour change, there are some discreet additions thrown into the mix that might’ve fooled you in believing that this is the car from the movie. Rest assured, the loads of carbon fibre in the form of the Revozport side skirts and Revozport front lip will have that effect. Further clouding your judgement could be the carbon fibre diffuser and Oettinger carbon fibre spoiler.

Still, the biggest suspect in this case of mimicry should be the refreshed LED taillights and side mirror indicators from the recently facelifted Mk7.5 Golf.

From the time it was holding its own against the golden boys of the JDM generation such as a Nissan Skyline and Mitsubishi Evo, the Golf R has been given some reinforcements under that matte yellow skin to scare away anything that tries to get on its bad side.

Under the hood, this starts with a Leyo Motorsports intake system that has a cone filter behind a heat shield and a larger diameter piping leading to the turbo. Right before it enters the turbo though, a Revo turbo muffler delete ensures that a higher volume of air flows into the turbo with less interruption courtesy of its larger diameter and smoother internal structure.

Right before entering the cylinders, the charged air is cooled through a Revo intercooler and spat out following combustion via one of the best-sounding exhaust systems on the market from Akrapovic.

Remember that exhaust burble that was sufficient to get the hairs on your back standing? Now it just might cause the hair to fall right off.

Completing the engine upgrades are a Forge Motorsport diverter valve and Leyo Motorsport oil catch tank that also serves to tidy up the bay.

Making the most of the increased flow to the turbo and upgraded cooling, a Revo Stage 2 remap increases boost and brings more horsepower to the table. A M7 Touch Race infometer helps keep the interior devoid of gauges for everything as it displays the important parameters on a simple LCD screen.

With its Dynamic Chassis Control, the Golf R’s factory handling is quite impressive. It can soften up for daily driving and get a little stiffer for track use. Seeing that was the case, Pekin wisely left the suspension alone.

He did however splurge on some very important brake upgrades. While the factory brakes are more than up to the task, the braking department is probably the only area of a car that you can’t go overboard when modifying.

Brembo six-piston monoblock calipers now bite on 380mm floating rotors up front but you’ll need a second glance to confirm they’re indeed not the stock pieces due to the blue paint and trademark “R” logo slapped on them. The rear retains the stock calipers but the rotors were beefed up to some larger 355mm floating rotors.

Gone too are the stock wheels from the car in the movie. In its place, a touch of JDM in the form of Rays ZE40 wheels that we can’t help but feel is a tip of the hat to its Japanese peers in the movie. Larger Delinte Thunder D7 tyres are wrapped around the wheels.

Given its use on the daily grind, the interior is kept as hospitable as possible. According to the dictionary of modification, that means as stock as can be. The only additions you’ll notice is the carbon fibre steering wheel with Alcantara grips and carbon fibre paddle extensions as well as the cool digital instrument cluster from the Mk7.5 that’s been fitted into this pre-facelift model.

From the factory, the Golf R is a rightful menace. Now, it’s closer to a monster… wasp. Just like your reaction when you see the familiar yellow and black creature flying towards you and run like mad, this hatch here should generate the same reaction from you on the road as you see it creep up in your rear-view mirror.

Car – Volkswagen Golf R Mk7 2015

Engine – Leyo Motorsport intake system, Akrapovic complete exhaust system, Revo turbo muffler delete, Revo intercooler, Forge Motorsport diverter valve, Leyo Motorsport oil catch tank

Electronics – Revo Stage 2 remap, M7 Touch Race infometer

Transmission – Stock

Chassis & Handling – Stock

Brakes – Brembo six-piston monoblock caliper + 380mm floating rotors (front), 355mm floating rotors (rear),

Wheels & Tyres – Rays ZE40 wheels, Delinte Thunder D7 tyres

Interior – Mk7.5 digital instrument cluster, carbon fibre steering wheel + alcantara, carbon fibre paddle extensions

Exterior – Revozport carbon fibre side skirts, Revozport carbon fibre lips, carbon fibre diffuser, Oettinger carbon fibre spoiler, Mk7.5 taillights, Mk7.5 indicator mirror light, Hornet Yellow vinyl wrap by Crayon Garage

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