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Sparkling Blue Mile-Eater

We have garnered a fair bit of material covering all things on modified Audis but somehow we can never get enough of these fine wholesome European machines. There’s always something well to the north of merely ‘nice’ to be said whenever you come across a nicely-done A4s or A5s, and of course, whence the ride itself is being presented as a proper feast for your eyes, then the remarks, retorts, and restating of comments would become well and truly ‘hyped-up’.

And so here we well and truly are, at the juncture where ‘off-the-cuff’ comments are made at a whim as we’re beholden with this Audi S5 in all its rich splendor; as this luscious (we’re talking about the car here alright guys?) blue specimen is presented at its ‘place of rebirth’. Now having gone through the preliminary banter of comments with the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and all that, the work of shooting the daylights out of the car commenced and as such, Kenny our in-house photographer is put to the task.

What you get is what you see right here. Well, pretty much the gist of it really. Because as the saying goes in a not-too-recent movie based on a comic book – there’s ‘more than meets the eye’. A lot more in fact. Underneath this glossy, brilliantly-decked out Audi, a multitude of go-faster bits lie innocuously ready to be summoned once the owner feels the urge to satiate his need for speed. I’d reckoned that adrenaline-induced need would’ve been just about ‘null and void’ by now, since such inclination would’ve become second nature already wouldn’t it?

The S5 Sportback itself (before even the tiniest itsy-bitsy changes were made by our man) is already a fine car – a more than capable 4-door machine with a superb 3 liter supercharged engine pumping out some 333 ponies with loads of torque to match. There’s that creamy smoothness surge of power from the supercharged motor akin to a big capacity normally aspirated engine; that handy 440 Nm of thumping torque on tap from just below three-grand rpms, and the impressive figures – the quite remarkable sub-5 seconds zero-to-hundred and that equally remarkable, in excess of 250 km/h maximum speed.


The vaguely specified figures above are of course down to the omnipresent speed limiter ‘thingy’ and well, whether its nestled ‘in there’ doing its forbidding job of bogging down the S5’s top end, or it has been yanked the hell out, is for us to know and for you to ponder. What we can tell you are the stuffs that were done towards upping those more-than-decent numbers. Well, that, plus ‘refining’ the performance of the force-induced motor itself. A quick glance over these images and you’d definitely get that inquisitive buzz going as to where this ride was done. Google Vagtec Performance and you’d get the answer.

These guys are bonafide Audi specialist and their excellent handy work is all about substance. This S5 is a superb testimony to just what masterful craftsmanship they’re capable of. Lets of course continue with the performance enhancements I’ve spoke of earlier – there’s a bunch of goodies from REVO – Cold Air Intake and an outright replacement for the stock supercharger pulley. These encompass REVO’s Stage 1 tuning. Then there’s IPE High Flow downpipe connected with AWE full exhaust kit. If you’d guessed the upping of the horsepower is considerable than you’d guess right. Lets leave it at that.

Then there’s a ‘little’ extra addition in the form of a Water Methanol Kit from Snow Performance. This clever contraption injects a mixture of water-methanol into the engine; and as these fine droplets changes state during combustion, a more efficient combustion is achieved. Indeed the plus points from this ingenious process are indeed considerable – a tangible gain in horsepower and torque, lower exhaust gas temperature, and also, a substantial savings in fuel consumption.

Now on to the handling bits. The brand Stasis – a renowned Audi tuning expert takes over suspension duties from the stock S5 setup with a set of SL coilovers and anti-roll bars. Then there’s the brakes upgrade also by Stasis; a pair of Alcon-engineered 6-pot calipers up front and some upgrade for the rear. These fine replacements for the standard S5 parts goes hand-in-hand with the performance perks – a prudent and sensible approach by the owner in his pursuit for that extra wallop from his ride.

As for the aesthetical aspect of the ride the aforementioned prudence have been placed aside albeit momentarily. Yeah well the ‘unmolested’ S5 is a pretty decent looker and so employing any level of prudence would not serve its purpose. I mean to be prudent is to leave the exterior untouched, and if that’d be the case, there’d be no way for the S5 to be featured in this here hyper-mag, let alone justify a highly-coveted appearance on the cover. And thus, the tasteful and stylish theme of the S5’s meaner bigger brother, the RS5 is applied.


And lo and behold! The RS5’s proboscis (maybe a Jurassic era term for the nose) has been surgically implanted onto it, pretty much altering the S5’s front end. The RS5 parts are all from Rieger – another of the big name among Audi enthusiasts. What you get after all the tinkering is a splitting image of the RS5, and as the saying goes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With a host of RS5 body parts scattered all over the front, the back, the sides and even on the inside, this ride well and truly flatters its brawnier sibling.

Speaking of brawn the 10-spoke ADV.1 wheels mated with ultra low profile tyres both of which are sized out just about perfectly beneath the wheel arches gives the ride an altogether ‘altered state’ of pure brute strength. The Stasis calipers sits pretty much on display except rather discreetly – a theme that ought to be pretty familiar by now. This sweetly-crafted machine is all about understatement through and through, alas with a wholesome tribute to the RS version – its aforementioned evil big brother.

But take nothing away from this Audi S5 in its entirety. You’d get a tingling sensation from the quickest of glances, that’s how imposing its brawny and purposeful presence. The inner sanctum that is the modestly done-up interior gives the ride a new sense of purpose – an ambience that radiates the all-encompassing feel for the owner to do his ‘thang’ whenever the mood suits him.

But that’s just it isn’t it? With an interior such as this, a supercharged engine given a healthy dose of upgrades and go-faster bits, and a much reworked handling – with its parts swaps et al; you can bet your hefty monthly salary that this truly special Audi gets the owner in the mood day in day out.

Just remember to get out of the way should you see a glint of sparkling blue Audi filling your rear-view mirror at a ridiculously rapid rate.

You have been warned.


Engine Mods: Revo Stage 1+ Tuning, Revo Cold Air Intake, Revo Supercharger Pulley, IPE High Flow Cat Downpipe, AWE Tuning Full Exhaust System, Snow Performance Water Methanol Kit

Transmission: Stock

Brakes: Stasis/Alcon 6 piston Front Brake Kit, Stasis/Alcon Rear Brake Kit Upgrade

Chassis: Stasis Ohlin SL Coilover, Stasis Anti Roll Bar

Wheels & Tyres: ADV.1 Wheels, stock tyres

Interior: S5 Gearknob, RS5 Foot Pedals, Carbon Paddle Shift

Exterior: Rieger RS5 Front Bumper, Rieger RS5 Side Skirt, Rieger RS5 Rear Diffuser, RS5 Front Grille, Front Facelift Headlamp, Rear Facelift Taillight, Dry Carbon S5 Rear Spoiler, ADV.1 Wheel

Electronics: Stock