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Satire of Speed & Style

As per our regular content, we have been routinely featuring quite a few ‘mega modified masterpieces’ from our Southern California ‘coconspirators’ – Team Hybrid. Here we have a genuine ‘stop-dead-in-their-tracks’ Honda Civic SI with a one-off ‘triple split personality’ belonging to a bonafide, certified, pure-blooded Honda player who goes by Jay Ovid.

Jay was even kind enough to provide us with his own take as per his love for Honda, his younger days experimenting and what not. You could pretty much tell from just a glance at his ‘brutally unique’ 2015 Civic SI that he is the genuine article through and through, and what’s more he feels that he must’ve done something right as it eventually got the attention of Team Hybrid.

Of course back in the day from the age of 16 when he described himself as ‘just a bunch of young kids trying to make our cars look cool and go fast’  he was already feeling that insatiable need for excess speed which he tried satiating initially by NOS, lots and lots of Nitrous! “It was the cheapest and fastest way to get horsepower gains. We could keep up with the best of them with just the push of a button leaving the competition scratching their heads as they watched our tail lights blow by them. It was cheap thrills until our engines gave out from just being to “squeeze” happy! Ahh, those were the days!

For a genuine Honda fanboy like Jay, he reminisced and daydreamed often about ‘taking these B series VTEC engines and putting them in tiny lightweight Hondas. Jay explained, “Until the K-series engines came along enthusiasts were up in the air, what do we like best the B series or the K series? A lot of people stay true to the B being that they could get any upgrade on it, easy to swap, plus it’s been around for so long. Now that K has been out for just as long, goals and dreams of going just as fast if not faster with this platform is now a reality”

He went on, “That’s where my 2015 civic SI 9 generation four-door sedan comes in. I was perusing online looking for cars when I came upon this white Si. Right then I knew I had to have it! sure enough, he drove the 130 miles to the dealership and made it his in no time at all. His ‘non-committal’ decision to stick with the 210 hp stock K24z motor eventually crumbled soon as he chanced upon a bunch of Honda fellas meeting up.

“Those old feelings from back in the day made me feel like a kid again! So, of course, I started buying parts, nothing crazy just normal little upgrades here and there. Then I started to go to more car meets admiring different makes and models of Hondas. I drove my SI around for about a year and a half with just minor upgrades. Until one day I decided to pull the trigger and go big or go home!”

That began the arrival of real heavy-duty power-producing aftermarket hardware into his purview starting with a custom made Kraftwerks supercharger kit. Always desiring a forced inducted Honda, he hooked up with his boy Steve from Wormbuilt Performance, who is, according to Jay ‘a wizard of how to go fast! This guy knows every engine up and down and knows the right combination of upgrades to squeeze all the power out of it! After the install, my boy Dardan from Dardan Tune synced all the equipment, electronics, & timing to perfection, and after a number of tuning thereafter, he’d managed to achieve an impressive max output of 432 whp and 352 wtq!

We’ll let Jay Ovid have the last words: “Never in my wildest dreams, we could’ve more than doubled the horsepower in my little K24! The sound of the engine roars like a jet plane taking off every time I punch it! After the supercharger, the bug really hit me hard and I was getting parts for my car every week if not every day! My best friend Rodney C.  help me every step of the way with my build and within six months my car went from zero to hero in no time! My goal was to stand out from the rest, from my custom one-off front bumper to prototype TLX retrofit headlights by Visionautoworks! My biggest satisfaction is having other enthusiasts come up to me with genuine interest to know more”.

And the icing on the cake is saved for the absolute last; Jay said right at the end “I must’ve done something right because it caught the attention of Team Hybrid”.

Jay extends his sincerest gratitude to: Sergio Guevara (for making this all happened with my first magazine). Team Hybrid sponsors (for playing a big part in achieving my goals to the level of where my car is now and I couldn’t have done it without their help) so big thank you to: Michelin, Amsoil, Password JDM, Meguiars, and K&N.

To my  Hybrid brothers  Founder James Lin, Scott Dean, Justin Lohorn, Romyl Magabayan, and Sergio Guevara thank you for guidance on my personal best work of art yet. I want to be part of that Team Hybrid history and go down in the books for contributing to stay #1!


Car: 2015 Honda Civic SI Sedan

Performance/Engine modifications: Kraftwerks Supercharger kit, Upgraded Kraftwerks 100mm pulley, Hondata Tuned on full E85 gas, Walbro 450 Full Pump, K-Series high flow fuel rail, Grams Performance fuel filter, Grams Performance big bore throttle body, ID Injectors 1300cc, NX Express dual bottle Proton wet system, Skunk2 header cat delete, Skunk2 valve cover low profile bolts, K-Series oil cap, K-Series battery tie down, Invidia Q-300 Exhaust, Action Stage 3 clutch, Hasport lower rear engine mount & upper engine mount, Oil catch can breather, Password JDM engine dress-up kit, VHT Wrinkle red valve cover

Suspension/Handling: Airlift Performance 3P system, 30-way adjustable shocks, Eibach front & rear sway bars, Ultra Racing 4 point strut bar, Rear upper strut bar, Godspeed camber adjusters rear

Wheels & Tyres: SSR SP5 Black 18×9.5, Michelin PS4s 245/35/18, Muteki black lug nuts, Tire Grafix lettering

Brakes: StopTech big brake kit, StopTech cross-drilled rotors front, Premium cross-drilled/slotted rotors rear

Exterior: Custom FG4 Front bumper conversion, Kevmannz CF see-through hood, Kevmannz CF duckbill spoiler, TSX Jewel Eye prototype FB6 retrofit headlights (Visionautoworks), Custom vinyl wrap (WraptorWraps), Roll Call decals (DH Graphics), Top1 front splitter, Top1 side splitters, Top1 rear diffuser, Side skirts, Red out rear tail-light layovers, Multiple flash brake lights, Rear deflectors replaced w/LED lights, HIC window visors, Tint (Solar Eclipse)

Interior: Kevtec CF steering wheel, Mugen shift knob, Buddy Club short shifter, AEM Gauges (Boost, Oil Pressure, AFR), Custom pillar (Ortiz Custom Pods), Cipher Harness Bar, Sparco Seats R100, Sparco Belt straps, Buddy Club seat rails, Custom rear seat delete set up(SoundDelux),

ICE: 12” JL Audio subwoofer, Hertz 5 channel amp

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