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Specially Tuned for Tarmac Stage

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So it’s one of the best compliments that can be paid when you base your car on arguably the most desirable Mitsubishi Evo of all time, the legendary and unmistakable Lancer EvolutionTommiMakinen Edition.

Now we know this isn’t even the same generation but the owner has managed to instill some uncanny cues from the TME into his jet black and genuine Evo 4 here as a modest tip of the hat towards the rally maestro that bagged four world championships to justify having a distinguished car named after him.

The base of the build here is a genuine Evo 4, or CN9A as the faithful acknowledge their god. Nonetheless, it dos have the heart of an Evo 6 just like the car that inspired this build. A full Evo 6 engine has been dropped in and been upgraded with some minor bolt-on stuff to raise the power and maintain factory reliability.

Providing more boost and improving response is the turbocharger from the TME car that features titanium blades for quicker spooling. Increasing boost levels and keeping them in check is a Tial 38mm wastegate. A HKS RS air intake filters the air going in to the turbo and a larger aftermarket intercooler chills the charged air.

Preventing compressor surge is a Tomei blow-off valve with the same manufacturer also providing the aluminium radiator to keep temperatures down. Unsurprisingly, a Tomei fuel pressure regulator also opens up the taps more for the extra fueling that is required to feed the engine for the extra air entering it.

After the combustion process, a complete 5Zigen Fireball exhaust system that also includes the downpipe leads the waste gas out of the engine after it has done its civic duty to turn the turbo.

To compensate for the extra boost, a simple but proven GReddy E-Manage piggyback was hooked up to finetune the fueling and timing. JC Racing handled the tuning part and the result was a nice and healthy 310 wheel horsepower that is perfectly useable daily and enough to scare 90 per cent of the cars on the road.

Given the Evo’s tidy handling and ferocious all-wheel drive, the handling department was only reinforced with a set of Tein HA coilovers and strut bars from HKS Kansai Service in the front and rear.

Stopping the noticeably faster Evo now are the go-to solution for all braking needs in the automotive world… Brembo. A pair of four piston calipers shore up the front while twin-piston units hold up the rear and blends in well behind the choice wheels.

Wheels maketh the car and if you’re going to make a car that pays homage to the TME, you need the TME Wheels. Fortunately, they’re from Enkei so you’re ensured of strength and lightness even though they rolled out of the factory. Kept in white to form a glaring contrast against the black Evo 4, the TME Enkeis are wrapped in Dunlop SP Sport rubbers.

Inside, things have been kept in the factory finish for some authenticity. Only the front seats were refreshed with a rewrap after years of use had taken a toll on the fabric. Looking all spruced up and brand new, the interior will carry the weight of this build for years to come.

Finally, we come to the exterior. Although the body parts won’t be a direct fit, as much of the TME cosmetic bits were fitted onto the car for a striking resemblance and this obviously includes the huge spoiler at the rear.

The point is, it’s pretty difficult to mess up an Evo build. Even in stock from, those cars are some real heartbreakers on the road and adding a bit more power will only increase its formidability. Given that the mods here were inspired by the most famous of its variants, safe to say this build is a timeless one and will not lose appeal for decades to come.

Car – Mitsubishi Evo 4 CN9A

Engine – Evo 6 engine, HKS RS air intake, TommiMakinen turbocharger, Tial 38mm wastegate, larger intercooler, Tomei blow-off valve, Tomei radiator, Tomei fuel pressure regulator, 5Zigen Fireball complete exhaust system + downpipe,

Transmission – Stock

Electronics – GReddy E-Manage tuned by JC racing

Chassis & Handling – Tein HA coilovers, HKS Kansai front + rear strut bar

Brakes – Brembo four-piston calipers (front), Brembo two-piston calipers (rear)

Wheels & Tyres – Tommi Makinen Enkei wheels

Interior – Rewrapped front seats

Exterior – Tommi Makinen bodykit

Power – 310 wheel horsepower

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