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Sleeper State – Honda Civic EJ6

Looks just like any other barely-modded Civic on the road doesn’t it? Well that’s what a sleeper is. Once you see what’s under the hood, you’ll realise how fast the groceries can get home and how quick the kids will reach school

The automotive equivalent of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” would be something along the lines of “Don’t judge a car by its exhaust note.”

Some of the most powerful cars on the roads have muffled exhaust notes while the throng of ricers have never wavered from their steadfast belief in his lord and saviour “the fartcan exhaust.”

This Honda Civic here strays a pinch from being completely muffled but when you see what it’s packing under the hood, you’ll understand why it would be a travesty to muffle the sweet sound of its tuned B-Series mill.

Starting life as a humble Civic EJ6, this sedan is packing some serious firepower under its hood and has taken the classy route of keeping it mostly stock on the exterior to keep a low profile and spring an attack on anyone foolish enough to mess with it.

The engine, done by Chong Performance in Kulai, is based on the larger displacement B20B block that has been given new, strengthened sleeves by S90. In fact, the entire block with the sleeves can be purchased directly from S90 to reduce downtime.

Holding the block in place are Hasport mounts and housed within it are Wiseco 86.5mm pistons locked onto CP Carillo conrods. A high redline was the goal of this build so to further beef up the block, an S90 block guard and crank guard were fitted.

Sitting atop the block is a Type-R head for that intimidating VTEC note. The head has been given an aggressive Stage 3 porting and polish treatment and fitted with Skunk2 Pro 3 camshafts with durations in the 270+-degree range, Works Engineering cam pulleys to dial in the timing, Skunk2 valve springs, Skunk2 retainers, Ferrea valves and Skunk2 hydraulic valve lifters. A Toda oil pump keeps the lubricants flowing at the right pressure.

Intake air is captured by a custom cold air intake and feeds through a Skunk2 76mm throttle body into the instantly recognisable Edelbrock intake manifold. Fuel is fed into the combustion chamber by 440cc Top Fuel injectors on a Sard fuel rail that are in turn are fed by a Walbro fuel pump and governed by a Sard fuel pressure regulator.

Once combusted by the NGK9R plugs and Spoon plug cables, the gases flow out via a Private Label Manufacturing (PLM) header and out the back with a menacing note. Ancillaries include a J’s Racing thermostat, Power Enterprise timing belt, custom air-conditioning and condenser setup and an aluminium radiator.

Running the entire software show is a rechipped Honda P30 ECU that is the ehn’s teeth of the VTEC scene. A Shadow auto fan switch allows manual override for the fans if it gets too hot and a Pivot air-fuel ratio monitor helps monitor the engine’s fueling.

If you thought the engine was special, wait till you see the transmission… or rather drive it. First to fourth gears have been replaced with an OS Giken close-ratio set for blistering acceleration. A 4.4 final drive optimizes the gearing while an OS Giken twin-plate clutch limits slip on the hard launches off the line. A Kaaz LSD tightens up the wheelspin on corner exit. Lastly, a Pivot shiftlamp helps the driver nail those perfect shifts down the strip.

Handling wise, a set of BC Racing coilovers with body shit capability have been fitted. Everything else remains as is. Stopping this steed are Endless calipers in their signature hue of blue with matching brake pads as well.

The brakes poke out from behind Volk Racing TE37 wheels wrapped in some playdoh Toyo Proxes R888 measuring 205/50R15 in the front and pizza slicers 165/50R15 in the rear.

Inside, everything takes on a very civilised appearance. Spoon seat railings hold the Recaro RSG bucket for the driver and the Sparco bucket for the passenger. The dashboard has been upgraded to that from a Civic EK99 with a Type-R instrument cluster as well as the door trim from an EK4.

If that wasn’t enough, the steering was replaced with a Momo Race carbon fibre piece with an NRG quick release boss kit. No cabin si complete without some gauges and four Defis help the driver monitor exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and water temperature.

The exterior has been fitted with carbon fibre body parts based off the EK4 and is made up of the hood, fender, grille, side view mirrors, front lips, bumper, cooling plate and trunk lid.

On first glance, this Civic might not look so dangerous but after screening the spec sheet, would you really want to tailgate this guy on the streets? Because if you do, you’re a special kind of dumb.

Car – Honda Civic EJ6

Engine – B20B, Hasport mountings, S90 sleeved block, Wiseco 86.5mm pistons, CP Carillo conrods, S90 crank guard, block guard, Toda oil pump, Top Fuel 440cc fuel injectors, Sard fuel rail, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Type-R head, Edelbrock intake, Skunk2 76mm throttle body, Stage 3 port & polish, Skunk2 Pro3 camshafts, Works Engineering cam pulleys, Skunk2 valve springs & retainers, Ferrea valves, Skunk2 hydraulic valves, Private Label Manufacturing (PLM) headers, J’s Racing thermostat, Power Enterprises timing belt, Spoon plug cables, NGK9R spark plugs, custom air-flow, custom air-conditioning + condenser, radiator shroud, aluminium radiator

Transmission – OS Giken close-ratio gearing for 1, 2, 3, 4, OS Giken twin-plate clutch, Kaaz LSD, 4.4 final drive,

Electronics – P30 rechipped ECU, Pivot air-fuel ratio monitor, Pivot shiftlamp, Shadow auto fan switch

Chassis & Handling – BC Racing coilovers with body shift

Brakes – Endless calipers + brake pads

Wheels & Tyres – Volk Racing TE37, Toyo Proxes R888 205/50R15 (front) and 165/60R15 (rear)

Interior – Recaro RSG (driver), Sparco bucket (passenger), Spoon seat railings, EK99 dashboard, Type-R meter cluster, Momo Race carbon fibre steering wheel + NRG quick-release boss kit, Defi gauges (exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature), Skunk2 gear knob, Type-R custom linkage, EK4 door trim

Exterior – EK4 1999 carbon fibre front body parts (hood, fender, grille, side view mirrors, front lips, bumper, cooling plate, trunk lid), titanium headlamps

Garage – Chong Performance, Kulai, Johor

Tuner – King Anep Aquilani (Spirit Performance)

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