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Outrageous and Ostentatious – The Mansory Siracusa 4XX

You know being fixated well nigh twenty-four and a wee bit less than seven (maybe five and a half) upon that rectangular window to everything, you’re bound to get ‘infected’ by a ‘slight tilt of excessiveness’ – a fancier, ‘smart with PHD sounding way’ of describing daydreaming.

One moment you’re daydreaming about that incredibly beautiful girl from that incredibly boring seminar the next you’re getting an earful from your boss for not doing your work, one moment you swear to yourself you’re going to be your own boss one fine day the next you’re swearing and cussing at the irritatingly slow car in front of you.

Tell you what let us play this ‘one moment this the next moment that’ game for a bit, at least until I get some solid ideas on how to spin this cover piece. Okay one moment you’re visualizing how amazing it would be to have a real go on a 488GTB around the fabulous roads up and down the hills of Maranello and the next you come across a clip on Youtube of some lucky dude having a real go on a 488GTB around the fabulous roads up and down the hills of Maranello.

And you begin having numerous hypothetical ‘what if’ thoughts from one situation to another, the two constantly changing variables being the ride (type, make as such) and the location. And then you find your hypothetical what ifs being played out on real time on the net by guys who has absolutely no idea how lucky they are and how much of an idiot they look like, save for a few of the more accomplished reviewers.

Yeah well that last point was my caveat on the matter just in case. Regardless of how you feel about them, there can be no deriding the fact that Italian supercars have always possessed that all-encompassing romanticism that fast cars including ridiculously fast cars from other countries have struggled to imitate let alone emulate. Their passion for blending beauty and art into not only their cars and motorcycles but pretty much every conceivable consumer offering have transcended time, traversing one era to another from the early 20th-century prewar machines, right through the post-war period and all the way until now.

Sure enough, the Italian element, dominates the majority of this cover piece seeing as the base car is the utterly fabulous Ferrari 488GTB. But be that as it may, what the end result amounted to right here, this unique and somewhat weird sounding namesake – the Siracusa 4XX, isn’t a Ferrari per se as it has been ‘emboldened’ (to understate it for the sake of irony) by the one and only Mansory extravagant tuner par excellence. Say what you will of this Germany-based purveyor of the most outrageous ultra mega blinged outside in up and right side down premium automobiles money can buy, they are not for those rich folks who have even a tiny weenie little hint of shyness.

The handy work of Mansory Design & Holding GmbH has been a regular feature of the world’s major auto shows since mid-2000s although Kourosh Mansory founded its namesake company back in way 1989. His Munich-based workshop focused on modifications for British brands such as Rolls Royce and Italian brands such as Ferrari. By mid-2001, the company had grown out of its Munich workshop and moved to headquarters in Fichtelgebirge. The company currently operates out of a workshop in Brand, Germany. Known as bonafide experts in carbon fibre fabrication they have also become famous for their wild and outlandish restyling concepts which have received a lot of flak and unflattering comments throughout the net.

Be that as it may, there’s no question that there’s always those who aren’t even hesitant about standing out in a sea of monotony, not being bashful even in the slightest. And Mansory answers their thus far unquenchable needs, and in particular the need of this extremely flushed local owner. This is the second generation Siracusa super sports car the first being the Ferrari 458, albeit not exactly a 458 per se simply based on its chassis, engine and dramatic good looks. Adopting the same visual theme as the first err Ferrari Siracusa, I mean Siracusa Ferrari or maybe an acronym combining the two inherently Italian origins.

The 4XX has been given a complete visual makeover. The centrepiece of the complete customization is the spectacular body design. But the engine, wheels and interior have also all been given an impressive redesign in the best manufacturing quality. As is to be expected for a genuine Mansory there was an abundant use of carbon – a well-known trait of the ostentatious creations of this German-based tuner.

And yes carbon permeates the completely newly designed body: Besides the optics, the technology also has its highlights, for example, the striking air intakes on the front spoiler optimise the flow of fresh air to the radiator. Together with the specially developed front lip, this gives a better downforce and more grip when driving at the limit. New, extremely bright daytime running lights give additional passive safety. Ultra-light 20-inch front wheels are shod with 255/30 high-performance tyres, while the rear is 21 inch with 325/25 tyres.

The 3.9-litre engine in the 4XX runs with an optimised motor management and a specially designed exhaust system. This combination results in power output of 790 bhp (581 kW) at 8,000 rpm. Thanks to a torque of 870 Nm (561 lb-ft) at 3,000 rpm the eight-cylinder accelerates in breathtaking 2.9 seconds (Standard: 3.0 s) from zero to one hundred (62 mph). The top speed of 341 km/h (standard: 330 km/h) is also higher than the standard vehicle. The chassis components fitted to the SIRACUSA have been specially designed for the increased power. These consist of four progressively wound lowering springs. As a result, the car’s centre of gravity is 20 mm lower compared to the standard car.

In the interior, MANSORY has created a command and control centre which perfectly combines functionality and comfort. The steering wheel specially designed for the 4XX in a combination of leather and carbon and the redesigned central console operating panel guarantee optimum control of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior of the super sports car oozes pure luxury. All components of the interior cladding are leather coated, offset with coloured seams. 4XX logos on the seats, the foot-mats and the doorsills round off the refinement.
To round things up nice and proper we have one ultra sweet and succulent icing on the Mansory & Ferrari cake: this Mansory is for sale! The go-to guy is one Tommy Lee who can be contacted at +6017 299 1899.

Car: Mansory Siracusa 4XX

Engine: 3.9 Twin Turbo, with optimized motor management & custom exhaust system

Output: 790hp at 8000rpm, 870Nm at 3000rpm

Chassis mods: four progressively wound lowering springs, 20mm lower ride height

Exterior: Mansory Siracusa complete exterior customization

Interior: Mansory interior program

Wheels & Tyres: 20-inch ultra lightweight wheels front, 21 inch rear, 255/30 front tyres and 325/25 rear tyres

Performance Figures: 0-60mph – 2.9 seconds Max Speed 341km/h

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