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Seek & You Shall Find – Seeker Ultimate FD2R

We have gotten to the point where the current buzz around the local scene as per Honda’s all conquering Civic is that of the sensational FK8R which was quite recently launched here in our shores. We’re always on the lookout for the ‘Manga Anime Type R’ (so named due to its wild wind deflecting aero works) and whaddyaknow? On my way to the office this morning I saw one, looking so utterly fabulous in the morning PJ sun.

Now let us rummage through the FK8R’s dossier for just a bit before we dive into this Seeker Ultimate; or at least just consider how much of an improvement the much heralded current gen Type R has to its credit. Of course the most impressive bits as per the numbers concerns that 7 and then some minutes onboard footage of the Nurburgring lap back in 2017. That particular lap prompted the FK8R to take the title of the fastest front wheel drive car which it still holds today. The supposed challenge from VW which trickled all over the net thereafter hadn’t exactly come to fruition.

Anyway what kinda spec sheet the FK8R possesses that brought it the FWD lap record at the Nordschleife? Well for starters its 2 liter VTEC Turbo has right about 316hp at 6500rpm and 400Nm from 2500 – 4500rpm, gearbox is 6-speed manual while its kerb weight is roughly 1400kg. These healthy hot hatch figures enabled the new Type R to clock 5.7 secs naught to 60mph maxing out at 270km/h. These are good solid numbers yes but what pundits the world over deemed to be the FK8R’s ‘Ace in a Hole’ is its outrageous aerodynamics – prove positive that function need not be boring.

Which brings us primly to the centerpiece right here – the aptly named Seeker Ultimate Civic FD2R built by JDM Spec Racing at the behest of its proud owner Noman’s Karl. Now Honda fanboys knows full well the stellar rep of the Seeker – a purveyor of all things Honda albeit well and truly soup-up. The Ultimate namesake comes from its aerodynamic offerings for the FD2R, and looking at its aggressive and ultra sporty concept, they’ve couldn’t have come up with a better name than ‘Ultimate’.

For this FD2R Ultimate Seeker featured prominently all over the fabled 4-Door Civic Type R, both styling and performance, which more than justifies the aforementioned designation if you ask me. The Seeker aero components seen on this example includes the Seeker Ultimate wide front bumper and wide fender, window air vents, aero side mirrors plus matching tail light cover. Completing the aero mods are the Kevlar hood by Spoon Sport and that eye-catching GT II wing by renowned tuning brand C-West. The whole exterior enhancement gets wrapped in striking reddish orange identical to Seeker Japan’s own FD2R.

Preferring a staggered wheel setup the owner opted for Wedsport TC105N up front and Rays RE30 at the back size 17 inch widths 9JJ (front) and 8JJ (rear) and offsets 35 and 44 front and rear respectively. Tyres are Hankook Ventus TD (front) and Yokohama A050 (rear).

Seeker featured prominently as well interior-wise with Seeker steering wheel (with NRG bosskit & quick release), Seeker shift knob, dress mirror and the gorgeous GT2 bucket seat (driver’s side only). The rest of the interior is standard FD2R affair except for Defi gauges galore with Mugen coverings.

On the performance side this Civic gets an engine swap slash upgrade in the form of the mighty K24 which receives a slew of internal beefing-up – Wiseco piston and Brian Crower connecting rods. Also installed are the Tuner3 cams from Skunk2, Supertech valve spring retainer, Works exhaust cam pulley, Fat tummy open pod with Blitz filter (Kevlar), Synergy aluminum radiator, Seeker radiator, Seeker ultra oil cap, Skunk2 fuel rail and HKS oil cooler.

Hondata Flashpro provides heighten brain power to govern to extra wallop. This Seeker FD2R also adopts DC5 gearing and final drive for its gearbox which also received Ogura clutch upgrade. Handling upgrades featured Ohlins DFV adjustable suspension, Buddy Club camber kit plus Cusco front strut bar.

Car model:
FD2 Type R Seeker Ultimate


Engine mods:
Hondata Flashpro, Wiseco 88mm piston, Brian Crower connecting rods, Skunk2 Tuner3 camshaft, Supertech valve spring retainer, Works exhaust cam pulley, port & polish heads, Fat tummy open pod with Blitz filter (Kevlar), Synergy aluminum radiator, Seeker radiator, Seeker ultra oil cap, Skunk2 fuel rail, HKS oil cooler

Transmission mods:
Ogura super single clutch, 4 5 6 gearing (DC5), 4.7 final drive (DC5)

Ohlins DFV adjustable coilover, P1 Buddy club rear adjuster camber kit, Cusco front strut bar

Wheel & Tyres:
TC105N 17inch 9JJ 35et front wheel with Hankook Ventus TD tyres, RE30 17inch 8JJ 44et bronze rear wheel with Yokohama A050 tyres

Seeker Ultimate wide front bumper, Seeker Ultimate wide fender, Spoon hood (kevlar), Seeker window airvent, Seeker blue side mirror, Seeker rear tail lamp cover, C-West GT II GT wing for FD2R

Seeker steering wheel with NRG bosskit & quick release , Seeker shift knob , Seeker dress mirror , Seeker GT2 bucket seat , Defi Advance BF amber red NA package (Water temp, Oil temp, Oil pressure), Mugen carbon fiber assist meter cover for Defi, Defi advance BF 11k Rpm Tachometer with shift light indicator

Noman’s KarL

JDM Spec Racing

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