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Secretly at the Top

For sheer immersive experience, inasmuch as a speed junkie perpetually insatiable need for more speed, with the accompanying visual glorification, that forms the very essence, no one goes that one telltale steps further than the Japs. They could pretty much take your wildest, most erotic four wheel fantasy and not only make it real, but they’d even add a few smack-bang percentages of craziness to the whole idea. And never you miss interpret the term ‘crazy’ for going loco or anything approaching going nuts that entail an actual lost of rational thinking, because with the likes of the many renowned purveyors of customization that hailed from Japan, there’s a real genius at work.

But that’s hardly a revelation these days isn’t it? The recent Tokyo Auto Salon – among the most glitzy and glamorous tuning showcase held annually, is the perfect indicator as to the current ‘health’ of the tuning industry that called Japan home. Now among them there’s a number of those ‘cigar smoking godfathers’ of tuning respected the world over. And among these godfathers there lived one ‘boss among bosses’, a man who has ‘been there and done that’ tuning wise countless times over. The man is none other than Smoky Nagata the Big Man of Top Secret.

The legends of Kazuhiko Nagata and Top Secret are intensively chronicled as part of Japanese folklore I’d reckon as the exploits accredited to his fame and fortune is all about speed, and its manifestation from the instantly recognizable Top Secret cars – with even more ‘go’ that exceed their already huge ‘show’ (wild be-winged widebody wrapped in signature ‘gold paint’ decals) and the crazy antics of Nagata san, top speed runs on public roads, a couple of which came out on the Option Video series way back when – the run-ins with the law in the UK and New Zealand, the exact video were way more entertaining than the pathetically pretentious real world videos we have loaded in the internet.

In any case the correlation between this one of a kind GT-R and the Top Secret ‘kinsmen’ is pretty obvious isn’t it? There have been so many supposed spin-offs therein with the same approach, same inspiration, same enthusiasm, same budget allocation (sometimes substantially more), but rarely have the end result looked as good as this one right here. The back story that ended with its rather special ‘headlining’ appearance right here and right now, could well have some elements of Smoky’s adventurous life force. With his ‘go for it’ credo, there’s more than just his carefree spirit at work when it comes to massively modified GT-Rs such as this. So let us then, get right to it shall we?

In the beginning there was this unquenchable thirst for a certain kind of styling concept the owner had in mind for his classy but stock (at first duh) silver GT-R. The time-honored practice of doing some research were put in play, and the more likable examples he’d came across the more he’s convinced that something extraordinary was looming just ahead. One link after another came and gone until the link came right Top Secret Japan’s way, and lo! And behold! The GT-R’s splattered on Smoky’s Top Secret homepage had exactly the look he’d wanted, not to mention that it was silver also, with the bold and contrasting aftermarket add-ons making the decision a formality.

Pretty soon with exacting idea of what he desires swimming in his mind the owner set about seeking out the ‘right’ folk to make his GT-R vision a reality. Enter ATS Automobile – an established name in the local scene that have made quite a reputation for all things GT-R . And so began yet another super special project for the highly respected GT-R experts with an owner who speaks their language, as in someone who knows his stuff, clearly knows what he wants and obviously have a steady flow of resource to cover what he desires and then some. So the concept was discussed and things just went as smooth as a baby’s skin thereafter. An array of tier-one Top Secret body parts were shipped in – the ‘I mean business so get the hell out of my way’ front bumper, the wider fenders, and the rear lip section.

Varis carbon fiber hood came in next and after that the final piece of the GT-R’s Top Secret jigsaw – the spectacular rear wing sourced from Amuse. Oh yes! How could we neglect to mention those timeless classics SSR 5-spokers dipped in the most gorgeous of black finish. They’re sized just right too, at 20 inch, 9.5 and 11 inches wide front and back, with offsets +22 front and +15 at the back. The stance, aesthetically correct with the rollers in place as you can see, had quite a bit to do with the expertly set-up KW Clubsport suspension kit. Now the look is complete, and it fits the owner’s requirements to perfection, and just for the heck of it, how’s about all you cynical folks out there do the side by side comparison yourself; Go on then knock yourself out.

Insofar as the GT-R’s styling aspect been entirely cut and dried, meaning to the owner’s satisfaction, the next inevitability was, yeah you’ve guessed it – the all important power increase. In this purview nothing less than the tuning industry’s mightiest brand would do. HKS hugely popular, earth-shaking performance arsenal, were brought in and the list is topped with the, well they’re all pretty much the most desired parts for any enthusiasts but be that as it may, the Spec R Titanium exhaust system provides the major source of performance bling. Further goodies include upgraded spec Garrett turbocharger, turbo actuator, BOV, piping for the intercooler, suction kit, all with those famous three lettered HKS insignia. 1000cc Injector Dynamics delivers the extra fuel needed, and some variables maximization were achieved by utilizing Cobb Tuning’s stellar tuning superlatives.

There were no dyno figures given but consider this: the owner have had a number of Hypertune-worthy rides featured in the past, most if not all have been given some handy helpings of pure unadulterated horsepower. Should numbers pertaining to power figures concerns you then the above reminder need be put in any guesstimation on your part.

For us though, seeing an honest to goodness tribute to Smoky and the mighty Top Secret Performance Engineering Service is joy enough. You ought to count your blessings know what I mean?

Engine Mods: 3.8 L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6; HKS performance parts – HKS Spec R Titanium exhaust system, HKS BOV, HKS Turbo actuator, HKS intercooler pipe. HKS Suction Kit, 1000cc Injector Dynamics, Upgraded Garrett turbocharger, Cobb tuning

Transmission: stock

Chassis upgrades: KW Clubsport suspension

Exterior: Top Secret carbon fiber front bumper, Top Secret wide fenders, Top Secret rear lip, Varis carbon fiber hood, Amuse rear spoiler

Interior: stock

Wheels & Tyres: SSR GTF01 20×9.5J front 20×11J rear

Garage: ATS Automobile

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