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Mother of Mjölnir

We all know the Nordic God of Thunder wields his mighty Mjölnir to wipe out his enemies but what would he get behind the wheel of to wipe out ricers on the street? Surely it’s forged from Swedish steel with a little speed under the hood.

Unfortunately, we tend to associate Volvos with safety and indestructability. Sure they were; and still are, some of the safest cars on the road. Fashioned out some invincible Swedish steel, they would unforgivingly crush anything stumbled into their path and occasionally outlived their owners.

Remember the saying “When a unstoppable force met at immovable object?” Well depending on if the Volvo was parked or on the move, it could easily take on either side of the two that formed the quote.

Speed is not something mentioned in the same breath as Volvos and that is one of the common misconceptions about the marque. Cars like the 850 T5R and any of the current crop of R-badged Volvos or Polestar machines easily pack barns worth of horses under the hood and are surprisingly tuneable to monstrous power levels with relatively simple upgrades.

Even the current portfolio of Volvos pack quite a punch on the road and not just when you crash into them. Turbocharging Volvos goes a long way back and those engines could take one hell of a beating.

This genuine S60 R featured here is well past the decade mark and even if the engine was untouched, it would still give plenty of modern performance machinery a run for their money with its 296hp turbo inline-five from the factory.

However, being Hypertune this car has some tricks up its red sleeves.

Pumping more boost into the engine is a custom Megalodon turbocharger and Megalodon downpipe set to increase the air being combusted. Of course, in Scandinavian weather the ambient temperatures wouldn’t play such a large role in intake temperatures but in our tropical sweat-fest a larger Treadstone intercooler was fitted with custom pipework from Megalodon.

If you’ve yet to shower your eardrums in the sweet symphony of turbo inline-fives, YouTube is your new friend and we’ll wait while you check them out.

Done? Good. To amplify the rumble of the straight five, a TME cat-back exhaust system was fitted and shoots out through a twin-barrel pipe on the left.

Further aiding in keeping intake temps low, a Snow Performance water-methanol injection Stage 2 system was fitted and is activated under certain driving conditions such as a full load or wide-open throttle.

Given the considerably monstrous addition of air into the combustion chamber, a custom Shark Performance tune was reflashed into the ECU to the tune of 417hp. Let that sink in, this Volvo is pumping out over 400 Swedish ponies which by our calculations are healthier than regular stallions.

A ScanGauge monitoring system plugs into the OBD2 port to display vital engine parameters to the driver.

The stock factory automatic is proven to be capable of handling massive amounts of power and the only upgrade here is an ATF cooler to keep the fluids from overheating under continuous hard use.

Surprisingly however, the handling department has been overlooked in this round of promotions. Nonetheless, given the Four-C system from the factory that is a collaboration with Ohlins and Monroe, the semi-active suspension is more than capable of switching from docile grocery-getter to track toy.

Packing Brembos when new, the braking upgrades retained the calipers with only changes to Stop Tech cross drilled and slotted brake rotors paired with Ferodo Racing DS2500 brake pads and steel-braided brake hoses.

Hoping to maintain the sleeper look, the owner has kept the stock wheels that would blend in with the regular S60 pretty well. Stickier rubbers in the form of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 in a 235/45R17 sizing do take over contact with terra firma duties.

As the pictures can tell, the sleeper look is well and truly alive here with no modifications to the exterior and even interior. Interestingly; and a little nugget of information, this S60 R is equipped with the an R-only leather option for the interior; Atacama, that was available for an additional charge. It was an unpainted, orangey natural leather with a baseball glove-like thickness and feel for durability.

With over 400hp, We think Thor would be extremely happy to forego the Bifrost for travelling aound the realms and take a ride in this S60 R. He might have to get Odin to add some wings to it however to reach orbit.

Car – Volvo S60 R

Engine – Megalodon custom turbocharger, Megalodon custom downpipe, Treadstone intercooler, Megalodon custom intercooler piping, TME cat-back exhaust system, Snow Performance Stage 2 water-methanol system

Transmission – ATF cooler

Electronics – Shark Performance custom tune, ScanGauge monitoring system, Defi gauges

Chassis & Handling – Stock

Brakes –  Stop Tech cross drilled & slotted brake rotors, Ferodo Racing DS2500 brake pads, steel-braided brake hoses

Wheels & Tyres – Michelin Pilot Sport 3 235/45R17

Interior – Stock

Exterior – Stock

Power – 417bhp

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