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Raging Rocco

Do you have any idea how tough it is to stand out as a Volkswagen owner these days? From TSIs to Rs, they flood the car meets, malls and highways. It’s not just the stock ones too, the mod scene has thrived ever since the VWs hit the market. Stage 1 tunes are almost mandatory now for any VW owner especially since most tuners can get it done without affecting the almighty warranty. Oh and need I mention the exhaust “pop & bangs” craze that’s going on now? Owners intentionally tune the car to burn unused fuel, producing a racket and accompanying flames out the back. It has become quite a thing now.

Begs the question then, what does it take to be taken seriously in the VW world? You could go one of two ways. Pump the car on performance steroids and turn it into a powerhouse of a track killer. Easily done these days what with the recipe all over social media. Some basic hardware and a couple of dyno runs and you’re already pushing nearly 100hp more than factory. The other way is to turn the exterior into a work of art that dazzles eyes and turns head everywhere you go. Show cars, stance cars, wrapped cars, the list goes on. Well I’m not one to stay on the fence so why not do both eh?

Meet the SR Super Rocket Scirocco. Clearly words such as subtlety and sleeper are thrown out the window with this one. What you see is one of VW’s sexiest 2 door sports cars treated with custom bodywork by the artists at SR Super Rocket Malaysia and they spared no cost either. The design heavily relies on the wide body modding style that’s famous now, giving the once elegant European poser car much much much more road presence. I dare anyone to not do a double take as they walk past this neon bedroom poster. And take a gander on that extravagant rear wing! Mounted to the chassis, it may not look as practical as our other feature cars here, but it’s bold and we at Hypertune like bold.

This car exists to shine like a beacon so the owner slammed it hard to the ground with a suspension combination of Accuair and Bilstein. Though air suspensions are more common overseas, it’s still a rare thing in the Malaysian market. It’s a much more effective way of achieving super low ride height when parked while being able to raise it up just to the point of driveability. It’s a win win over static drops which usually end with scrapped exhausts and broken bodywork.

The right set of wheels can make or break a cars look. With that in mind, WORK wheels were chosen for this build and are preposterously wide to fill in the massive arches. They are wrapped in Advan Neova’s despite me doubting that this car would ever see a day on the track.

Since the exterior has clearly been handled, it’s time to turn our attentions to power and performance. The standard Scirocco and its 2.0L TSI engine is more than enough for most people but this one, oh ho ho, no. The owner skipped past the rule book and went in for the big guns. An APR Stage 3 GTX turbocharger force feeding the engine. The larger turbine demands more intake air and dumps out far more waste gasses so an APR intake kit and complete FI exhaust system accompanies the setup. Now the car has the oomph to match the yowza looks. With that exhaust system, I have no doubt it will light up a car meet like no other.

The interior isn’t left out either, not by a long shot. An alcantara and carbon fibre theme envelope the occupants while OMP seats literally envelope them. The VW gear knob is thrown away for a carbon fibre piece as are the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Pull one while on the go and the exhaust erupts with a symphony. Other than that, I guess the only really subtle thing on this car is the Defi Boost gauge.

Back to my earlier question, how hard is it to stand out in the VW scene? Somehow in the sea of saturation, we push to extreme lengths to stand out. Why is that though? Is it for the image or is it the passion of building something unique? Food for thought but my money is on the latter. Figuratively of course. I’m broke.


Car :
VW Scirocco

Engine :
2.0 TSI, APR Stage 3 GTX Turbocharge Kit, Intake by APR, Fi Exhaust

Brake :
Scirocco R

Suspension & Chassis :
Accuair & Bilstein

Rim & Tyres :
WORK Wheel & Yokohama Advan Neova

Interior :
Alcantara, Carbon, OMP Seat & Harness, Boost Meter Defi, Paddle Shift Carbon, Gear Knob Carbon, Sunroof, Dynaaudio

Exterior :
Bodywork & GT wing By SR SUPER ROCKET MALAYSIA, Side Mirror Carbon, Front Lip Carbon, Side Skirt Carbon

Workshop & Tuner :
SR SUPER ROCKET, Dubwerkz, Eurowerk, APR

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