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Rolling Elegance

Think Jaguar and no one would deny that the E-Type is the single most beautiful piece of rolling art the British brand has rolled out of it production line in the past 50 years. With lines that make a Picasso paintings look like scribbles and the speed and power to match, the legendary E-Type’s top speed had to be tested out in the wee hours of the old M1 motorway in England.

It’s the combination of beauty and substance thatmade it, at one time, the most sought-after toy amongst people like Frank Sinatra and George Best, the crème de la crème of society as when it was new it cost significantly lesser than a Ferrari of that time while the late Enzo Ferrari himself claimed that it was one of the most beautiful cars he had ever seen.

No Jaguar has generated that much buzz and caused such a stir since, not until now. With the resurrection of Jaguar, its latest line of beauties have been at the center of attention with releases like the XF and the XKR causing luxury motoring enthusiasts to drool out of their mouths and wallets and the latest XJ series unveiled not long ago is one such example.

To whet your appetite a little, this particular model we have feature is the saucy XJL that comes with a 5-liter supercharged V8 pumping out 470hp and 574 Nm worth of muscle. This allows the 2-tonne worth luxury to pull itself from standstill to a 100km/h in a matter of just under 5 seconds, hauling it to a top speed of 250km/h. In the long line of XJ’s, they’ve been widely known to be huge, heavy, cumbersome rolling mattresses and that’s fine; realistically those capable of owning a Jag wouldn’t drive it as though they were busting for the border.

But with the XJL blending comfort and sheer power so superbly, it surely offers an edge that would appeal to the least enthusiastic of drivers. The exterior alone speaks for itself, made to compliment a King’s presence dressed with the shiniest bits; the standout feature has to be its rear lamps that were designed so elegantly to compliment the lines of the car.

The interior is another world altogether; a place where any troubled soul can seek refuge and find a resting place in a sea of comfort and tranquility. Clad with subtle but exclusive bits, the calm and quaint black interior certainly fits the bill for the most upscale of VIPs. While the dials on the dash would illuminate any gloomy day behind the wheel, the XJL’s in-car entertainment sure has a lot to shout about as well. The melodious tunes by its Bowers & Wilkins sounds system sure makes a passenger feel as though he was serenaded by Barbara Streisand in person.

With ample room and exclusivity only fit for a king, there are loads of other features that would make life in this car more pleasant than the hectic real world which unfortunately would take till next year to list down. For a more detailed discovery of what the XJL is about, head on down to Naza World Automall in Petaling Jaya.

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Car: Jaguar XJL
Engine: 5-liter supercharged V8
Transmission: Six-speed auto
Power: 470hp, 574Nm
Wheels: 245/40ZR20

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