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Scoobielicious Imprezza

If we were to see cars as gym going dudes, this Impreza is the guy who shows up to the gym consistently and executes each set with precision. Beastly to look at as you get a hint of the vicious strength readily available.

This 2004 Impreza WRX is far from subtle. It’s the show stealer, the one people can’t help looking at as it burbles its way into the car meet or past the mamak shop. You like it or not, you’re going to look at it because it demands your attention. B.A.R Boone Ae Ro custom made the WRC-esque widebody giving the real chunky road presence. Unbeknownst to most, the colour on this car is not a typical wrap job as most cars rock these days. It is legitimate matte paint called Aikka Soft Matt Dark Grey applied by Aikka Soon Heng at Jinjang KL. The wide body is just the start of the exterior madness and serves as an appropriate base for said madness.

Working from the front, a Racecraft carbon fibre bonnet encloses the engine bay with Aero Catch hood pins, custom carbon fibre canards, front splitter and rear trunk fills the rest. On the trunk sits a Voltex GT Wing Type 5 and a Kansai Service style rear diffuser sucks the ass closer to the ground at speed. Finally for that ever so desired JDM touch, the headlights are tinted with Lamin-X Yellow. It’s so JDM that I see the Japanese subtitles float underneath.

It is often where cars that look this wild, don’t necessarily have matching performance. Not true in this case. Underneath that hood sits a 2.0L boxer engine that is force fed by a IHI VF22 turbocharger and is told what to do by a EJ207 ecu map. So it’s all hyped up alright. The new turbo is equiped with a Bellmouth downpipe, HKS Racing suction kit, HKS Type S intercooler kit and a HKS Super SQV blow off valve for the orgasmic flutter. Mishimoto coolant parts find their way into the car with a coolant expansion tank and oil catch tank. Subaru specialists Grimmspeed supply a lightweight battery tie down, alternator cover and radiator shroud.

The audio department is bang on point courtesy of Tomei Expreme unequal length headers paired with a HKS Hi Power Spec R exhaust. You have to hear it to believe it, no amount of words on my part can possibly describe the sheer brutality of the sound coming out the end of that Subaru. It screams “Get-The-F***-Off”, can you believe that?

Harnessing the power is a job for the transmission which in this case is a STI 6-Speed gearbox, famous for being bulletproof anyways. Putting that power down and being able to drive it hard is down to the suspension and handling. HKS Hipermax IV Sp coilovers are deployed at each corner with HKS pillow ball mounts for easy adjustments. Chassis is a tad stiffened with an STi tower bar and Cusco centre power brace.

Wheels aren’t ridiculously enlarged by anyways, they’re 18″ Yokohama Advan RZ in 9jj ET25 spec and wrapped appropriately in Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R 255/35 tyres. Interestingly there is more attention to detail in the wheel department. Sitting between the wheels and the hub is a Factionfab Forged Alloy wheel adaptor, Kyo-Ei centric ring while Kics R30 racing composite lug nuts secure them wheels in place. See what I mean with attention to detail? These are things I had to research. These may seem like things you can buy off the rack but oh no, when dealing with items that connect the car to the road, rather not mess around.

Stock braking system is kept untouched, STI Brembo 4 pot front and 2 pot rear because let’s be fair, those brakes can handle plenty of power without breaking a sweat. Moving inside, you open the door to a very race car vibe the moment you see the Bride bucket seats, (Sport Gias and Sport Stradia) with 4 point racing harness for both passenger and driver. For the man, or woman, in the hot seat, the view is functional with a HKS evc boost controller, and a trio of Defi gauges for vitals through a carbon fibre gauge pod. Steering wheel is a STi Momo piece and shifting the gears is made cooler with a Billetworkz WRX shift knob and reverse lockout. Because race car.

The long list of modification on this rally bred road racer was completed at SBR Technic while tuning it to perform smoothly under heavy pressure was the tuning experts at GT Auto. Given that 8 out fo 10 Subaru’s we see on the road are decent and follow the typical “Subaru Modifying Starter Pack”, it is refreshing to see one stray from the herd and be an absolute badass.


Engine: Ej207 Ecu Remap, HKS Racing Suction Kit, HKS Intercooler Kit Type S, HKS Super Sqv Iv Kit, Tomei Expreme Uel Header, Ihi Vf22 Turbo, Bellmouth Downpipe, HKS Hi Power Spec R Exhaust, Mishimoto Coolant Expansion Tank, Mishimoto Compact Oil Catch Tank, Grimmspeed Lightweight Battery Tie Down, Grimmspeed Alternator Cover, Grimmspeed Radiator Shroud

Transmision: STI 6-Speed Transmission

Chassis & Handling : HKS Hipermax IV Sp, HKS Pillow Mounting, STi Tower Bar, Cusco Power Brace Center

Wheels & Tyres: Yokohama Advan Rz 18” 9j Et25, Yokohama Advan Neova Ad08r 255/35/18, Factionfab Forged Alloy Wheel Adaptor, Kics R40 Racing Composite Lug Nuts, Kyo-Ei Centric Ring

Brakes: STI BREMBO 4 POT / 2 POT

Interior: HKS Evc 6-Ir 2.4 Boost Controller, HKS Turbo Timer Type-1, Defi Advance Bf Oil Press (Amber Red), Defi Advance Bf Oil Temp (Amber Red), Defi Advance Controller, Aem Wideband Gauge, Carbon Fibre Gauge Pod, STi Momo Steering, Billetworkz Wrx Shift Knob, Billetworkz Reverse Lockout, STitch Boots Bride Shift Boot, STitch Boots Bride E-Brake Boot, Bride Sport Gias Bucket Seat, Bride Sport Stradia Bucket Seat, Bride Sport Railing, Bride Seats Protector, Braum Racing Harness Bar, Takata Race 4 – 4 Point Harness, Kansai Service Floor Mat, Broadway Blue Convex Rear View Mirror, Push Start System

Exterior: Custom Wrc Style Widebody, Aikka Soft Matt Dark Grey Paint, Racecraft Carbon Fibre Bonnet, Aero Catch Hood Pins, Custom Carbon Fibre Front Canards, Custom Fibre Front Splitter, Carbon Fibre Trunk, Voltex Gt Wing Type 5, Apr Formula Gt3 Side Mirror, Fibre Kansai Service Style Rear Diffuser, Grimmspeed License Plate Delete, Lamin-X Yellow Headlight Tint





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