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Pimp My Wagon

It is always an occasion, or a sense thereof, when we are presented with something entirely different from our ‘standard’ thoroughfare, all due respect to them thoroughfares which although I’d labeled as ‘standard’ are anything but. You see we have had a seemingly endless supply of one of the more popular makes, and in turn the particular makes’ most popular models and this phenomenon have been running since time immemorial. Of course we welcomed any rides with one simple rule: that it’d not be stock, or unfettered, or untouched, or any terms which loosely defines such ruling.

But moving right along, occasionally when we’re met with ‘something entirely different from our standard thoroughfare’ as I’ve remarked at the beginning, we’d be going gaga almost like a child receiving a brand new ‘latest edition’ of their favorite toy, only without all the animated gestures, excessive expressions of joy and happiness and all that. Us going gaga is a quite a bit more restrained, with all the coolness in the world. We’d carry on with business as usual, albeit with suppressed grins and smirks et al.

Anyway, our skewed definition of happiness notwithstanding, the Mojo laden Suzuki Wagon R we have right here for you is pretty much the poster child for ‘something entirely different from our standard thoroughfare’. And for those who aren’t all that familiar with the Wagon R, here’s an excerpt as per the Wagon R’s origin from one of the more informative sites on the worldwide web:
The Suzuki Wagon R is a Kei car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki since 1993. The R in the name stands for Recreation. It is one of the first cars to use the “tall wagon” or “tall boy” design, in which the car is designed to be unusually tall with a short bonnet and almost vertical hatchback, and sides in order to maximize the cabin space while staying within the Kei car dimension restrictions.

The Wagon R has been the best-selling Kei car in Japan since 2003; and in 2008, Suzuki expected to produce its three-millionth Wagon R. It has been a profitable car for Suzuki even in the International market, mainly since introducing the car in India. Sales of Suzuki Wagon R have reached 5 million units at the end of February 2010.

Okay then now that you know how big a deal the Wagon R was and still is, we need to grasp the whole picture before we can proceed, nah not really we can still proceed even without grasping anything whatsoever. I’d figure it’d be copacetic in the bigger scheme of things. Anyway the engine powering this here Wagon R or more appropriately Wagon RR is the MH21C 660cc Turbo; relatively small yes but lively, even more so when you consider the rather petite dimensions of the Wagon. The variable boost settings (0.5 bar low boost 0.8 bar high boost) is controllable courtesy of the Profec B II, while HKS F-Con piggyback handles the entire running of the MH21C. There’s also the SQV Black Edition BOV and Suzuki Sport muffler, plus Samco radiator hose.

Handling mods revolves around the Tein Basic Wagon shocks, Suzuki Sport lower braces and Project µ brake pads. While the aesthetics for the rather chic looking Suzuki Kei car is limited to a set of new rolling stocks – 14 inch Volk CE28N 5.5J wide with +35 offset.

Inside though the extras are more extensive – Recaro SR 11 seats, Personal steering wheel, a couple of sets of aftermarket gauges, electric powered curtains, glass roof, Zoom Engineer rearview mirror, and a pretty kickass sound system: JVC 6.1 channel home theater with Azzest subwoofer.

Ride: Suzuki Wagon RR
Engine: MH21C 660cc Turbo (low boost 0.5 high boost 0.8)
Engine Mods: Blow-off SQV Black Edition, Samco radiator hose, Suzuki Sport muffler
Electronics: F-Con iS piggy-back, Profec B II Boost controller
Handling: TEIN Basic wagon suspension, Chassis lower brace by Suzuki Sport
Brakes: Project µ brake pads
Wheels: VOLK CE28N 14 inches 5.5JJ +35 offset
Interior: Recaro SR11, Speed Meter by Pivot, Greddy Turbo Timer, Defi set turbo + ZD, Personal Steering wheel, Glass roof with electric curtains, Zoom Engineer rearview mirror, PIAA horn
ICE: JVC + Home Theater 6.1 channel, Azzest subwoofer