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Roc’ and roll

Although living in the shadows of its Golf sibling, the Rocco is more than just a pretty face as this yummy yellow example proves

Although mostly overshadowed by the more popular Golf in the Volkswagen line-up, the original Scirocco was actually launched about six months before the Golf MK1 made it to showrooms and henceforth is officially the older of the siblings so respect is due.

Granted the Golf enjoys more of the spotlight than any other model under the VW stable but labelling the second-generation Rocco as just the handsome one of the bunch would be a grave mistake, considering its performance credentials and the fact that VW saw it deserving to be graced with the flagship performance “R” badge.

On first glance you might think this is an actual Scirocco R but a little magnifying glass makes it evident that a very convincing R conversion kit has been grafted on. Nonetheless, don’t think Roc’ doesn’t possess the punch to knock you out.

Under that striking shade of Bumblebee yellow is a Scirocco 2.0TSI; a very solid base to begin extracting more horsepower from.

On the engine side, an MST intake replaces the restrictive factory box to allow in more air that is compressed by the turbo before being cooled via a Forged Racing intercooler and entering the engine through the HPA Motorsports 2.0TSI intake manifold.

Everything on the exhaust side has been left stock for now, proving to be more than up to the task. A Snow Performance water-methanol injection kit and oil cooler both serve to reduce temperatures in various stages of the engine’s processes.

Of course, any European performance model wouldn’t be complete without a remap and a Revo Stage 3 ECU remap software was selected to increase boost and liberate more ponies from the engine. Revo is also responsible for the Stage 2 transmission remap that now quickens the DSG shifts, letting it rifle through the gears when give the full beans.

The Roc’ is blessed with some impressive handling from the factory and that was shored up with a set of BC Racing BR-Series coilovers that also brought about a slight drop.

This sleek hatch could probably stop on a dime given the massive calipers hiding behind the wheels. Brembo 18Z six-piston calipers call the front home while the same Brembo 18Z four-piston calipers hold up the rear.

Overkill? Probably, but if there’s one area you can never be accused of being excessive it’s the braking department.

Those multispoke wheels would be instantly recognisable to any JDM fans and it’s refreshing to see them lend a very JDM touch to this build. The WedsSport TC105N wheels are wrapped in sticky Yokohama AD08R rubbers measuring in at 235/40R18.

Inside, the Roc’s cabin has been left almost untouched and that’s quite a smart move because even the stock interior oozes sportiness. Only a pair of genuine Scirocco R semi-bucket seats were fitted and a carbon fibre steering wheel.

Besides the aforementioned Scirocco R body conversion on the exterior, this Scirocco is the proud recipient of a carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre spoiler and carbon fibre side-view mirrors that add a very pleasing contract to the bright yellow.

It’s undeniable that the Golf is the favourite of the siblings, it’s also impossible to argue against the Scirocco being the one blessed with the handsome genes and if you can have a good looking car with the power to match, would you still take a Golf over this?

Car – Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0TSI

Engine – MST air intake, HPA Motorsports 2.0TSI intake manifold, Forged Racing intercooler, Snow Performance water-methanol injection kit, oil cooler

Electronics – Revo Stage 3 remap

Transmission – Revo Stage 2 DSG remap

Chassis & Handling – BC Racing BR-Series coilovers

Brakes – Brembo 18Z six-piston calipers (front), Brembo 18Z four-piston calipers (rear)

Wheels & Tyres – WedsSport TC105N wheels, Yokohama AD08R 235/40R18

Interior – Scirocco R semi-bucket seat, carbon fibre steering wheel

Exterior – Scirocco R body conversion, carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre spoiler, carbon fibre side-view mirrors

Photos: Dennis Lor & Kenny Yeoh

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