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Rampant Road Shark

The perpetual presence of certain, highly celebrated icon within the hot hatch arena had become some sort of an edict agreed upon by a majority of car enthusiasts the world over. Such highly celebrated icons have become the default reference, as in the standard by which others are being judged to such an extent that their respective maker had themselves achieved an anointed upper tier pedestal type of adulation, admiration and full on envy by their adversaries.

The thing is, without these preceding ‘afterthoughts’ and such, the ever more augmented levels of competitiveness in the hot hatch domain wouldn’t have brought us the likes of genuine mega hot hatches of which the perennial Ford Focus counts as one of the very best. From its earlier Mark I edition which experienced an almost instantaneous surge of fame thanks to its stellar showing in the then WRC 1999 helmed by the late “Flying Scotsman” Colin McRae to a couple of victories first in the 1999 Safari Rally then the Rally of Portugal.

Indeed the high measure of pedigree that we’ve come to associate both the Focus and its famed Blue Oval manufacturer were all extensively extrapolated from the Mark I to the Mark II Focus, the RS version of that Mark II generation being the one at play right here. Apart from the obvious visual tweaks and tech updates most of the Mark I superlative innerworkings remained well nigh unfettered, seeing as the immediately competitive dynamism of the original Mark I in the highest most competitive motorsport arena no less, exudes all the proven hallmarks of a bonafide hot hatch champion.

Now we have already featured a number of fine Focus in previous issues, the latest one being an Ultimate Green Mk II Focus RS from Megalodon Performance Venture – a Ford & Volvo (as well as other makes) specialist that has been carving quite a niche for itself. Now what we have here is another of their handy work that exemplifies just what the Mark II Focus RS is capable of.
Starting with the familiar 2.5 liter inline 5 turbo powerplant Megalodon tech team set about harnessing the motor via a straightforward components upgrade. The aftermarket parts installed therein are all household brands particularly for the Focus; they include among others K&N drop in filter, a slew of DO88 components including air filter box hoses, high pressure hose with Symposer and also the Swedish brand’s trademark Symposer hose. The stock flywheel is replaced with a TTR single mass super light weight flywheel.

Also at play is the Elevate inlet plenum – a precision cast 356-T6 aluminum construction, port-matched CNC machined inlets and outlets which provide considerably optimized air flow as well as considerable horsepower and torque increment. Then the OEM intercooler was ditched in favor of a Stage 2 from another household Ford aftermarket brand AIRTEC, and finally Mongoose 3 inch diameter cat-less downpipe directs spent gases out through the same brand’s cat-back. The engine management received a Stage 2 Shark Performance tuning and all of the above amounted to almost 360whp – impressive indeed.

The 6-speed manual remained as it were except for an AP Racing clutch. Chassis modifications are just as straightforward albeit in a classy manner. Adjustable BC Racing suspension kit, along with rear support arm (fully adjustable) from Hardrace takes care of that while stopping power gets quite an improvement thanks to a set of Brembo 4-pot caliper up front with Project Mu Club Racer brake pads and HEL steel braided hose all around.

As per the striking exterior which was the handywork of Stikojet, the sportier more aggressive RS bodywork remained as before, the one additional piece being those Flow forged 18 inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear Asymmetric 3 tyres.


Engine Mods: K16 Turbo, K&N drop in filter, DO88 air filter box hoses, DO88 high pressure hose wz symposer, DO88 symposer hose, Elevate inlet plenum, AIRTEC Stage 2 intercooler, Mongoose 3” catless downpipe, Mongoose 3” cat back, TTR single mass super light weight flywheel, Shark Performance Stage 2+ tuned (357WHP)

Gearbox modification: AP Racing clutch

Chassis/handling mods: BC Racing 3 ways adjustable suspension, Hardrace rear fully adjustable support arm

Brakes: Brembo 4 pot brake caliper (front), Project Mü Club Racer brake pad, HEL steel braided brake hose

Wheels & tyres: 18”x8” flow forged wheel, 235/40/18 Goodyear Asymmetric 3 tyres

Styling: Outlook design by Stikojet

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