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Parachuted Deployment

We’re all for this really, as it is an accurate indication of the healthy state of the local tuning scene. The beastly Daihatsu you see before you is but one of the many, many 4-wheeled monstrosity that belies the relative smallness of its outer shell. In other words, even though they’d be ‘but little, they’d be pretty damn fast’ (this line is a Malaysianized version of Shakespeare yeah?). Just take a second and try to imagine the scenario where this ‘petite’ Charade rumbled up alongside an honest-to-goodness EVO 3, with the latter being totally oblivious to what ‘evil’ resides underneath its funky little body. And the moment the lights turned green what would you reckon unfold?

Well, there’d be numerous probabilities really. For one either one of them could well be preoccupied with their problems at work, or problems with their girlfriends so much so that they’d just ignore one another. Or one of them might be ‘in the mood’ and went screaming off the marks into what they’d figure to be a new personal best as per the century sprint of maybe the quarter mile, while the other would just smile to himself and decide not to get involve. Or, maybe they’d both go for it only to have the ‘mother-thumper’ among all rides on the road – them tri-colored Evos with those flashing blue lights up top ruining their adrenaline-induced charge. Or, the most incorrigible possibility of all, they’d both be gunning for it – both burning their grip-manifested rubbers, screeching and screaming in a somewhat straight-ish line, short-shifting up from the 1st gear, then 2nd and then 3rd and after a little more than ten full clicks – a fraction more than that blur-ish bolt fella took to run the 100m (9.58 the last time I checked); what exactly would happen?


How the hell should I know? I mean that honest-to-goodness EVO 3 might well be carrying its own go-faster kits wouldn’t it? There’d be endless connotations therein really, which we’d better off not dwelling on right here and now with the limited space left for us. Instead, let us utilize the space limited to us for the unadulterated rundown of this Charade G102 inner-workings yeah? And without a shadow of a doubt, the intricate inner-workings of an infamous drag car that this beast undoubtedly is, is worthy of a fit and proper tribute, and that’d be this right here – an exceedingly fit and utterly proper Hypertune tribute to a high and mighty Sepang record-holder.


Yeah well, this abundantly-equipped, lovingly prepped, diabolically-developed Charade harnesses its brawn from a massively tweaked 4G63T motor winched from an EVO III. Of course there’d be the necessary readjustments as per the engine bay et al. Now that 4G63T is further refurbished with a horde of immediately familiar performance-enhancing components of which the Alpha-Omega among all of them is the HKS T51R SPL turbocharger. Yup folks, it’s the ‘that one one’. And doing the cooling is a a water to air intercooler. Sneak a quick peek inside and you’d find JE pistons, Manley conrods and Kelford cams. Elsewhere there’s Ferrea valve set, ADM Speed turbo header, SRF custom intake manifold, TIAL BOV and wastegate, and custom exhaust.


Fuel delivery system needed some perking up as well and this where the OBX fuel pump comes in, along with the Bosch 1600cc fuel injector. The whole mouth-watering set-up is run by Haltech ECU assisted with Motec CDI. PPG transmission takes over from the stock gearbox. Now the chassis reconstruction was done by NAHA, with further collaborator in the form of the nice guys at SRF. As per the chassis TEIN dampers are affixed all around, and the brakes are untouched. What? Are you crazy? How could you let this happen? I mean who in their right mind would, would… Hold on a minute. Whoops! My bad. Yeah well, the car in question is after all a drag car, and what be the most appropriate way to stop a car stomping ahead at full throttle? Why by the dramatic means of parachute deployment of course what else?


Ok well the last few bits on this Charade’s tuning CV is an MH Racemaster full slicks. This here Charade is prepared by Ferline Tuneup. And did we say this is a tried and true Sepang record holder? We did, did we not? So feast your hungry eyes on this super drag special.

You might not get another chance.

Car: Daihatsu Charade G102 Drag Car

Engine Modifications: 4G63T from EVO III, JE FSR pistons, Manley conrods, ARP bolts all around, in-house headwork ,Kelford camshaft set, Power timing belt, HKS T51R SPL turbo, turbo header ADM Speed, TIAL wastegate& blow-off valve, intercooler Water to Air, SRF custom intake manifold , Ferrea valve set, OBX hi flow fuel pump, Bosch 1600cc low impedance injector, Davies Craig water pump,

Transmission: PPG dog engagement H pattern

Brakes: Brake Standard assisted by Parachute STROUD Safety

Chassis: TEIN all around, Chassis construct by NAHA Motor, reconstruct extreme by SRF

Wheels & Tyres: MH Racemaster full slick 24.5/8.5/15

Exterior: unspecified

Interior: unspecified

Electronics: Haltech Sport 1000 ECU, Motec CDI, In house ECU tuning on DYNAPACK Dyno

Garage: Ferline Tuneup

Text: Faz & Furiouz
Photos: Kenny Yeoh