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Rally Legend Resurrected

Many may remember the days when Perodua was still active in the Malaysian Rally scene lead by the one and only legendary Garry Chua. The team won numerous championship with their tiny yet mighty K-Car and till today, the legendary Kancil is still around winning multiple Time Attack Event under the hands of APC Racing Team & Car Arena.

This exact Kancil we featured here has a long history of Rallying in Malaysia but was once abandoned after the passing of Garry Chua but it was soon discovered by the people at APC Racing Team & Car Arena where they gave the car a whole new purpose in its life to carry on the winning spirit it once had.

The car was brought back from the yard where it was left after done serving its term in the rally team and with all the nasty weather condition during the rally era, the car chassis was in a very bad condition as it was rotting however the team never gave up their hope on bringing the car back to life, therefore, a donor car was given the task to continue the life of a legend.

The first task for the team was to take off whatever they could salvage from the original rally car until it was left to its bare metal to be transferred to the donor car. With the donor car being a road-legal regular Perodua Kancil, the team decided to stitch weld it to stiffen the car while maintaining its ability to flex. Next up was to install the special build FIA spec Chromoly roll cage into the donor car and with some adjustment, it fits like a glove.

The heart of the original rally car was a turbocharged 660cc engine but they decided to keep the original engine as memory and plant in a three-cylinder-1-liter Natural Aspirated engine in the donor car however it didn’t last long as the engine just wasn’t powerful enough, therefore, a turbocharger was brought into the picture. The engine was stripped and rebuild with a low compression piston and forged rod. The head remained stock as well as the camshaft however at the time of writing, they are doing their R&D for a custom camshaft to push the build further.

Once the engine internal is fully assembled and balanced, a custom intake manifold by Velocity Race was installed along with the self-made intercooler piping. The intercooler was placed behind the bumper to give it a stealth look and to do that, some adjustments had to be made as space was limited. The turbo used on this car is an RHF4 turbo however with the proper setup done by the team, using only 0.8 bar of boost is enough to bring home multiple winning trophy. The exhaust setup on the car is a straight pipe setup done in house by APC Racing Team & Car Arena and it measures around 1.8 inches from the front to the back.

The factory ECU is thrown away as it couldn’t cope with the modification done on the car, therefore, a MAXX ECU Street stand-alone ECU replaces it to provide the ability to fine-tune specifically for the engine and to ensure future mods can be added and tuned for. Putting down all the power is done by the Viva 660 custom close-ratio gearbox that is built specifically for the smaller track used and true enough, the gearbox really does it magic by keeping the power band consistent. The car also has the competition LSD to ensure that the power can be put into good use in hope of that one perfect lap.

Having a powerful engine is nothing if your suspension setup isn’t good so the team put a lot of effort into perfecting the suspension setup doing tons of trial and error. The car uses the Zerone SSR 550 fully adjustable suspension where the rebound rate can be changed according to the track & driver. Brakes on the car are stock with an exception of the additional stainless steel braided hose. Tires are important and the team uses Achilles ATR-K Sport semi-slick tires paired with a set of rare and original Enkei ES Tarmac rims.

The car exterior body parts are from the rally car so you could still see the marks of the former rally decals still on the panels. Moving into the interior, the original Kancil dashboard can still be seen here which is a very nice touch. Turbosmart boost controller is placed on the dashboard as well as a Suzuki Sports boost gauge to indicate the driver how many bars of boost does the car makes. The driver gets a carbon fiber Bride bucket seat with OMP harness while the passenger gets the Daihatsu TRXX seat. A new addition to the car is the KTuned gear lever extender which was installed to make shifting easier.

This mighty little Kei Car is a real mean monster with tons of capability that hasn’t been applied to the car yet. With its current setup, this car is sufficient enough to fight with the big guns out there so it left me to wonder what will happen when the car reaches its full potential. Guess we would have to stay tuned and find out when the car goes for its next big upgrade. Also, congratulation to the guys at APC Racing Team and Car Arena as this Kei Car is crowned Champion for 1200cc Open category in the Sucimuci Time Attack Championship 2019.


Car Model : Perodua Kancil

Engine : Daihatsu Storia EJ-VE Head, Perodua Kenari Engine Block, Fully Balanced engine, Low Compression Piston, Forged Rod, RHF4 Turbo, Apexi intercooler, DeatschWerk Fuel Pump, Sard Fuel Regulator, Cusco Catch Tank, Custom Intake Manifold by Velocity Race

Electronic : MAXX ECU Street Standalone

Transmission : Viva 660 gearbox with custom ratio, Competition LSD, Exedy Clutch

Brakes : L500 Front brake, FBK brake pad, Steel Braided Brake Hose

Wheel & Tyre : Original 14” Enkei ES Tarmac Competition wheels, 165-55-14 Achilles ATR K-Sport

Suspension/Chassis : Zerone SSR550 adjustable, SARD pillowball

Exterior : L200 hood scoop, custom Rally Roof Scoop

Interior : Carbon Fiber Bride bucket seat, Daihatsu TR-XX seat, Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller, FIA Spec Chromoly Roll Cage, OMP harness, KTuned gear lever extender, Suzuki Sport Boost Gauge, Ralliart Deep Dish Steering, Rally Spec Fire Extinguisher

Workshop : CarArena, Advance Performance Centre

Tuner : Debbear Racing

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