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Rare Diamond

If you have been following our build series, you would have seen these two Kei Cars from the very beginning where it looks absolutely stock and now they are back to stun you in every single way possible. Being able to stand out in the growing community of cars is extremely hard not unless you have a really scoop up car or a rare gem from the land of the rising sun. But have you ever wonder what happens when you combine both of them? Lots of questions arise in our mind when it comes to modifying and building our cars but we have the answer right here. Look no further as the owner of these two Kei Cars did the combination and the outcome is just stunning.

Meet the rarer than diamond Liberty Walk Daihatsu Copen and Liberty Walk Honda S660. The word of subtle and sleeper are clearly thrown out the window with these two cars. The amount of effort the owner put to create this two stunning looking Kei Cars deserve a standing ovation because he flew all the way to Japan, went to Tokyo Auto Saloon to meet Kato San and view the preview cars before making up his mind on which Liberty Walk parts he wants for his cars. The owner of these Kei Cars ordered the kit through f7lthy Canada who owns the 1st LB widebody kit for the new NSX and 458. It took a whopping 6 months to actually complete the whole process and it definitely pays off to see the final outcome.

Let’s start off with the bright yellow Honda S660 with a custom S660 vinyl first, the car did not receive the full Liberty Walk treatment as the owner wanted to create something of his own with the look of the car. With that said, it is still stunning to see the car and it really catches people’s attention. The Honda S660 has a Liberty Walk SSX-660 front bumper and a Liberty Walk SSX-660 rear spoiler. If you think the list will end like that you’re definitely wrong because the car has so much more custom parts that have been installed onto it. The side skirt on the Honda S660 is a custom feels side skirt and there is a custom carbon fiber canard that goes with the side skirt. At the rear, there is this gorgeous looking carbon fiber custom feels rear diffuser. Custom LED third brake light and LED rear bumper reflector are also fitted to the car.

The owner drops the ride height to the perfect height with a set of Spoon Progressive sport springs and the right set of wheels can make or break a car look. With that in mind, the owner went with WORK Emotion Kiwami wheels and in staggered 15 & 16-inch sizes. Since the exterior has clearly been handled, it is time to make the car handle like a dream. A set of CUSCO braces consisting of the Cusco Power front side, rear center, rear side, front strut, and rear strut are installed to the car to get the job done. To give the car a better sounding exhaust, custom everco downpipe and mid-pipe were installed to the car coupled with a Mugen rear muffler. This not only increases the power of the car but the sound this mighty Honda S660 is amazing. The power department in the Honda S660 was left stock with an exception of an HKS SSQV 3 BOV kit. Moving into the interior, everything was kept stock as it is already a gorgeous interior but with the addition of the Defi boost, exhaust temperature and fuel pressure gauge with the Defi controller and a Mugen carpet. There is no doubt that the Honda S660 look and the sound outcome is amazing but with the addition of all the brace, the car handles like a dream.

Parked next to the Honda S660, this car really stands out even when the Honda S660 looks superb. Well, it is non-other than Malaysia’s first full-on Liberty Walk Daihatsu Copen Robe. If you remember in the first build series, this exact Copen is in red but now it is painted in a gorgeous custom crystal white done by Mega Spray which under the sunlight the colour really shows all the lines of the car. The Daihatsu Copen Robe now has a full-on Liberty Walk GT-K widebody kit installed exclusively at Tokachi and the car just instantly transforms from a normal-looking Daihatsu Copen into a baby GT-R R35 with this kit. It looks cute at a certain angle but also angry at another. The Liberty Walk GT-K widebody kit comes with a complete front bumper, the widebody fenders front and rear, a rear bumper as well as the all-important Liberty Walk GT Wing. The owner also got the optional DRL and quad titanium finished tailpipes to complete the GT-R look.

The stock wheels just couldn’t handle this widebody so out they go. The wheels play an important role in how the car will look like so the owner decided to get a set of custom order wheels and with the help of Hupshun Tyres, they managed to secure a set of staggered 16-inch Work Emotion rims for the Liberty Walk Daihatsu Copen. The specs of these customs wheels are kept secret as part of an agreement with LB Japan but I can tell you that it is so wide that they sit flush with the widebody and it is really a perfect match for the car. The Copen was given a set of RSR springs to bring the ride height down. The owner said that he planned to install bags in the future so that the car can really be lowered to make it stance.

To make the handling of the car as good as the looks of the car, a full set of Supercircuit bars are installed and it really changes how the Copen drives, it can now attack the corner at a much more higher speed without the feeling that the car will understeer or toppled over. In the power department, nothing much is changed except the owner installed a Blitz blow-off valve system and a Blitz air filter. To match the quad tailpipes, an aftermarket exhaust from Japan is installed to give the car an extra umphh.

Moving to the interior the first thing you’ll spot is the carbon interior. Most of the interior bits are swapped with carbon fiber ones. Next up is the Recaro Copen seats, these seats are specially bid and brought in from Japan by JPN Bid because these seats are an optional item from Daihatsu and it is quite rare. An Apexi AFC NEO and Apexi RSM were installed to give the driver some information about the car condition and also to give some tuning ability for the car. To read how many bars of boost the car is running, the owner installed a Defi boost gauge. Subtle changes done to the interior make a huge difference when compared to driving a fully stock Copen.

These two cars are built for the same purpose which is a city go around car with the advantage of taking the top off when enjoying a sunny weekend drive. With the LB body kit fitted, these cars are transformed into a show-stopping car, driving it around town with the top up or down does catch a lot of attention. With the Daihatsu Copen Robe and Honda S660 being Malaysia’s first-ever LB Performance Kei Cars, it is certainly a rare collector item.

Liberty walk SSX-660 front bumper
Liberty walk SSX-660 rear spoiler
Custom feels side skirt
Custom side skirt canard (Carbon)
Custom feels rear diffuser (carbon)
Mugen Rear muffler
Custom everco mid pipe
Custom everco down pipe
Mugen carpet
Spoon progressive sport springs
Works emotion kiwami 15/16” wheels
Defi boost meter
Defi exhaust temp
Defi fuel pressure
Defi controller
Custom rear bumper reflector LED
Custom third brake light LED
Custom S660 vinyls/sticker
Cusco Power brace rear center (3A8492RC)
Cusco power brace front side (3A8492FS)
Cusco power brace rear side (3A8492RS)
Cusco quick release front strut (3A8540C)
Cusco rear strut bar os type (3A8541A)

Copen robe
Liberty walk gt-k widebody full kit
Recaro copen seats
Rsr springs
Painted headlamp with DRL
16” work emotion rims front16x9 +5
Rear 16×9 -20
Blitz air filter
Blitz bov
Japan exhaust
Apexi rsm
Apexi afc neo
Defi boost
SuperCircuit bars full car
Crystal white custom color
Carbon interior

-JJ & Shaun from F7LTHY Canada I’m supplying the LB kit
-Katonsan from LB japan
-Hupshun Tyres for custom order wheels
-JPN Bid for bidding seats and exhaust
-J2m proshop for shipping the kit
-mega spray
-Tokachi for bodykit installation
-wrc car lamps
-ottimo Auto interior
-bc detailers

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