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Quad Chic & Panache – Porsche Panamera Turbo S

It took quite a bit of jostling which piqued two internally opposing but externally one and the same sides; the two being the designers on the one side while on the other the decision makers, before it finally become a production reality. That production reality is ladies and gents the first proper four-door Porsche – the Panamera which debuted in 2009. Genuine Porsche enthusiasts slash historians (or be it for the most part they’re one and the same) would surely recall the 989 Concept – a 4 Door showpiece which was effectively an extended wheelbase 911, with all the looks of the iconic Porsche retained.

Sure enough that 989 Concept wasn’t exactly slated for production in any case, what it was though were a number of pretty important things, as in it served the purpose of gauging the general response slash acceptance to a genuine 4 door Porsche. Of course were it to go into production the 911 nose and tail had to go. And sure enough after considerable time had elapsed following the 989 showcase, the Panamera still carry some instantly recognizable 911 styling, not the least the front end. Perhaps there’s no escaping that a Porsche is a Porsche regardless of them having four doors or two.

Be that as it may the Panamera have indeed been well accepted and they’ve been seen clothed in some hyper bodied party dresses all over the Net. Case in point being this bling-up-and-down, left and right, in and out, over and under Porsche right here. You see fellas, the sort that takes similar styling concept as this Mansory-tailored and treated examples might not be as singular (a more politically accurate word for rare) elsewhere as they tend to be over here. Just you try Googling these two key words Panamera and Modded and an impressive number of modified Panamera in a kaleidoscope of colors, with a fair number of multi-colored kitted up Panameras in the mix, and about 99% came from the Western hemisphere, or that new and funky place in the Arabian Peninsula. You know that taaaall building, and all manner of engineering and architectural wonders.

Should you be among those fortunate few (the numbers are increasing mind you as there are more and more newly rich out there) that can do like way more things than the rest, then Dubai or Monte Carlo, gold-plated Rolls Royce, 100 grand (at least) brake systems, modification program that costs more than the car itself, and all manner of opulence that covers every buyable objects are nothing or close to nothing, or a wee bit less than something. Now your confusion aside the Mansory-equipped Panamera with the scrumptious and ravishing Raveena taking quite a chunk off the Porsche’s own righteous bling, belongs right smack in the most snazzy of company – the sort of which the owners therein are able to afford doing and having all without so much as a blink of the eye.

And blinking your eyes for quite a bit might just be the case right here even more so with Raveena’s red stilettos radiating her all-encompassing feminine energy alongside. We could continue debating the merits for either one of these fine beauties, but why argue or debate such inconsequential matter when you can celebrate the synergy of this symbiotic existential coexistence. Yeah well I just heard these fancy wordplay too so I’d though I try it out. Kinda put what it describes on an entirely new level does it not?

Okie-dokie then, let’s focus on the car for now alright? As you can well see the Mansory styling package is pretty extensive covering most of the front end (carbon lipped bumper, carbon grill, vented bonnet), the sides (skirts, door sills front & back, extended wheel arches front and rear) and the back end (carbon diffuser bumper, carbon spoiler, roof spoiler and cat-back exhaust). The Mansory for Porsche Panamera program is dubbed C-One and include that one other thing – panache.

Other styling extras are those fine Vorsteiner VFF101 forged flow 20inch wheels, which got the ‘look’ thanks to H&R spacers, full carbon interior and that ultra cool Nardo Grey paintjob by Glasurit. – one ofd the most premium brand in paints. The owner feels that the 500 ponies churning out of the Panamera Turbo S’ excellent engine requires no added oomph and I’d concur that much alright and thus the only supplication to that effect is the BMC intake, plus a SuperCircuit X-Pipe & Downpipe, and the earlier mentioned cat-back exhaust from Mansory.

The audio system is a high ended Burmester system – a premium brand with premium quality and feel with surreal sounds that befits the Panamera’s reputation.

2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo S

BMC Intake, SuperCircuit X-Pipe & Downpipe, Mansory cat-back exhaust

7-speed doppelkupplungsgetriebe (double-clutch gearbox)

full carbon trim EXTERIOR: Mansory C-One: -Mansory front bumper with carbon front lip, Mansory front carbon grill, Mansory carbon vented bonnet, Mansory carbon side skirt, Mansory front wide arch, Mansory rear arch, Mansory side door sill (front & rear), Mansory rear bumper with carbon diffuser



-20″ Vorsteiner VFF101 forged flow, H&R 30mm & 23mm spacers

Burmester 16 way sound system

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