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Sensory Overload – Sixth Sense Japan Toyota Vellfire

When people think of a minivan or MPV, people will start to imagine things like a people carrier or something that a soccer mom will drive to send her kids to school and to buy groceries. But for the past few years, the vans and people carriers that are coming out from Japan started to have a unique VIP image. Now it is standard issue to see an MPV to be provided with luxuries that can make any road trip feel like a breeze. The pinnacle started to take shape when Toyota released Alphard in 2002 that instantly became popular in Japan.

Among the variants of the Alphard is the Vellfire which has a slightly different exterior design. The two variants have become popular platforms for owners to mod up to give a more pimped up VIP look. Things one would normally see on these full size MPVs range from chrome wheels, studded interior and exterior pieces and even full-fledged entertainment systems. Among some of the suppliers on these items is a Japanese company called Sixth Sense.

Sixth Sense is a very well-known company that provides a huge variety of exterior styling parts that mainly accommodate for those looking for an exclusive VIP look, mostly for Toyota Alphards and Vellfires. For Malaysia, there are quite a few transformation packages available that’s sole purpose is to totally transform the look of the MPV to something totally unique. These parts are now available in Malaysia via Monster Style Automobile Malaysia.

For this Vellfire, the car is complete with the Sixth Sense Joule Aerokit and 22 inch Sixth Sense Joule wheels. The look that the exterior parts give to the Vellfire is a very unique and flamboyantexterior that can make a whole crowd on the street break their necks. The headlights were also replaced with a set of customized LED headlights from Japan which is equipped with a multi colourwifi control. In a whole package, the looks of the Vellfire have been transformed from a typical executive people carrier to a very pimped out crib on wheels.

Continuing to the inside, the interior is filled with a complete set of accessories from Silk Blaze and Garax Japan. Items range from new interior panels, dashboard trim and interior lights. The interior is also equipped with a high end Alpine Audio System Integration. The system itself was crowned number one on the EMMA Asia Car Audio Sound Challenge. So the Vellfire is not only tasteful on the exterior, but it is also capable to be a banging party wagon on four wheels.

But this Vellfire is not all flash and fun since it is also have quite a few performance parts on it. Among them being a set of AP Racing aftermarket brakes on the front and rear and a Silk Blaze suspension system custom made by Cusco Japan provide a better and more balanced ride for the Vellfire. To support the sound system inside, a Hot Inazma Tuning kit and a Panasonic CAOS Blue Battery is installed in the system.

In a nutshell, this Vellfire is an excellent display of flamboyant VIP style coming out from Monster Style Automobile Malaysia. One might say it could be too much to handle but for an owner that appreciates such flashy taste, it is a dream come true for him to roll in a pimped out Vellfire like his.

Model: Toyota Vellfire

2.4L with Garax SDI-Minicomputer sport devices inspire
Panasonic CAOS Blue battery &Hotinazma Japan tuning Kit

Exterior :
Bodykit – Sixth Sense Automobile Japan JOULE FullsetAeropart
Headlamp – Customize from Japan LS6 with wifi control multi color
Tail lamp – Valenti Japan limited edition
Visor – OX project Japan Sporty cut design
Side mirror kit set – Revier Japan LS460 design

Interior :
Silk Blaze &Garax Japan interior accessories completed mod

Brake :
AP Racing World Radi-CAL™ Factory Big Brake Kit
Fullset AP Racing genuine product
Front ~ 6pot AP410mmx36mm
Rear ~ 4pot AP380mmx28mm

Sound systems :
Fully High-end Alpine Audio System Integration DTS 7.1 on EMMA Asia car audio sound challenge

Wheel &Tyres :
Sixth Sense Japan JOULE 22″ with low profile tyres

Suspension :SilkBlaze made by Cusco Japan Full set suspension system & adjuster shock absorber

Tuned by :
MonsterStyle Automobile Malaysia

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