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Short and sweet

One of the most common cars on the road is the Perodua Myvi. It’s cheap and easy to maintain, making it the prime choice for most university graduates or people who need a simple car to get around.

In the past, there have been a few turbocharger kits available for the Myvi which help the little 1.3-litre powerplant to develop more power. There were even some supercharger upgrades available for the 1.0-litre variant of the Myvi, although very few people attempted to go down this route.

Despite having fair success in rally under the Daihatsu brand, the Myvi doesn’t have many performance parts available for it. This is in stark contrast to the Perodua Kancils of old, where there were numerous variants available, including rally-going all wheel drive versions of the car. And with such common mounting points, it’s easy to drop an L6 engine into the Kancil and watch it take off like a rocket.

This feature car began life as a Perodua Myvi 1.3 EZi. This means that it sported an automatic transmission rather than a manual one- which is surprising, considering the owner retrofitted a 5-speed manual transmission. Then again, this isn’t such a bad idea considering that Perodua’s stock manual transmission for the Myvi isn’t exactly the last word in feel. The new transmission that was slotted in comes with a limited slip differential, heavy duty clutch and a custom flywheel courtesy of Works Racing.

The brakes on the stock Myvi work decently for the given power output. Bump it up a little more and you’ll find yourself either running out of stopping power, fading the brakes or burning through brake pads at a ridiculous rate. To solve this, the owner swapped out the stock set for some Civic EK9 rotors.

There are a great number of modifications in this little Myvi’s modest engine bay. The stock K3-VE engine is replaced with a K3-VET powerplant that is designed with a different compression ratio to handle forced inductions. The internals of this engine have been fully balanced in order to reduce energy losses through vibrations.

But swapping out the engine was only the start of the extreme modifications. The 3SZ-FE head, throttle body and manifold were installed for higher endurance and flow rates. A HKS SSQV BOV and a Tial 38mm wastegate handle excess pressure in the engine at different ends. The fuel pump is cannibalized from a DC5 and the radiator fan from a Mitsubishi Evo 8. The only other HKS product in the car is the engine oil cap. A GReddy E-Manage Ultimate was installed to ensure that these components run together in harmony, as the stock ECU would not be able to handle this task.

D-Sport features prominently on this particular example of the Myvi. This is to be expected as D-Sport is a subsidiary of Daihatsu, and would therefore be will equipped to produce aftermarket components for Daihatsu or Daihatsu subsidiaries. The extractor for the engine was custom made by D-Sport, as is the B-Spec suspension and carbon stabilizer tower bars.
The interior of this Myvi has been converted almost entirely to that of a Daihatsu Boon. Why this is the case, I am not sure- but there are a few other additions that betray the nature of this sporty little Myvi. A Nardi deep-dish steering wheel sits in front of the driver, instead of the cheap, plastic stock wheel. To keep the driver in places is a Bride Low Max bucket seat; these seats are made of Kevlar for higher strengths. Pair this with the Takata four-point safety harness and you’re just about ready for some serious racing. In order for the driver to stay on top of his heavily modified engine, an array of Defi gauges are placed in the cabin, measuring boost, water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperature. While not necessary in a stock turbocharged car, these gauges are especially important when pushing engines to their limits- even if you only notice them when they are giving off warning signs.

This Myvi is not without its luxuries either. For entertainment, there’s a Pioneer head unit, which is a vast improvement over the standard radio set. The head unit operates a range of speakers from Carrozerria. The owner decided that adding a subwoofer wouldn’t merely be enough, so some satellite speakers and tweeters were added in order to provide a larger dynamic range of sound.

And finally, we come to the exterior. Instead of going with a simple wing and bodykit setup (like most of the Myvis on the road), the owner chose to go with something more elaborate. This came in the form of Daihatsu Boon X4 (the AWD variant) rear body parts, a TRD rear spoiler, HID adjustable headlamps and full-car decals by Nin Design House. In addition to this, the stock wheels were replaced by Volk Racing TE37 15x7jj rims, wrapped in sticky Toyo R1R rubber.

This little Myvi has come a long way. It’s far from stock, and it’s not afraid to flaunt it.

Car: Perodua Myvi 1.3 Ezi
Engine Mods: Daihatsu K3VET Engine 1300cc, fully balanced internals, custom D-Sport extractor, GSR Turbo injectors, ported and polished 3SZ-FE head, 3SZ-FE throttle body & manifold, IHI RHF4 high speed bearing TD05 turbo, custom intercooler piping, direct air filter, HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve, Tial 38mm wastegate with stainless steel down pipe, Samco silicone hoses, DC5 fuel pump, Evo 8 radiator fan, GReddy oil catch tank, Kakimoto muffler, full system exhaust with 2.5-inch stainless steel piping, D-Sport radiator cap, HKS engine oil cap
Electronics: GReddy E-Manage Ultimate, Defi gauges (boost, water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature), Apexi turbo timer
Transmission: Five-speed manual with LSD and customised gear ratio, heavy duty clutch, Work Racing custom flywheel
Chassis & Handling: D-Sport B-Spec suspension, carbon D-Sport stabilizer tower bars, Boon rear stabilizer bar
Brakes: Honda Civic EK9 front and rear rotors
Wheels & Tyres: Volk Racing TE37 15x7jj wheels, Toyo R1R 195/55/15 tyres, Rays wheel nuts
Interior: Daihatsu Boon X4 dashboard, Boon door trim, Boon gear console, Boon floor mats, Nardi deep dish steering wheel, Bride Low Max Kevlar bucket seat, Takata four-point safety harness, D-Sport gear knob, Broadway rear view mirror, Pioneer head unit, Carrozerria subwoofer, Carrozzeria satellite speakers, Carrozzeria tweeters
Exterior: Complete Daihatsu Boon X4 rear body parts, TRD Sport rear spoiler, HID adjustable headlamps, decals by Nin Design House
Garage: CTA Auto Garage, Kerol Garage, Gemooq Junkies Stuff JDM, XTuned Motorsport

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