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Rotary Masterstroke – Monalisa RX-7 by ChapterOne

I have always held on to this simple and yet so bashfully self righteous set of rules slash principles as per the key components constituting an internationally renowned and famously accomplished automobile makers and by default its place of permanence, or its pride of placement (or something to do with its place in the grand scheme of the automobile dominion). Call it the car manufacturers’ unofficial pecking order slash bragging rights.

Such unofficial ‘top of the chart’ ranking requires a teeny wee bit more than your average turnover and net profit and sales figures and all the fancy ‘monetary-related’ figures and percentages; all favorite words really for the top management execs all across the car manufacturing horizons. Sure enough all the aforementioned important derivatives augured for just about half of the whole points system, the other half proffered no numerical net values whatsoever being all about emotion and excitement and the occasional erection.

Now the male reproductive organs notwithstanding that mythical car manufacturers’ unofficial pecking order slash bragging rights precludes first of all, how good and how often the car producer produces performance focused models, and what stratospheric levels of power was achieved whence said performance models gets the aftermarket treatment. Okay this is key no two ways about it, I mean it is so absolutely key that I needed like a lengthy ‘cock and bull story’ slash explanation as to why I had the three alphabet word had to be in italics.

Anyhow another crucial element concerns their success in world motor racing with major emphasis on the gold standard of motorsport, F1 or Le Mans WEC and/or WRC, WTCC and the sort. And to get things going amidst the chaotic surroundings I find myself in the middle of right this minute, we’ll cut to the chase right away, soon as I get an extended lung-ravaging drag of my extra nicotine ciggie alright? Hang on…

Right, I’m good, very good as in how Austin Powers put it “Veeery gooood!” with a twang of English accent. And indeed the same extended howler of an exclamation is perfect for this here spectacular ChapterOne FD3S RX7 Mazda. Mazda; purported to be a couple of notches down the pecking order as per Japanese automobile manufacturers top players. But I reckon that in that ‘other’ mystical alternate universe list I’ve been ranting on and on about, Mazda gets the jump on the big and bodacious top three – the Toyota, Nissan, Honda tri factor. That was due to what unfolded over twenty-four long and intense hours during the month of June back in 1991.

And so in the month of June of that fateful year, from 4:00pm Saturday right up to 4:00pm Sunday, the now famous green/red/orange liveried Mazda 787B Sports Prototype went about unassumingly ‘enduring’ all the unique challenges of Le Mans, and by the time the chequered flag came out, destiny and immortality was showered upon Mazda and its incredible 787B – the first (and so far the only) Japanese manufacturer to win Le Mans, as well as the only non-piston engine car to ever win.

Reflect if you don’t mind for a few moments on that last line; it really is quite astonishing when you realize that for more than 25 years, those other Japanese car makers specifically the mighty Honda, Toyota, Nissan tri-factor, have thus far been inordinately unsuccessful in their Le Mans quest. Well, apart from Honda that is, seeing as it has quite a glossy dossier in Formula One, which might’ve dictated their competitive direction thereafter since. Nah I’m quipping the other two mega manufacturers which have made high profile attempts to take top honors at ‘the world’s biggest motor race’.

All mockery and ‘who’s the man, I’m the man’ bantering aside, Mazda’s 1991 Le Mans triumph not only anointed the Fuchi (Hiroshima) based manufacturer’s reputation as an outstanding world beating competitor but also, perhaps more crucially, had proven the tenacity and the multi-faceted capabilities, as in performance and reliability of its time honored piston-less rotary engines; in one swift gesture of the Samurai code of honor.

Well, Samurai code of honor or not, the same fundamental essence powering that 787B 1991 24 Hour Le Mans conquering Sports Prototype is at play right here, being re-engineered in strict accordance to the ChapterOne code of honor. Like I’ve mentioned more than a few times already, we’re truly privileged to have the very best rides courtesy of the happening, effervescent and fun-loving ChapterOne members, of which quite a few of their trademark ‘in-your-face’ visual personification have starred over these hallowed pages already.

Of course trying to keep up with the likes of Lertsiri’s 10-plus years in the making DC2 or last issue’s Purple Haze Liberty Walk R35, among others, requires something superlative in every sense of the word; a Mega Mazda on illegal intake of steroids. Making the transition from stock 13B-REW to unstuck 13B precluded some expert porting work by JicaTuning, and the crucial Apex seal from Puerto Rican E&J. Upping the power levels by a lot fell upon a huge turbocharger (both size and rep) GReddy T88-34D, with a myriad of aftermarket upgrades beneath the hood. As you gather fuel use rocketed up which necessitated the requisite upgrade to the fuel delivery system.

Now this one-off RX7 ChapterOne special’ inner-workings has all the Mojo and all the bells and whistles alright, like the OS Giken transmission with twin-plated clutch to boot. Same goes for the chassis as well – Tein Monoflex suspension kit, with handy compliments of enhancements; D2 6-pot brakes, with a string electronics from HKS and GReddy keeping things optimized and ever ready to get it on. Then again as stellar as the performance mods in this FD3S, what got it going even before the modified rotary powerhouse roared into life is of course its spectacular & dramatic visual style. Period.

Constituting a slew of aero parts from legendary FD3S guru RE Amemiya, with well sourced exterior components thrown in for good measure, this showy show-stopper justifiably fits its Monalisa namesake endowed by its speed-craved owner.

Ditto its interior – Personal steering, Recaro special edition seats and more, there you go folks a double whopper of bells and whistles on the outside and the inside, the go and the show.

Simply put a trademark of ChapterOne

13B Bridgeport (FULL PORTES) By JicaTuning, Apex seal Puerto Ricco E&J, Greddy T88-34D Turbocharger, GReddy wastegate, custom Titanium Header Turbo, V-Mouse intercooler by HKS, Injector clinic 1,100cc, HKS fuel regulator, MSD external coil distributor, AMUSE R1 Titanium exhaust

HKS F-Con V Pro 3.3 version Tuned by Tu Korat

OS Giken, OS Giken twin plate clutch, Limited Slip RX7 minor change 4.3

TEIN Mono flex, titanium front strut tower bar, factory all new bushing set, C pillar X Bar by Miracle cross bar

D2 6-pot calliper kit

Wheels & Tires:
Enkei Racing RS05RR 18 inch × 10.5J, DUNLOP Direzza Z2 235/40R18, 245/40R18

Front and rear bumper and side skirt by Spirit R Version, Carnard carbon Hood by R Magic type ll, Front headlamps by RE AMEMIYA SLEEK AIR DUCT A TYPE. Side mirrors by Craft Square, RE Amemiya rear diffuser+bowtech generator, Rear tail lights and boot lid light: SONAR LED BLACK VERSION, JDM Rear duck tail, Rear window visor JDM

Personal steering wheel, Works bell steering hub, R Magic shift knob, Defi C2 gauges, New GReddy Profec B, electronic boost controller, Recaro Pole Position custom “Monalisa Edition” seats

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