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The 86 is a car that ask why would you need a million horsepower to go round a corner because you don’t

If you’re looking for a car that is reasonably priced, reactive steering with a sweetly balanced chassis, the Toyota GT86 is just the car that you need. The car came close to the “just right” feeling in the motoring world especially with an increasingly rare experience in the modern performance car. However, with the engine output of 197bhp, the 0-100km/h sprint isn’t gonna set the road on fire but there is tons of potential in the flat-four boxer engine.

The 86 has more than enough for daily driving and twisty back road but deep down in everyone’s heart, you wish that you had a little bit more power once you track the car. That’s what the owner of this car thought as well hence he decided that he would put his 86 into beast mode and what better ways to do that if it’s not installing a turbo kit onto the engine. HKS GTIII RS Turbocharger kit bolts right onto the engine and it will instantly transform the car, giving it some kick which everyone wants. This particular kit will produce a safe 350BHP and it is capable of producing much more power, 450BHP to be exact but you’ll need to have uprated fuel system and forged internals. The kit consists of the GTIII-RS turbocharger assembly with an actuator, oil, and water piping parts, an air cleaner, suction pipe, HKS front-mounted intercooler, HKS piping, CAT/CATLESS extension, insulator cover, insulator sheet, gasket, bracket, and bolts. Instead of using the provided HKS manifold, the owner swaps it for Power Block manifold. To provide the engine with optimum fuel, HKS injectors are installed. To cool the car oil and water down, the owner installed Koyorad two-layer radiator along with a Greddy oil cooler and Sard oil cooler fan. This will ensure that the engine will stay optimum even when it is pushed to the limit.

In order to smoothly extract all the exhaust gas, a set of custom-designed multi-dimension exhaust was installed and the exhaust does enhance the sound the car makes. To put those power down, the owner installed Ogura “loceng” Clutch so that every shift is perfect without any slippage and to maximize turn in speed, OS Giken 1.5 way LSD was installed and that really transform the cornering speed capability of the Toyota GT86.

The GT86 makes a whole lot of sense when you start pushing it and well, the grip limit of the stock rear skinny tires arrive sooner than expected. Beginners will panic as the rear swings out but thankfully the traction control intervenes just at the right time to stop any chaos from happening. The car gives a lot of sense of fun at lower speeds but when you go into the corner faster than you should, that’s when you wish for more grip and precision in the chassis. This particular car has all those box tick, the stock suspension gave way to a set of Claws custom suspension with swift springs and that definitely gave the owner the precision he needed. To provide the car with more grip, stock skinny rim and tires are shown the way out as they are being replaced with Titan 7 forged rims wrap with sticky Nexen Sur4g tires. With a turbo kit in the engine bay, you would definitely want more stopping power so a set of Aston Martin 4 pot caliper paired with QFM XZ 4000 carbon fiber brake pads is put up front to give maximum braking power and the rear remain stock brake kit except for the Dixcel brake pads.

The exterior of the car remains mostly stock with an addition of a specially designed GT wing to give the car an extra downforce. Interior wise the car is kept stock especially when Toyota has nailed the driving position and every one no matter how big or small will be able to fit comfortably and get a supportive driving position.


Engine mods : HKS GTIII RS Turbocharger kit, Power Block Manifold, HKS injector, HKS lspi oil, Custom designed multi dimension exhaust, Koyorad 2 layer radiator, Greddy oil cooler, Sard oil cooler fan

Drivetrain mods : Ogura clutch loceng, OS Giken 1.5 way LSD

Suspension : Claws custom Suspension with Swift Spring

Rim & Tyre : Titan 7 forged rim, Nexen Sur4g tyre

Brake Mods : Aston Martin 4 Pot Caliper, QFM XZ 4000 carbon fiber brake pads, Dixcel brake pad

Exterior : Special design GT Wing

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