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Raunchy Accord

The initial game. Not THE ‘Initial’ as in Initial D that iconic cult status movie slash anime slash game; or some other variations of the three genres. No, the initial game I’m referring to is the trend adopted by car manufacturers in designating their car models. Without a shadow of a doubt, the letter ‘R’ carries an almost mystical aura in this regard. Add an ‘R’ to any namesake and the element of intrigue pretty much goes right up. And the same concept is applied to perfection by none other than Honda onto quite a number of its cars; this Accord being one of them.

But, this is not just another Accord Euro R right here, even as rare as they have become. Yeah I know that is about as obvious as saying roses are red and violets are well, violet, even if there’s this song like a few decades ago that insisted on violets being blue. Of course from the paint scheme the fact that it has been put through quite a prep work is smack in your face obvious. But there’s a number of key points that needed clarification right here and now – number one this Accord Euro R belongs to Millennium Motorsports, one of the major players in the local tuning and racing scene. And number two is it is a ‘regulated’ race car, meaning it is bounded by certain limitations as per its designated class.

Okay then, now that we’ve cleared that right up, we can also tell you that this thoroughly modded motor racing mayhem is Millennium’s entry for the local endurance races et al. I’m sure avid Hypertuners are well familiar with Millennium; they have had quite a number of exceptional rides featured in previous Hypertune issues and should you recall any one of them, you’d know for sure that these guys know their stuff. In this Euro R CL7 they’ve pretty much done everything within the constrictions of the motor racing governing body’s regulations. Well, pretty much or just about really.

The K20A VTEC motor residing within features a Moroso dry sump system. In a nutshell, a dry sump system uses additional pumps and a secondary reservoir for oil, as compared to a conventional wet sump system, which uses only the main sump below the engine and a single pump. Excess oil around the crankshaft in a wet sump can get on the shaft and cut horsepower. With a dry sump considerable power gains are pretty common. Under the regulation the intake and throttle body must remain stock, but the 2 liter inline 4 does feature Toda cams, Mahle high compression pistons and Carillo rods. The heads have been port and polished as well as CNC machined.

ECU is Microtech LT16C equipped with data-logging system plus a custom 8 inch telemetry display and all. The extra requirements as per the fuel as such entailed the inclusion of a Bosch 044 fuel pump and custom surge tank. The transmission is a state of the art PPG 6 speed H-Drive equipped with twin-plate clutch and 2-Way full lock LSD. No figures as per the horsepower and torque output were provided but one telltale ‘insight’ is the ‘pretty darn quick’ 2:25 lap time around Sepang. Go figure.

Well let us go and figure out the CL7’s chassis then; the suspension for starters is a full endurance spec Zeal kit, and the brakes are 6-pot NASCAR spec monoblock up front whilst the rear remained stock. Stepped inside the exceedingly racey innards and you’d see the superbly engineered (and sculptured and designed) AP Racing pedal box, along with the mandatory FIA-approved T-45 roll cage. And the external aspect of the CL7 features a ‘barbequed’ and spot-weld bodyshell – for strengthening as such.

The Honda saloon car racer runs on Volk Racing TE37 wheels sized 17 inch shod with Michelin slicks. And the entire project is fully built in house by Millennium Motorsports Asia. And did I mention the 2 minutes 25 seconds Sepang lap time? Oh yeah I sure did, but did I mention that a GTR only did 2: 28?

Now that is surely something worth your while to go figuring out for yourself now wouldn’t it?

Car: Honda Accord Euro R CL7 Millennium Motorsports

Engine Mods: 2 liter K20A VTEC, Moroso Dry Sump system, Toda cams, Mahle 86mm high compression pistons, Carillo rods, 5 angle CNC machined, port polished cylinder head, stock intake and throttle body (as per regulation), Bosch 044 fuel pump, custom surge tank

Electronics: Microtech LT16C ECU, Data-logging system, custom 8 inch telemetry display

Transmission: PPG 6-speed H-Drive twin plate clutch, 2 way full lock LSD

Handling: Zeal Endurance spec coilovers

Brakes: AP Racing 6-pot NASCAR monobloc (front)

Wheels & Tyres: Volk Racing TE37 17 inch 9J wheels, Michelin full slicks

Exterior: Barbequed and spot weld bodyshell

Interior: FIA-approved T-45 roll cage, AP Racing pedal box (Tilton Racing controls)

Builder: Millennium Motorsports Asia

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