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Orange Demon Z

Nowadays, it is indeed rare to see a pristine conditioned classic car especially the sought after ones. Take for example the S30Z. Just to find an S30Z in Malaysia is a next to impossible task to do, even more so one that is on the road. Of course over the years I have encountered the 260Z and 280Z, but I never found a 240Z until recently.

This 240Z I encountered belonged to the owner of a well-known exhaust shop called Under6ix. After checking out the car from top to bottom, it looks as if the car just rolled out from the factory. So I invited the owner to come out and roll with some friends of mine in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s capital territory. It is a bit similar to Washington DC but just smaller. In the day time, that area is occupied with government servants and such. But at night, even though the city is well lit, the place is practically a ghost town – a perfect place to see this 240Z in action.


Night of the shoot, I called out a couple of friends to accompany us. One slammed S15 Silvia from GarageLife and one A31 Cefiro from Denskiro. They were informed about the 240Z, but when they saw the car themselves, the reaction was priceless, just to show how rare this car was in Malaysia. After taking a few shots and some coffee in front of the Supreme Court, we started rolling in and out of the capital.


The 240Z was bought by the owner, Nani in 2011. The previous owner tried his best to restore the car but never really completed the job since it was a very time consuming task to do. After the current owner took over, he continued to build the car pretty much according to the original specs as much as he can.


To complete the 240ZG look, he sourced the G-Nose bumper, ZG fender mirrors, and spoiler and installed custom fender flares. Same story on the inside, none of the interior bits were missing. There was even a ridiculously long gear stick that was typical during the 70s.


Despite the purist approach on both the exterior and interior, it was a completely different story under the hood. In early 2014, the original motor wasn’t able to be saved. To find another L24 engine was out of the question so the owner decided to drop in a naturally aspirated RB26 inside. Wiseco high compression pistons and an custom made exhaust manifold by Under6ix was installed. The whole set up is run by a HKS FconVpro engine management unit.


In my eyes, I would say this 240 is a beautifully built machine. Looks like an old car that haven’t been going through abuse over the years yet has a modern twist under its hood.

Model: Datsun 240ZG S30

ENGINE: RB26DE, Wiseco high compression pistons, Forged conrods, ACL bearings, D&D Radiator, ARC Spare Water Tank, K&N Air Filter, AEM Fuel Regulator, Custom Exhaust Manifold by Under6ix, Bosch Fuel Pump, M7 Muffler, HKS FconVpro Engine Management System.

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual, OS Giken Clutch

SUSPENSION AND BRAKES: Fawster Motorsport Custom Full Adjustable Coilovers, Nissan S13 4 pot calipers, 4 lug knuckles

WHEELS AND TIRES: Watanabe Type R 15 inch, Achilles ATR Sport 205/50R15 All round

EXTERIOR: Full 240ZG exterior, G-Nose front end, G spoiler, Fender flares and 240ZG fender mirrors

INTERIOR: Fully restored 240ZG interior

Text: Mat Canyon
Photo: Kenny Yeoh