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Sophisticated Society

Lately, we’ve experience a wave of change in this urban jungle built from a blend of different communities. Staying ahead of the game now means pulling all the stops and taking all steps necessary to make a statement, to build an image, a persona. Sophistication and style is synonymous with character and presence and almost everyone has hopped into this bandwagon of flair and sparkles. Be it with bedazzled smartphones, one-of handbags or shoes made by victimised animals, almost no expense is hold.

For the more upscale, the more elevated, more select community, they’re soaring to new heights and new scales that leave most of us jaw-dropped, dumb-founded at the new yardstick. We in striving to be ahead as well in the automotive journalism scene are scouring further and wider to bring you the latest of what the tuning world could offer. And the findings of late have been rather, stimulating.

When it comes to performance or cosmetic upgrades, the deep pockets have always only played by one rule; go big or go home. Forget those Hummers of yesteryears or the Black on Black, Mafia-styled luxury stretchers, nowadays it’s about who’s got the rarest items, the most niche products. And when we dive into this subset of the commoner’s motoring world, it uncovers the Range Rover tagged as one.

With the release of the Evoque, rumoured to have had a touch of Mrs Beckham’s vision in its interior, it has driven the high-end motorists wildly anticipating to get their hands on one. And it’s obvious why; there has never been anything quite like it, not even close. Exuding finesse with elegant subtlety is how it would approach a spectator as it can almost tag itself to be one of the finest from Range Rover’s stable. As with most high-end rides, the high end tuners would almost seemingly have their master strokes in giving it an edge from the factory-tuned.
In this case, Autofuture Design has definitely made us all drool to dehydration with their Hamann kit tailor-made for the Evoque. Established as a major player even before the dawn of the new millennium, Autofuture Design has been known to house some of the world’s most well-known tuning brands such as Bilstein, Carlsson, Hamann for the upscale range of vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW to name a few, all under one roof.

With their delicate workmanship in the installation of the kit, there really is no faulting the combination of two geniuses. Proceeding with the body kit, it can be said to be some of the most elaborate ever designed to prettify an already pretty car. At the front, a more detailed and extravagant front bumper with 2-pieced spoilers features air inlet covers including two LED daytime running lights that just slaps on a more chiseled presence to the Evoque’s face.

With an expression not for the faint-hearted to deal with at sight or in the rear view mirror, the Evoque’s stunning stance – some 70mm at the front and 80mm at the rear to be exact – is also attributed to the kit’s side sill that leaves no awkward gaps uncovered. Complimentary to its new look, the kit also comes with uber-sweet, ultra-light weight 22-inch Hamann Unique Forged dubs made from forged alloy material featuring a cross-spoke design with an anodized finish that captivates every bit of attention at first sight.

A Hamann Sports rear muffler replaces the stock unit, offering a throatier note on the lower end of things and a more aggressive but compose outburst on the more serious end of the speedometer. This exhaust system is only applicable with the Hamann rear bumper inserts as it shifts the tailpipes from the side to the center of the bumper. A Hamann cover is also included in the kit and painted black to complete the look. After long hours of grueling hard work, it’s amazing to see the outcome of Autofuture Design’s meticulous craftsmanship coming together with Hamann’s comprehensive kit in creating one of the most refined piece of rolling art the Malaysian potholed-tarmacs have ever seen.

Like the analogy often used in football which goes, “The English created it, the Brazilian’s perfected it” in reference to the birth and development of the beautiful game; with such a fulfilling end to this project, we can all suggest that “Hamann created it, Autofuture Design perfected it”.

Car: Range Rover Evoque

Modifications: Hamann Sport Exhaust rear muffler

Wheels & Tyres: Hamann Unique Forged 22” x 10.5 alloy wheels, Pirelli 295/30/22, Hamann spacers

Exterior: Full Hamann Evoque 4-door widebody kit consisting of; 2-piece front spoiler, front air inlet cover including day-time running LED, side skirts, rear bumper insert, widebody fenders and rear exhaust tailpipe cover

Garage: Autofuture Design

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