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Of Brains and Brawn

Frankly I’m not too sure what the LP stands for on the badge, but what really interests me was what the 670-4 SV represents. 670 for the amount of horsepower the 6.5-liter V12 engine pushes out, 4 for its four-wheeled drive system and SV for Super Veloce; something of tag that Lambo has given its more hardcore models. Based on first impressions itself, you can tell that this lighter, more powerful and carbon-clad limited edition is for those twisted souls; as though the previous 640-horsepower model wasn’t enough!

Also dubbed the fastest Lamborghini ever made, this swansong version of the Murcielago will not go away quietly because from every angle you look at it, this last hurrah just looks absolutely evil. It’s got such an intimidating stance; it looks like something you’d just glance upon from afar, a little to near and it’ll just bite you head off effortlessly. And this Murcielago can almost certainly get to the 100 km/h mark faster than you can say effortlessly, within a blinding 3.2 seconds.

A staggering feat if you actually consider the size of this car and its weight of approximately 1.5 tonnes, and it will continue to give the old ball sack a very arousing vibe as it powers it way pass the magical 200 mph barrier; not surprising as its claimed to be the fastest Lamborghini ever made.

But the feel good factor not only owes its gratitude to the 30-odd horsepower increment, but also to its weight-shedding and not just to its significant muscle building but how the muscle is applied.

Like meeting an ex-girlfriend and seeing that she’s hot and slim instead of the plump and round memory that she left, this LP670-4 doesn’t exactly look slimmer or smaller from the previous 640 model though on paper, Lamborghini claimed to have shed about 100kg of the Murcielago. That’s because most of the weight shedding hides from the naked eye, by using more carbon for the body work and a lighter chassis.

The interior has also been stripped out and it now has a lighter exhaust system along with modifications to the induction system and valve timing. Although such drastic measures does not give the Lambo Lotus-like weight, factor in the weight loss and power-to-weight ratio now stands at 422 horsepower per tonne. And you wonder why it’s so powerful!

Lamborghini boss Stephen Winkelmann also argued that at minus 100 kilos plus 30 horsepower with a bodyshell, aerodynamics and suspension extensively reworked to generate more grip, not only would the Murcielago SV offer an utterly unparalleled driving experience’, but it would actually need its four-wheel drive to exploit the extra potential. There’s your answer for why the car is lighting quick, but does not threaten to kill you at every corner if you make a mistake.

The carbon brakes comes part and parcel with the car as with the E-Gear transmission which also shaves time off between shifting gears. While it may have a strong sense of urgency on the straights from its huge weight loss and power increase, the corners do little to blunt its charge also. With such width to dart around with on the road, it is simply tremendous how the Lambo can do so with such accuracy. This is the other side to the SV’s character as it feels focused and constantly in-touch while the colossal power from the engine is met without a threat or nerves from the chassis; just grip, precision and composure.

The interior looks very much like a stripped out track day car as there are carbon buckets and harnesses but refinement levels are really no worse than in the standard car. The ultra-firm ride is remarkable if not bearable and biased heavily towards body control over comfort, but it still manages to round-off edges without so much gyrating too much.

All in all the Murcielago SV is without a doubt a stunner. With looks that kill and raw muscle to go with it, some may still argue that all the SV modifications may have corrupted the plain beauty of the Murcielago but still pound-for-pound as an out-and-out supercar, it does not get any better than this.

For those curious minds itching to uncover more on the Murcielago SV, head on down to the Naza World Showroom in Petaling Jaya for an exclusive preview of the Murcielago’s last hurrah.

Car: Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV
Engine: 6.5-liter Naturally Aspirated V12
Transmission: AWD with E-Gear (sequential automated manual with paddle shift)
Suspension: Four Wheel Double Wishbone, Single Struts (front), Dual Struts (rear)
Wheels: Lightweight 18” alloy, Pirelli P Zero Corsa – 245/35 (front), 335/30 (rear)
Power: 670 hp
Torque: 660 Nm
0-100 km/h: 3.2 seconds
Top Speed: 341 km/h

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