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Sizzling Giant Killing Proton Hatch

I need not go into what superlative traits the Satria GTI carries within its distinctive looks; they’re all readily clickable on that fancy handheld gadget of yours. As it were the Satria GTI germinated from the perky seedling that was sewn following the majority stakes acquisition of Lotus Group International Limited by Proton. The rest is history you reckon?

Well, not quite. From the acquisition it followed that the engineering expertise and know-how of the famous British marquee was at Proton’s disposal and hitherto, was put to good and immediate use, with the Satria GTI strategically primed for all that the Lotus engineers shall be contributing. As it were the Lotus element permeates every essence of the GTI’s chassis dynamics, ennobling the compact sports hatch with fine and sublime handling capabilities.

So brilliant was the handling talents of the production stock Satria GTI that a healthy chunk of its mostly young and affluent owners eventually made some ‘changes’ to its perky 1.8 liter 4G93P DOHC 16 valve inline-4, as the stock chassis was more than up to the task of accommodating a considerable hike in performance, and ditto the 5 speed manual transmission – with closely spaced ratio and positive, short-throw brushed aluminum gear shifter, the Satria GTI gearbox also features synchromesh on all five forward gears and reverse.

Such raw ‘unfiltered’ performance-inclined design concept went hand in hand with its hot hatch persona, and was a crucial element within the hotted up Proton hatch’s ability to reward and entertain. Keeping all of these ‘precognitive’ characteristics well and fully intact whilst giving a double entrée of their own ‘cognitive’ touches, pretty much prescribes this striking, speed personified Satria GTI from Momentom Auto Garage. Those in the know, as in the hardy, speed craving types who lives and breathes and sleeps cars knew of Momentom and what they’re up to 24-7, and what zeniths of speeds inasmuch the automobile performance and dynamics, the Momentom Auto Garage can accomplish.

You see, this blindingly yellow GTI is but one of multitude of makes and models that have undergone the Momentom treatment and came out all the better for it. Hypertune have had the privilege of being allowed into their inner sanctum from which we were given direct access to their stellar cast of Momentom Auto Garage Specials. Now I’d better keep my mouth shut lest I end up revealing a little more than I ought to. All I’d say right now is for the uninitiated we’d figure this Yellow GTI sizzler is the perfect introduction into Momentom’s unique and distinctive sub-universe.

One look at this GTI’s richly detailed tuning dossier aka its Hyperfacts tells you that both the owner and Momentom themselves have agreed on making the mods as extensive as they deemed necessary. And from that you can pretty much tell this well endowed GTI has got some serious hardware that yields some serious outputs. Starting with a 4G63 Momentom took out a huge chunk of its innards and replaced the pistons, conrods, cams, cam pulley, crank pulley with top notched aftermarket components from the likes of CP Performance, Duratech, Arospeed to name a few. ACL performance bearing was installed which enables the juiced-up 4G63 is more than up for ear-splittingly loud, considerably higher engine speeds. For optimized air intake to facilitate improved and more efficient combustion there’s a custom Skunk2 intake and Mitsubishi-spec 70mm Super90 throttle body; surplus fuel requirement is catered for by 265lph AVS fuel pump, kept in check with Arospeed Stage 1 fuel regulator. Spent gas gets funneled out the tail end via Hytec Performance extractor on to 2.5 inch piping and out the custom (same sized) muffler. Koyorad double layer aluminum radiator plus Samco hose ensures more efficient cooling, while the Iridium spark plugs and their plug cables are all NGK.

The gearbox wasn’t so much as modified but yanked off and replaced altogether: Full Lock LSD MIVEC with 4.8 final drive with Competition Performance twin-plate clutch set and kept in optimum condition with Motul Type 2 FF LSD gear oil. The chassis mimics the extensiveness of its performance mods with nearly every suspension parts being swapped for stronger aftermarket ones. The brakes remained more or less as it was save for Ralliart brake pads plus EBC Reds and Greens.

Aesthetical bits as per the external and internal were more subdued: familiar RPF1 Enkei & AD08R threads, original Satria GTI bodywork given a fresh spray of bright banana yellow finish.

Lastly the interior had all the original bits intact minus the seats (Bride buckets with 4 point harness), the steering wheel (Ralliart wheel) and additional NRG Smoke meter

Car: Proton Satria GTi

Engine: 4G63 DOHC 1.8L

Engine Mods: CP Performance 82mm high compression piston, Duratech High-beam connecting rods, Duratech 288° cams, Duratech valve spring, ACL performance bearing (main & conrod), ARP head stud, Arospeed Stage 1 fuel regulator, AVS 265lph performance fuel pump, Arospeed cam pulley, Arospeed lighten crank pulley (engine balanced done), Skunk2 Custom Intake, Super90 70mm throttle body for Mitsubishi, Koyorad Japan double layer aluminum radiator, Samco 4 layer Radiator Hoses, Custom made Hytec Performance Extractor, 2.5 inch custom muffler + full piping (same size), NGK Iridium plug (BKR8EIX), NGK R09 plug cable, Motul Engine Oil 4100 (Power) 15w50

Transmission: Full Lock LSD gearbox MIVEC 4.8 Ratio, Competition Performance clutch set (Twin Plate), Motul Type 2 FF LSD gear oil

Suspension & Chassis: GAB adjustable HLSH, Velocity Lower Arm, Ultra Racing RR anti-roll bar 18mm Hardrace toe kit & camber kit, TEIN Japan Pillow Ball, Stand21 Japan original rollcage, Ultra Racing Rear Upper + Room Bar

Brakes: Ralliart brake pads EBC Red (front) EBC Green (rear)

Wheels & Tires: Enkei RPF1 15 inch alloys, Yokohama AD08R tires

Interior: Bride Full Bucket with 4point belt, Ralliart steering wheel, NRG Smoke meter (oil press, water temp)

Exterior: Original Satria GTi

Builder: Momentom Auto Garage

Tuner: Liena Racing Glenmarie

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